Zion National Park, Trip Report

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Great trip!!!!

Can we see the rest of the photos?
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HOLY COW on the condor!! Great trip report, very enjoyable read. Thanks much for sharing.

Also one of my favorite parks.
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Fantastic pictures, Do you have more from this trip?
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AnnMarie, I just know I'll be astounded too ! I've enjoyed reading your report so much.
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Nice photos of the condor. That is worth the trip in an of itself. I learned to love Zion when I was young and never tire of going there. I'm glad you noticed how things change even on a hike you went on a day ago. It is the little things like that make Zion a never ending source of joy to me. And congratulations on reaching Angel's Landing. I recently hiked it for the third time, it is a great experience if you can handle it.
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Loved reading your report!

We were in Zion last July - only two days, a Tuesday and Wednesday - and it didn't feel crowded at all. It was our favorite NP of all we visited in the Grand Circle, with Arches as a close second.

The day we came to Zion they told us at the VC that they had had a helicopter rescue on the Angels Landing hike that day(no details on the circumstances).
My husband and I looked at each other, then looked at our three kids and decided not to hike AL. After reading your report and the comments - and seeing THE CONDOR PHOTOS! - I wish we at least would have tried it to Scouts Lookout.
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Thank you, all, for reading my report and for the nice feedback--I really appreciate it. Following is a link to the photos I posted on Facebook. For those who haven't it made it to Zion, yet, I think having people in the pictures gives perspective of the enormity of the rock there. The very first photo was taken just as we arrived at the park. If it hadn't been for that accident on I-15 we very well would have missed it.

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Great pics! Whets our appetite for a return visit to Zion! Thanks, AnnMarie_C!
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Great photos!!!!

I think I have to plan another trip there.
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Great trip report; thanks for sharing. Our Destination360 photographer is actually on a trip through the Southwest now, shooting new panoramas, and spent some time in Zion. He did the Zion Narrows hike as an overnight and said it was amazing, if a bit challenging. We haven't seen the final shots yet but are really looking forward to them. Your photos are absolutely beautiful — what a gorgeous place.
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Reading your report takes me right back there. I love Zion - it is my favorite place to hike and relax. Although we've gone 1-2 times a year for the last 12 years, we have never seen a condor. Thanks for posting your photos. Amazing!
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AnnMarie, great trip report, sounds like you had a wonderful time. I'm very glad to hear you went up AL, it's really worth it, isn't it?
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elnap29, there were two condors but we never got the no. for the second one as he took off. No. 99 seemed to enjoy putting on a show.

smetz, yes, to me it was "worth it"!

Thank you, all! Glad you enjoyed the pics.
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We arrived at Zion on Friday, the 21st of October and knew that we wouldn't even try to ride the shuttles till Monday because of the crowds! We had some BEAUTIFUL weather, didn't we!

Loved your pictures.

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Yes, we did! Utahtea, I found so many of your posts helpful, even carried one with me. Thank you for the contributions you make to this board.
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Nice report and awesome pictures!! We visited Zion (on the way to Page-AZ) in June-2011 and we had only one day; I wish I could have spent more time there...
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Great report & pics. Thanks for sharing!
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Ann Marie and others, if you had to choose between Riverside or Weeping Rock trail which hike would you pick? And by shuttle bus, how far apart are both of these locations (would it be possible to do both trails in a one day visit?)


Love the condor photo, btw. On Our last trip to the Grand Canyon, we were lucky enough to get to see one putting on quite a show.
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Weeping Rock is very short. It won't take you long at all. Take the shuttle and get of there first.

Then get back on the shuttle in the same direction and get off at Riverside Walk / The Narrows. It's not more than a few minutes drive between the two.

The Riverside Walk is the first part of the Narrows. This is longer as it's about a mile or so in each direction. However, it's a very level walk on a paved trail that has some sand on it for effect.

The scenery is amazing. The canyon walls go up on both sides. I was there early one morning and there were some deer there.

You can also leave the trail in many places and walk over to the river shore.
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One of the things I really like about both of these walks are the hanging gardens. Because the water seeps out of the canyon rock walls, wildflowers grow right out of any tiny crack in the rock. Mostly golden columbine, but also ferns, monkey flower and others. Gorgeous! These usually start blooming mid-May, but might be a bit early this year due to warm temps. The columbine blooms almost all summer, but some of the others are only during the very short window of spring, before the temps start to cook!

Have a great time!
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