Your pick? Yellowstone or Grand Tetons?

Mar 19th, 1999, 03:05 AM
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Your pick? Yellowstone or Grand Tetons?

We will be traveling thru the Yellowstone area during the 3rd week of May. Some of the other message boards have encouraged me skip Yellowstone and go to the Grand Tetons instead. What do you think? Also, can anyone recommend any nice, reasonable lodging near or in either National Parks?
Mar 19th, 1999, 03:15 AM
Mike Miller
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We did both in Sep 98 and recommend you see both - with 2, not more than 3 days in the Tetons and the rest in Yellowstone. We stayed at the Colter Bay Cabins in the Tetons which are rustic log cabins built in the 20's. No phone, no tv - on a lake - BEAUTIFUL! Would also recommend the Signal Mountain Lodge Cabins in the Tetons. Stayed in the Lake Yellowstone Hotel Cabins and they are the pits but the cheapest place in the park to stay next to camping out. If you do decide to stay in there, ask for a single cabin. Some of them are doubles and the walls are paper thin. Also try a meal at the Signal Mountain Lodge and a riverboat trip in the Tetons but do it in the morning - it often rains in the afternoon there. Email me for more info and links.
Mar 19th, 1999, 06:22 AM
Bob Brown
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Having been to both the Tetons and Yellowstone several times, I can make the following observations. If someone suggested you skip Yellowstone, I think they must have some type of deep psychological problem. Yellowstone, if one bothers to understand even a little of the geology, is like no other place on the planet. The Tetons are lovely to look at, and other than attempting to climb one of them, there are several good hikes, scenic lakes, float trips, and wildlife. The hike to Amphitheater Lake is a tough one for those not in top condition but scenic. As for Yellowstone, I could go on for several pages about the attractions, with the falls of the Yellowstone River and the geysers being at the top of my list. My favorite geyser is Lone Star. It is detached from the main groups; it sits alone in a forest of lodgepole pines in an unburned area, and it is reached via a lovely stroll along the upper Firehole River that goes through the forest along meadows and the stream.

As for accommodations, you may be moving a bit late for Yellowstone. My son tried about 6 weeks ago and could not book 4 consecutive nights anywhere in the park because of limited availability. I agree with the above poster that the cabins are less than good. I stay in one of two places in the park: the Old Faithful Snow Lodge Cabins or the Old Faithful Inn itself.
There is a new Snow Lodge, but I have not been in it yet. The towns on the periphery of the park have motels: West Yellowstone, Gardiner, and Cody, with
West Yellowstone having the most motels. It is located about 30 miles from Old Faithful next to the west entrance.

My affection for Yellowstone dates back to 1950 when I first visited as a young man. But I will admit that there are those who are bored with it.
Two summers ago I was waiting for Grand Geyser to erupt. To me it is a beautiful spectacle, well worth the wait. In fact, the crowd applauded and cheered when it finally blew jets of steam and water 300 feet into the air. However, there was teen-aged girl who stood there and complained the whole time about having to watch that dirty water. My suggestion to those types is to stay home. Don't get in the way of those who want to enjoy the park.
Mar 19th, 1999, 08:45 AM
Paul Rabe
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I too have been to both and would recommend skipping neither -- at least spend a day driving through the Tetons! But anyone who recommends totally skipping Yellowstone, where you'll find half of the world's thermal geysers (not to mention great waterfalls, canyons, other thermal features, and wildlife) is completely bonkers!
Mar 19th, 1999, 12:15 PM
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Thanks for all the is very useful. I knew I would receive a good perspective on this board!
Mar 19th, 1999, 01:00 PM
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I agree with the previous postings about the wonders of Yellowstone but wanted to add that even if you can't get consecutive nights at one lodging, you might still want to consider one night stays at different lodgings in the park. Did this with family and friends a few years ago. It sounded like a pain at first--one night at Old Faithful Inn, one night at Yellowstone Lake Lodge cabains,one night at a third lodging--but it turned out to be fun to try different places. I wonder if posters on other boards felt that Yellowstone is too overdeveloped and car oriented. If you prefer hiking and getting away from the crowds, you can still do that at Yellowstone quite easily.
Mar 19th, 1999, 06:18 PM
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They are both great! You will be there at a great time before the crowds arrive. In the Tetons, try hiking. Some of my favorites are the hike that begins from the far side of Jenny Lake (take the boat across the lake) or Cascade Canyon. There is a wonderful little Indian Museum; it may be at Coulter Bay. That or a drink at the big lodge overlooking the mountains and the wildlife would be a great way to spend a rainy day.
Mar 21st, 1999, 08:36 AM
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well, I suppose it depends on where you are coming from but when my friends and I went, we came up the senic by-way in northern utah. We stayed at the Western Motel in Jackson Hole. Very basic and very good price. I believe it was around $45-55 a night. I could spend a whole day in jackson alone. Jackson is however about 45 minutes out of the Grand Teton park, but is an amazing drive. We spent a day enjoying the Tetons before spending the next three days wandering around yellowstone. This is our means of choice, deciding that the low cost of the room was well worth the beautiful drive to the park. I also think that we all agreed that while we could have spent a week at the Tetons, we enjoyed our time at yellowstone way to much to have changed anything. Also staying outside of the parks made us a little more flexible, if we had decided after day one to spend more time at the Tetons, we could have easily!!!
Mar 29th, 1999, 11:16 PM
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My children and I take an annual trek to West Yellowstone to visit relatives and although we change our route we never tire of either the Tetons or Yellowstone.Because Y/P accomadations are hard to come by and old and creepy(the budget ones) we stay outside in either Jackson Hole or West.Cowboy Village in Jackson has nice cabins. Both have reasonable prices and the access is easier than it would seem. Part of the beauty is the drive into either. What's better than having to stop to let a heard of buffulo pass. They love to cross the river at the west entrance to yellowstone. The tetons are breathtaking in there own right and the indian museum at Miner's village or Mooose is worth the visit. The boat ride across jenny lake is a favorite and the easy walk, my daughter did it first at age four,no help,ends up at inspiration point that fits its name. Lots of cool wading pools to play in. Don't miss either! They are close enough to enjoy both in a short time.
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