worst cruise

Jan 14th, 1998, 10:19 AM
Sue Adam
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worst cruise

carnival's tropicale (hawaii to v.c. b.c.)
horrible ship. excellant catagory cabins flooded, nothing done by the ships crew to eliminate the problem. uneatible food, very little selection, always served cold. very rude staff. hawaiian theme very seldom used on the the ship for anything.
two people removed from the ship due to injury or illness. one by boat, the other by hellicopter.
tropoicale was under heavy construction while en route. all ceiling panels removed and placed behind hand rails, nothing to hold on to when seas were rough. cables strung along passageways so it was very hard to walk without tripping. welding in public area being done on a constant basis.
i can't say enough about the horrible food. we quit going to the dining room after the second night. we ate at the cafe where your choices were prime rib or chicken every night.
with so many of the cabins flooding due to sewer water coming through the walls, many passengers became ill, including me. it took 6 weeks after returning home and many trips to the dr. before whatever it was went away.
carnival cruises is very unsympathic. we were finally given back 25%25 of our cruise fare, which didn't even cover the shore trips we had to take to get out of our cabin so that they could attempt (without sucess) to dry the carpets. our clothes never did dry and we ruined hundreds of dollars of expensive clothing.
it took months of registered letters before carnival acknowledge even receipt of the letters. (we also sent pictures of the conditions). i would rather float across the ocean in a rowboat than ever set foot on a carnival cruise ship. it was so bad, that i may never get on another cruise ship and i am a long time cruiser.
Jan 14th, 1998, 03:14 PM
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Only went on one cruise-l984 on the Tropical. At that ti me it sailed the Carribbean. Many of the things were true then-food was bad, welding was going on in hallways, staff was RUDE!
Jan 14th, 1998, 07:53 PM
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Hi Sue - Sorry about your horrible cruise experience. Several months ago, there was a posting about cruise suggestions, and I dared post a recommendation for no one to go on Carnival because I had a situation similar to yours. Unfortunately, my bad Carnival experience was my first cruise, but I have taken four wonderful ones since then. Anyway, many other posters got on the bandwagon cheering on Carnival and basically called me a Carnival "basher". In my opinion, Carnival has every reason to be bashed with the rude treatment my traveling companion and I received on the Celebration in 1993. Carnival had dancers who performed in the nightly shows selling the shore excursions. It was the most disorganized thing. Because of this, we waited in line for 1/2 hour to buy tours.(Other cruise lines send the tickets to your room) When we got to the front, the desk person yelled, "YOU'RE IN THE WRONG LINE--GET BACK TO THE END OF THE OTHER LINE". We refused, after all we were on vacation, and the desk person called us rude and treated us horribly. The servers on the decks constantly bothered us to buy drinks. The food was so-so. One the first night of sail, there was a mexican buffet. We asked if we could have some sour cream. The answer, "NO". The thing I really disliked about them was the need to reclaim your baggage at the airport once arriving to the port city. Then, we had to get it to the bus, reclaim it off the bus at the pier and workers at the pier were actually telling us who to tip. "Tip Him", they shouted. We felt if we didn't tip who they told us to, we might not get our luggage. I could go on, but I won't. I'm sure you understand already.
Jan 15th, 1998, 03:19 PM
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Ditto, ditto, ditto - horrible cruise line. Carnival was the first cruise line I had experienced, and it was 10 years before I tried another. One instance I remember, other than the food being horrible, was that we had brought onboard a bottle of champagne, plus had a chit for another from our travel agency. When I went to the Maitre d' to request our travel agent's bottle (with chit in hand), he told me that we had already had the bottle. Confused, I said that we had not, and I still had the chit. He angrily told me that we drank it, and the empty bottle had been found in our stateroom!! How would the Maitre d' know about the contents in our room??? It took many angry words before he finally gave in. Never again on Carnival.
Jan 26th, 1998, 05:11 PM
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For all of you who are looking for a cruise with
class and no problems, I have one word--PRINCESS!!
Jan 26th, 1998, 07:52 PM
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Ren - you are absolutely right! I have taken four other cruises besides the first one I took on Carnival. Two were on Princess, one on Costa and one on Holland America. Costa and Holland America were both great, but were are still swayed with Princess as we've had fantastic all-round experiences with them. We are taking our third Princess cruise next October to Tahiti/Hawaii.

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