Where to go for beginner skier

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Don't know what you mean by an attitude. I've been skiing over 30 years at Heavenly and Squaw Valley and never run into any problems. I taught my kids to ski there along with Northstar and Alpine Meadows. When they were starting, they particularly liked the large bowls at Squaw Valley. The only place I have ever been that had anything like an attitude was Deer Valley in Utah. On the other hand, Park City, Alta and Snowbird were great. Similarly, we love skiing at Vail. Anyway, Barb was looking for a place where her husband could enjoy some intermediate skiing while she enjoyed the beginner slopes. I think both Heavenly and Squaw would be great for that. I would also agree that Alpine Meadows and Northstar would be good. There are so many fun things to do around the lake, the scenery is fantastic, there are great restaurants. Don't see what's not to like.
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Winter Park, Copper Mountain & Keystone are known for good beginner programs. Breckenridge is NOT recommended for beginners. There aren't as many green runs, the school's not as well known, & it tends to be icier. Schoolmarm, the fabulous beginner run at Keystone, is actually 5 miles long top to bottom & is my favorite beginner run in the state.
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Sorry Barb, forgot to mention that all those places also have great scenery & expert runs for the hubby!
Alot of the really good skiers who live here only go to Winter Park, because it's not as chichi/resorty. The whole summit county area (which includes keystone & copper) is much more commercialized, expensive, & full of people who are too conscious of what you're wearing.
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Barb, I'm 40 and just had my first beginner ski lesson two days ago at Copper Resort. I'm still pinching myself over the fact that I was skiing (O.K., snowplowing) with confidence down the beginner run by the end of the day!

My instructor talked about equipment, stances and so forth, then we practiced going up a small conveyor belt and skiing down a gentle slope. Next, we boarded the ski school lift and skiied down ten or twelve times, and by the afternoon I was on the quad lift!!

Copper has over 1,200 employees at its peak, 400 of whom are ski instructors. My teacher was funny, gentle and patient, unlike a couple of instructors I've seen in the past at other resorts. (Purgatory in Durango comes to mind) I felt totally comfortable, and gauged my progress throughout the day by watching the adorable little five year old ski schoolers. If I kept up with them, I knew I was doing well, haha!

I think the best part was that EVERY Copper employee we encountered (lift operators, restaurant waitress, instructors skiing below us on the lifts, trail groomers) offered/shouted praise and encouragement at every step, it was great!

I'm sold on Copper, hope you get to experience it some time.
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If the northeast, I highly recommend Sunday River in Bethel, Maine. A huge amount of snowmaking over several mountains of interconnecting trails of all levels. Excellent ski school and the added fun of LONG blue (easy!) runs - even from the top! Comfortable, casual, and friendly hits the mark along with beautiful scenery and charming town. The two main hotels there have ski in/out access and outdoor heated swimming pools that you be in while you watch the skiers, snowfall, or fireworks!!!
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Ooops! Meant long GREEN trails from the top!
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my partner and i spent a lot of time at tahoe his first year skiing, and as a beginner he enjoyed northstar most. also plenty to enjoy there for an intermediate.

i will tell you this about heavenly and attitude. there cat track on the california side is marked beginner, but it is very narrow, and at the end of the day we were coming down, quite slowly as it was only the 4th or 5th time my parnter had skied, and we got several nasty looks/comments from skiers who were upset that they had to slow down for us. no reflection on the mountain (which rocks!) or the staff... just a few a**holes in skis.
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(Wonder why these speed demon a**holes ski the beginner runs in the first place?)

Gotta tell ya my Heavenly experience -- the snowboarders just love to cut in front of novices as closely as they can, obviously in the hope that they'll fall. When my friend witnessed one of those imbecilic snowboarders doing that to me, he skiied right over the top of the kid's snowboard, stopped and turned, and warned him in no uncertain terms about cutting me or anyone else off like that again. Seemed to work, but if someone does that to you, I'd recommend reporting them to the ski patrol. Even Picabo Street had her pass yanked at Copper this year for repeatedly ignoring warnings about skiing recklessly and too fast!
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This may sound silly but if you are a beginner/intermediate you might try the NC mtns. In late Jan and Feb there is almost always good conditions and the prices are way less than the ski areas out west. I know they are bigger/better but depending on where you are and your budget, it might be something to think about.
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I'm a beginner skiier and enjoy skiing here in WA State. There are excellent places to ski if that's really all you're looking for. Not great resorts; but good skiing within an hour of Seattle. Also, eastern WA has some good skiing as well. I found the folks at Crystal to be VERY accommodating.

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