What's in Idaho besides potatos?

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What's in Idaho besides potatos?

Thinking about going to Idaho since have never been (trying to get to all 50 states at some time) but can't think of anything there besides potatos and skiing (I don't ski) - enjoy outdoors, photography and interesting local events - any ideas? thanks
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What time of year? If you're into photography and the outdoors, Idaho is a great place to visit. How about river rafting, hiking, fishing? Try Redfish Lake outside of Stanley for some of the most beautiful scenery. Payette Lake in McCall - beautiful. Try Boise the end of June for the Boise River Festival, with a River Giants Parade (the big balloons like the Macy's Parade), Weiser Fiddle Festival in Weiser. And that's just Southern Idaho! Idaho is definitely worth visiting! I believe there's a web site. It'd be worth checking out.
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You should check out Couer D'Alaine in Northern Idaho. It is very beautiful with mountains and lakes. Also there is Yellowstone National Park near the state border. A great place for camping, and a chance to see Old Faithful.
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Northern and southern Idaho are like two different states. Northern Idaho is mining and logging country. You can see lots of lakes, mountains, and BIG trees. Much of the nothern part of the state is the Frank Church wilderness, so its great for hiking, camping, whitewater activities, etc. Some of the mines (primarily silver mines the area is known as silver Valley) in the Wallace area give tours. Elk River Falls is also nice for hiking (elk hunting, in season, if you're into that) and lots of huckleberries. The White Pine Highway (state highway 6 I think) is a nice scenic drive.

Southern Idaho is more high desert/rockies. The Snake River Plain cuts a wide flat swath across southern Idaho, but north and south of the Plain is basin and range mountains and valley. The Snake River Plain is impressive in the sheer magnitude of the flood basalt deposits. Craters of the Moon National Monument is near Idaho Falls. If you want to check out the flood basalt flows.

Sun Valley, which is reknown (sp?) for skiing is also a great place to visit in the summer: gorgeous scenery, hiking and biking trails, etc. Also, I have had to spend lots of time in Pocatello for work and have discovered some great hiking and mountain biking trails (which double as excellent cross-country ski trails in the winter). Lots of wildlife in that area, and it is also well known for fly fishing.

Check out the Idaho tourism web site, whose address I don't have, for more info.
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Bob Brown
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Idaho has some scenic beauty in the north with the mountains, rivers, and forests. Crates of the Moon is spectacular. If you got here, be prepared for very windy conditions.
Blowing volcanic cinders can get in your eyes and blow your hat away.

The Snake River Canyon from the Idaho - Wyoming border has some interesting stretches. And Hells Canyon on the western border is awesome, but hard to get to. I approached it from the Washington side several years ago.
The trip is an adventure, regardless of the approach.
I don't want to start a war over this, but very little of Yellowstone is in Idaho and it is not accessible by a paved road. There may be a jeep road that leads into the southwestern corner of the park, but there are no concessioner facilities and no major thermal features.


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