What is your favorite southern town?

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What is your favorite southern town?

I love Savannah for its quaintness and history. Food too. I have never been to Charleston, NC. I loved Atlanta when I went there in high school, but now it is so huge. New Orleans is fun and colorful. Also love the food. Memphis has the absolute BEST BBQ.

What is your favorite southern town or city in the south and why?
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New Orleans. The fabulous food, music and culture make it seem like a different country. Hurricanes from Pat O'Briens in a "to-go" cup to wander the quarter, raw oysters at Acme, beignets from Cafe du Monde, the smells and sounds that fill the air. Oh to be there for even a day with my kids back home under their grandparents care - dare I dream. I also used to live there as a kid so every time I visit it still seems a little bit like home. I'm convinced there is a part of me deep inside that is pure New Orleans.
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Well, Charleston is in SC. New Orleans would be my top choice as the only one worth going back to. However Savannah, Atlanta, Charleston and Asheville get high ratings from me. Special mention: Charlottesville, VA - a very cool small city, easy to get around with tons of history, good restaurants, wineries nearby and a great university. Don't count out Chattanooga for civil war history and a great aquarium.
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I always enjoyed South Philadelphia.
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New Orleans and Savannah to visit, but Atlanta to live in.

I used to live in Charlottesville, which is a fantastic place also! Absolutely gorgeous. But it probably would seem a bit too small for me after a few years.
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I love Tampa because I live here. It has a great Southern feel with lots of tall trees and spanish moss so it's very picturesque. I like its multicultural feel as there are many ethnic groups here so lots of different foods. There is something about it that even though it's not a small town, it has a small town feel.
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I honestly can't choose between Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA. Both terrific............ (But also keep little Wilmington, NC in mind. It's lovely..........)
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P.S.: Oh, yes, Heavens, about that BBQ! You must not have tried it in North Carolina!
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I have always had a blast in Savannah. Savannah gets my vote for best southern town to visit. However, the absolute best southern town has to be my hometown located in Southeast Georgia.
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Charleston and Savannah for the "old south" feel and Ashville for beautiful natural scenery and an interesting, artsy downtown.
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Charleston--what a town! We lived in Savannah and loved it too, but Charleston has the edge.

I don't think of Tampa as being southern at all, probably because so many of us are from areas which are definitely not southern. It's diverse, but hasn't got the southern feel or attitude (good and bad sides to that). My feelings probably have a lot to do with having moved from Savannah here though! Savannah gives you a whole new perspective on what is "Southern".
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OO I think that you are right with that feeling. Many people that now call Florida their home, are not from the South, and do not have that "I am from the South" charm that other southern states have, et al: Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, South Carolina, etc....

There are so many families from those states that stay "root bound" to their culture. I wish the same was true with Florida...but sad to say I don't think it is.

My husband was born in St. Pete and grew up in Ocala. He has a VERY strong southern accent. I was born and raised in Brooksville (5th generation) and don't really have much of an accent.

We both have what we think are traditional southern values, but I feel somewhat odd in the flow of things around me. Probably has to do with all my neighbors being from "up north"!
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I've known quite a few Southerners who've migrated to Florida from "the South" -- it's funny how in different sections of Florida there's whole contingencies of different Southern cities who've relocated. So I guess I have a different view of Florida. It is funny to me how it's not considered "the South" by some because I can't think of it as anything else. Sleepy. Hot. Ice tea on a porch. Slow.

Let's hope we can shake this malaze by the next election
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My favorite southern towns are Blowing Rock, Cashiers, Highlands and Ashville--all in NC.

Tampa southern? I don't think so!!! You won't southern towns in FL anywhere south of Ocala.
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bonniebroad....Memphis bbq is so similar to your bbq that you would be delighted...I am from west Tennessee and DH is from Statesville(went to school in Raleigh) and we both like each others bbq a whole whole lot!
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I was always partial to my hometown of Roanoke, VA . . .
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Charleston, SC is it for me. Small enough to be pleasant, large enough to be fun and oh so beautiful.
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Oxford, Mississippi--a university town with that sleepy Southern attitude. Very friendly place, full of culture and character. The university element adds diversity while the town remains quaint.
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Athens, GA and Chapel Hill, NC. Great college towns.
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Charleston North Carolina.

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