We want excitement on our first trip to NY.

Oct 6th, 2001, 07:36 PM
Dawn Phillips
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We want excitement on our first trip to NY.

After we have seen the tourist attractions what should we do after that? My husband isn't into theater or live music. Any ideas?
Oct 7th, 2001, 09:57 AM
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Why are you people mocking her for asking a legitimate question?

Dawn -- there are lots of great things to do in NYC, even beyond the normal "tourist" sites to see. NY has some of the greatest museums in the world. Enjoy the Metropolitan, MOMA or the Guggenheim and, after a long day of art, you can enjoy a glass of wine at each, often with live music.

Take a walk thought Central Park. It has many wonders, including an ice skating rink, carousel, boating pond and a beautiful reservoir with a fabulous view of Manhattan.

Simply roam around some of our great (and diverse) neighborhoods. SoHo, Lower East Side, Chinatown are all interesting and enjoyable. If you check out Big Onion Walking Tours, you can even get a walking tour of many great neighborhoods.

Enjoy some of the most fabulous ethnic restaurants in the world -- dim sum in Chinatown, Russian nightclubs in Brooklyn, Italian food in Little Italy.

Take a stroll up Madison Avenue or in SoHo for some fabulous shopping (window or otherwise). Enjoy a delicious pastry and cup of coffee at Dean & Deluca (in SoHo) or at San Ambroeus (Madison Ave).

Have tea at the Plaza, the Pierre or the Stanhope. It is a wonderful experience.

Take the Staten Island Ferry -- best view for a buck or so you can get.

Pick up Time Out New York magazine for other great ideas.

We are thrilled to have you come to visit us here in NY. We hope you have a wonderful time!
Oct 7th, 2001, 01:56 PM
An Idea
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Why not help whoever needs help in NYC?
Volunteer to volunteer where needed.
Say a heartfelt prayer. Read to a child. Donate money. May not be exciting to read but once you do it...now that's excitement under the current circumstances.
Dawn, when you get to NYC you will see what I mean. A friend who is hard as nails, gets down to business just came back. She canceled her "mandatory" meetings and had her "subjects" go to the animal shelter to hug and walk the animals. She says that one simply can not be in NYC and not ask out loud: "how can I help?" She serves as my barometer as for how enjoyable NYC is. She did say that this trip was her best one. She is returning to do more.
Oct 7th, 2001, 02:25 PM
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Not sure what you are calling tourist attractions, but I suspect it's things like Statue of LIberty and Empire State Bldg? Do you consider museums tourist attractions? I don't, really, as they are there for all people, including residents, in which case I'd suggest them. If the Met is not appealing because you don't like fine arts, either, why don't you go to the Natural History museum which has the newly-renovated Hayden planetarium? Also, the museum of the City of New York is a great little interesting museum north a little of the Met on 5th Ave., it has some interesting items about the history of the city, old furniture, housing, more anthropolgical/historical than just art works, and it's not so huge you get tired of it. I think the neighborhoods, walking, shopping ideas are good, I suppose, if you like that kind of stuff. How about a boat cruise down near South St seaport, only not the usual ferry to Staten Island, maybe you'd like the rowdy tourist speedboat tour, The Beast? I've heard it's lots of fun for the right type--Circle Line company, I think, try www.circleline.com Also, how about just a walk across Brooklyn Bridge?
Oct 7th, 2001, 05:48 PM
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Hey Lisa! I live here too. Someone asks for excitement in NYC and you suggest tea at the Plaza?! Are you SURE you live here? What about any of the many dance clubs and after-hours places--S.O.B's, La Neuvelle Justine, Lucky Cheng's, all of St. Mark's Place, Lotus, Hogs n'Heifers, comedy clubs, etc., etc., etc. I blew Dawn off because it didn't sound like she did ANY research of her own. It wasn't like she wrote, 'read about blah blah blah club, does anyone know about this?' Just threw out a vague question 'looking for excitement in NYC'. If she knew ANYTHING about NYC she'd know you don't have too look far.
Oct 7th, 2001, 05:56 PM
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Dawn, how about if you give us some idea what you're into and maybe you'll get more useful info and fewer snide comments. What do you like to do at home or wish you could do but usually don't? For example if you're into gambling or theme parks, NY obviously isn't the best place for you. If you're serious about your questions,you'll need to give us a clue....
Oct 8th, 2001, 10:53 AM
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DAWN it's up to you now, settle this for all of us by weighing in on what you think of the suggestions so far
Oct 8th, 2001, 02:19 PM
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Maybe see shows that aren't exactly "theatre" such as Blue Man Group, or Stomp, they're high energy fun. You could always give Hogs and Hefers a try!

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