Washington, DC with kids

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Washington, DC with kids

Any great travel tips for visiting DC with kids; 5 & 8 year old girls?
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Although too much museum time tends to bore kids, the girls might enjoy highlights of the Smithsonian. American History has Dorothy's Ruby Slippers, Natural History has the Hope Diamond and the dinosaurs. Lots of kids like the Air & Space Museum too. The Giant Pandas at the Zoo are another idea. You can rent a paddle boat on the tidal basin near the Jefferson Memorial for a fun way to enjoy the scenery.
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Don't miss the "Insect Zoo" at the Natural History museum. Huge hissing cockroaches and all sorts of creepy things. Better than "Friday the 13th, Part 13"!
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I live in DC and see families all the time, but all I really want to request is that you hold on to them in the Metro or have them hold on to a pole. Most people on the Metro are headed to or from work and having kids step on your feet is at best, irritating, at worst, ruinous to good work shoes. After spring break, I am blistered and in desperate need of a shoe polish. Also, please don't let your kids lie down in the Metro car. It's already crowded and we want to get home, and a prone child takes up more space.
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Also, don't take your kids on the Metro during the peak rush hours. Trains are getting extremely crowded, and it can be very scary for a kid who can't see over the top of the forest of adults. Wait until 9:30 in the morning to get on. Then avoid it between 5 and 7.

A couple of editors at the Washington Post wrote a book on things to do with children in the area. I'm sure you cand find it on amazon.com, or try e-mailing the travel section at the Post.
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I can't believe you two can be so cranky about kids on the metro! Lordy me. I rode for years as a commuter and used to crank just like you. One day I just woke up and realized, they paid their fare and have a right to be here as much as me ... no matter how much it costs to shine my shoes. And I started to enjoy the kids' delight at being on vacation and riding a train. Even though they couldn't figure out why all the people on the train looked so grumpy.

And people talk about New Yorkers!

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I'm with you Chris. I rode the metro every day when I lived in DC. What's wrong with sharing the train with kids? Adults who think they own the train push, step on feet, stretch long legs into aisles, etc. just as much as kids and vacationers do. RELAX or you'll end up like the guy I saw who got his nose stuck in the door because he couldn't wait a few minutes for the next train.
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I also ride the metro everyday. I don't care about my feet being stepped on, being bumped into or what time people take their kids on the metro. That's life in the city. The thing that bothers me is when tourists come to town and think that the metro is akin to an amusement park ride. I have seen families let their kids hang on the poles and twirl around them. I also once had a family of four fall on me when they thought it would be fun to not hold on when the train was moving (they actually said that it would be fun). It's just a matter of common sense.

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