Vegas, Wynn or Venetian?

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Vegas, Wynn or Venetian?

$159 per night at The Wynn, $149 per night for a suite at The Venetian. Our trip is mid January, staying during the week.

This is our first trip to Vegas. We'll be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. Which hotel would be better? I know The Wynn is the newest, but it doesn't seem as centrally located.

Thoughts? Comments? Thanks in advance!
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We've just been through this ourselves. We like The Venetian but friends have told us how great Wynnn is..and then you read trip Advisor.

I am not sure Wynn is that much less "centrally located" than a lot of other places.

Are you planning on walking, and if so, honestly how far and to where?
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The Wynn is at the very end of the strip - and it is pretty, but the Venetian is quite different. I would go with the Venetian at that price..... Did you check the Bellagio? I like that better than both you mentioned (I love it's location....)
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Another vote for the Venetian. Wynn and the Belargio are too chi chi for me. You never have to leave the Venetian. It is beautiful and lots to do beside gambling.
Happy 25th.
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My husband and I just returned from Vegas where we stayed at the Venetian. We loved it!!!! The rooms are fabulous and service was really good....the suite was very big, with 3 bathrooms, one in the living area, one in the bedroom, and one in the bathroom, all are flatscreen. The Canal shops area at the VEnetian are also really great for strolling around. You can also take a gondola ride in the canal.

Pick the Venetian!! and Happy Anniverasry!
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New is everything in Vegas and hands down the Wynn..
The V needs renovation on most of there rooms..they are big but in desperate need of updating..
Wynn is truly a 5* hotel and I never take what Trip Advisor says at the truth..
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I also vote for the Wynn. We stayed at the Venetian in April; the rooms are large, but ours needed some updating. Also, in April, there was a lot of construction in the center of the strip, so we spent more time by the Wynn.

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Wynn and Venetian are across the street from each other. Although Wynn is furthest from center Strip, it's 300 yards further. Don't let location determine your decision.

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We didn't care for the Wynn as much as we liked Bellagio and we will not stay at the Luxor again.
The Wynn was populated with extremely rich folks. Everyone was nice, but we felt out of place.
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Re: those prices. is it just per night, or are those packages? For example, I once stayed at the Venetian for a similar price (I can't remember exactly how much, but that's close) and it came with two spa passes, as well as a couple of other things. It was well worth it as a package and made me love the hotel even more. Still....for a 25th wedding anniversary, why not go with the newer, more chi-chi hotel? Hmmm, tempting.
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If you do go with the Venetian, make sure you go for the remodeled room. The rooms that aren't are definitely starting to need redoing, stayed there for my anniversary this year.
The Wynn looked nicer to me, as someone else said, newer in Vegas is better...
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Hi frankie..
Happy Holidays to you and your family..
And of course all Fodorite's too!

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Tahiti..get REAL...TA has some very GOOD stuff to say about places in YOUR hometown...LOL
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Were you slumming in my neighborhood?
Those TA's were written by you so they must be good!
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Hey Tahiti! Happy Holidays to you, too, and Dukey and everyone on Fodors !
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Neither of these two are really centrally located...Bellagio is a MUCH better spot, although you may pay a premium. Wynn is really gorgeous inside and very classy, but Venetian isn't bad either. Are you going to be doing a lot of walking? or will you cab it most the time? If you'll be cabbing, don't worry too much about the location, and go for the Wynn. I don't know though -- for a 25th wedding anniversary, a Bellagio suite with a fountain view would be pretty neat.
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I like both The Wynn and The Venetian but I would choose the The Wynn any day. The Venetian is great for the big rooms and everything you could need is in the hotel/casino. But The Wynn is a step above The Venetian. I was just at The Wynn the first week of December. The rooms are very nice with so much attention to detail. The other thing I like about The Wynn is that it's not so huge. You can actually get to the room elevators without walking 5 miles!!
Both times I stayed at The Wynn I was there for a convention. So was not a high roller or one of the beautiful people!! I have no complaints about their customer service except that check-in was a little slow.

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Easy choice -- The Wynn.

It is by far the best property on the Strip.
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Another vote for Wynn.
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With that close of a price, go for the Wynn.
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