Tips on carry-ons

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Tips on carry-ons

I have back problems and am unable to carry anything heavy (or lift). I can only take one carry-on, but I"m taking my professional camera (for fall foliage pix) and my purse. I was going to take my wheel luggage and put my camera in there, but..I'm open to suggestions. Any thoughts please?

Thank you so much.
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It's a smart idea to take your professional camera and place it in the wheeled luggage. I used to do this with my laptop computer, too (before security required you to start up computers at checkpoints). There have been problems, (and may be even more true now), if you're traveling alone, since it's too easy for someone else to grab the items you place in the x-ray machines in front of you. If you set off the metal detectors for any reason while you're walking through them (more common now that they are set to be more sensitive, so that a belt buckle or something similar might do it), you are delayed slighly, but your hand luggage has gone through already. Of course, most of the time, it will be there when you're done, but I've found that certain things other than plain suitcases, espcially computer cases and, I would assume, camera bags, are much more likely to be casually picked up(i.e. stolen) by someone else in the area. If you put the camera in the carry-on bag, it won't attract any extra attention
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I travel with a fairly large camera kit, and I have 2 bags that I use (depending on how much I think I need) - I have a camera backpack bag (my favorite) - and I also have a camera bag that rolls (much larger). I have put my camera in a small rolling suitcase I have when I'm not taking much and just want convenience - but you have to really wrap things carefully if it's not set up for camera equipment. I also have back problems which is why I went to the backpack. This dilema is always the first one I figure out when I'm going on vacation.....
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I was planning on putting the CAMERA BAG (that already has the camera, flash and lens) IN the rolling suitcase. However, when I go to check in, I plan to tell them to check it all, so that I won't have to wait, back up, go forward. Deb, does the backpack you mention also double as a purse or has compartments where you can put your wallet, etc;? Thanks
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Did an airline representative say that to you? If so, what airline? Was it a federal airport screener that was new perhaps?
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My understanding is that with beefed-up security, there have been far fewer incidents of people stealing laptops and the like from the security checkpoints.
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This is funny. When I read the post title, I thought it was going to be about tipping someone to handle your carry-ons.

But seriously, I'm not sure exactly what you're saying. Are you planning to put your camera into a small rolling bag that you can then put in the overhead bin? Because if that's the case, then you're still going to have back problems lifting it.

On the other hand, if the rolling bag is going to be checked in, do you really want to run the risk of lost luggage and losing your camera?
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Perhaps Ursala plans on removing her camera after check-in, and then treating it as her allowable personal item?
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Thank you, MS. If I can get on with it in the wheeled bag, of course, when I lift it, my back could go out..then again, I could ask a nice gentlemen to put it up and back down for me, as I have in the past. Hence, no back situation to worry about. It's just that checking anything in is so time-consuming, not to mention my medical stuff will be in that bag and I just can't check it under those circumstances.

Thanks all again.

(PatJones in Chicago, please post your email, I wish to contact you.
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I have used a small rolling backpack rather than a rolling suitcase. I was able to get my tiny laptop and my camera with lenses etc into it, but it fits under the seat instead of overhead. So I didn't have to lift it and the outside pockets were easily accessible during the flight. Kept my book, snacks, etc in the outside pockets.

I bought my wonderful rolling pack in Hong Kong, but these have gotten more popular here for kids who have a lot of heavy books to lug to school every day. In fact, just today I saw something very similar (almost like a cross between a pack and a small duffel, with lots of outside pockets). Saw it at Ross for about $25.
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What is the problem. You are going to put your camera in the rolling bag and take it on the plane and have someone put it up for you. You can be pretty sure of being checked again before getting on the plane. Be sure it fits the regulations of the airline or it will be gate checked at least. Put your medicines in your purse.
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Re: having your stuff stolen at security checkpoints.

I recently took 7 connecting flights (east coast to HI). I was pulled out of line 4 times for further screening, and in each case the security person asked me about my stuff on the conveyor belt, allowing me to secure it beside me before they began the wand procedure. Airport personnel seem to be aware and intent on safeguarding against theft.
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