The Mirage

Dec 21st, 1999, 08:01 AM
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The Mirage

I have reservations at NY NY but am thinking of changing to the Mirage with a small penalty. What do you suggest? I am travelling with an elderly parent who likes quiet and luxury! Please, any help is appreciated.
Dec 21st, 1999, 09:32 AM
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While overall the Mirage is a nicer resort than NYNY, I don't know if I would necessarily switch if there was a penalty involved. Neither resort could be described as "quiet." As a matter of fact, I don't know anywhere in Vegas that is quiet. Some things to consider though: The NYNY rooms are a little bigger than a standard Mirage room. The Mirage pool is much better than NYNY's but if you are going in the winter that won't be a consideration. The Mirage has a more luxurious feel than NYNY. Also, NYNY's casino, just because of the way it is set up, gets much more crowded and more difficult to easily move around in than the Mirage's casino. Hope this helps.
Dec 21st, 1999, 10:24 AM
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The NYNY is terribly noisy and the roller coaster and hordes of younger people really "fill" the areas. I think elderly would be much better off at the Mirage.NYNY gives off such energy and the bustling feeling of being in NYC where the Mirage gives off a calmer tone. My folks are far from elderly but would be miserable at NYNY. The Mirage is so close to the Bellagio (which has the most luxury of any resort) so they could easily see the fountain show and would probably love the wonderful art museum there. The Pirate show is right next door to the Mirage and they would like the Mirage's volcano and white tigers I am guessing. Also to consider that older people don't eat that much and the Fashion Mall and the Caesar's Mall are right by the Mirage with wonderful "light" places to eat.
Dec 21st, 1999, 03:16 PM
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I just stayed at the Mirage last month on my first trip to LV. It's anything but quiet. From my personal wanderings and observation, Bellagio seems the most serene (if a casino can be such a thing) of the lot.
Dec 23rd, 1999, 08:35 AM
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... to the top (and something else to the bottom) ...
Dec 23rd, 1999, 09:15 AM
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My parents have stayed at the Desert Inn and both commented how nice and quiet it was compared to other Vegas hotels. It doesn't have the huge casinos that many others do, yet it's right in the middle of the action on the strip. Something to check out, possibly...
Dec 23rd, 1999, 09:31 AM
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Dave -

From my experience, the NYNY is not where you want to be. Tons of people around all the time. It's a neat place to visit but I don't think it would be what you had in mind. We stayed at the Mirage once and it was pretty nice but can get very busy.

The Bellagio is probably your best choice (they don't even allow kids in the place, at all, unless they are staying there.)

I also want to second the Desert Inn although strictly second hand. I have not been there, but my cousin (very, very well off and can afford anything he wants), always stays here because he says the casino is small and it's always very quiet comfortable. He hates lots of kids running around. I told him he'd like Bellagio! He hasn't been there yet.

Either way, also do not go to MGM. With the themepark out back, they have quite a few kids running around there.

Good Luck.
Dec 23rd, 1999, 09:28 PM
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I suppose I'm merely seconding the other posters. I haven't stayed at NYNY but have found it terribly crowded and difficult to move in the several times I've tried to play there. I've stayed 4 or 5 times at the Mirage, and it's better. Last summer I stayed at the Bellagio and loved it. The atmosphere is classy and fairly subdued. That can also be said for the Desert Inn. Their casino is small enough that you can practically see everyone at a glance. elderly parent who likes quiet and luxury - that has to be at either Bellagio or Desert Inn. Good luck.
Jan 1st, 2000, 10:50 AM
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Dave, though I have not been to Las Vegas since Jan'98 and have not been to any of the new casios, I would recommend Desert Inn, Bellagio and Cesars Palace(stay in the new tower). Desert Inn is very quiet. We visited there and they had hardly any people. The crowd was older. Bellagio,with what I have read and heard is elegant and expensive clientle-very nice. Cesars Palace I have stayed at and we also liked the staff and found it to a cut upabove-no kids hanging around. I would probable choose either Bellagio or Cesars Palace that way you could both enjoy yourselves. Have fun.
Jan 2nd, 2000, 04:03 PM
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I'd have to agree with above posts. I stayed at NYNY last year, and while the rooms were all right (not great), the crowds, the busy-ness, the difficulty trying to find your way around just rubbed me the wrong way. I'd never stay there again. The Luxor, which is very close by, seems very nice and in the same price range. Bellagio is tres chic and may be more than you need. If the penalty isn't too steep, I'd shop around.
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