The BEST hotel shower?

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The BEST hotel shower?

I apologize if this has been done before, but I cannot get over the "rain shower" at the 4-Seasons in Santa Barbara. I will be here until September 2 and my favorite part of the whole trip is taking a shower every morning!!! The Rain Shower will definately be in my next bathroom!

Anyone else have "the best shower" experience in a hotel?
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My best shower experience was not in a hotel, but on the Rotterdam during a trans-Atlantic crossing many years ago. In would be inappropriate to share the details here, but I can reveal that it had nothing to do with a shower head.

L.M. Sunshine
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I wouldn't try to top that in a million years L.M. Sunshine, but getting back to the objective science of hotel showers, to even qualify for the Hotel Shower Hall of Fame, the shower has to approximate the experience of standing under a water fall (with the added benefit of not having to worry about falling rocks) or in a heavy summer rain storm, plus the following minimum requirements:

1. Shower head higher than you are tall (the higher the better).
2. Broad spray pattern.
2. Eye or shoulder level soap dish.
3. Proper acoustics (again replicating a closely as possible the sound of a water fall or rainstorm).
4. Constant water temperature (even nice hotels occasionally have that incredibly annoying alternating hot and cold water problem).
5. Glass door or a least a shower curtain with one of those bowed-out curtain rods so you're not having to touch the curtain.

Very few showers qualify.
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oh my -
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Westins - with the two headed-showers and curved curtain rod.
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Best shower in a hotel was the Royal Horseguards in London. Multiple sprays from three sides (not where the glass door is!) plus one from above your head. That one can be turned on or off without disturbing the others to make it easier to wash your hair. Lots of hot water. Both my sons are over 6ft tall and loved it.
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I'm surprised no one's mentioned the Venetian. Marble surround with glass enclosure, and two Delta body jet sprays. Even Bellagio & Wynn don't have that!
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I love a hot shower, often looking forward to one at the end of a long day, but hope it never becomes the highlight of my trip. But my favorites probably aren't shared by the o.p. either, so to each their own.

I agree with importatnce of almost each item in MRands's list, and want to add one:

need controls where you can separately regulate flow and temperature.

Too many hotels have just one handle that only moves in a circular direction. Water gets warmer as flow increases. Give me the old "3 valves" where you looked at hot, shower, and cold and could set any as desired.
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My Grandpa used to always proclaim, "Motel 6 has THE very best showerheads". This was my well-traveled Grandpa who did many miles of roadtrips with his 2 sons over the years, and then later with his wife, and once in a while he'd take along his eldest grandchild (moi). Anyway, the last time I was in a Motel 6 was probably 20 yrs ago, and I did agreed with him! My problem with showerheads is this: (and I phoned this in once to a Marriott-Courtyard complaint-line, and I'm sure the phone-staff is still rolling their eyes). I'm 5'1" with long hair, and so often the showerheads are so high that there is no pressure left by the time it finally gets down to me, and then it takes forever to get my hair wet (much less rinsed). In order to get all the shampoo/conditioner, etc. out of my hair, I have to shut off the shower, and then get on all fours to get my head under the faucet to rinse. (pretty visual,huh?) I actually enjoy the motels that install hand-held showerheads 'cus that allows me to direct the water-pressure right onto my scalp!! Wow, thanks so much for letting me get THAT off my chest today!!
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I've seen one or two hotel showers with adjustable height showerheads.

Give me something with LOTS of water pressure, a high enough showerhead, a good amount of light in the shower, and a consistent temperature. Nice thick washcloths and a bar of soap bigger than a pat of butter are also a plus.

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I'm with you xrae! Not literally *in the shower* of course. ;-)
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