Suggested restaurants in New Orleans

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Suggested restaurants in New Orleans I'm confused, the last two posts say Bayona isn't any good but others rave.
Has the place gone downhill. We're planning an anniversary dinner there and don't want to be disappointed Thanks
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On any "opinion" board you'll get a wide range of comments. Bayona is listed as one of the city's best restaurants in almost every survey and 95% of the comments I've ever read about the place are very positive. Personally, I think it's wonderful.
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I just took my wife to Bayona for a Mother's Day brunch (normally closed on Sunday) and have to say it was the best meal I've had in NO and ranks in the top five. Hopefully the weather is nice enough for you to sit in the courtyard, keep an eye out for chameleons.

I also thought Irene's was wonderful, great atmosphere! Of the three Emeril restaurants I'd rank Delmonico (food-wise) and NOLA (more relaxed) a bit above Emeril's...but I thoroughly enjoyed them all. Next visit, I probably won't make a fourth visit to Emeril''s back to Bayona and some place these reviews!
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Anthoner vote for NOLA! Great atmosphere and excellent food. I went for lunch and was very pleased. Also, Mike Anderson's is always a favorite if you enjoy seafood.

Additionally, the last time I was in New Orleans, I ate at the Blues Brothers Cafe of all places. The food was surprisingly good and very SOUTHERN.
I had smothered pork chops.

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I must have been asleep... I said Blues Brothers Cafe, I meant to say House of Blues. Great place.

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Count another vote for Commander's. Absolutely fabulous Sunday brunch with live band. We made reservations for our group four months ahead and STILL didn't get the garden room!
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Post is late, but 2 Sisters definetley over rated. I will not go back. I thought Emerils was fine, service very good, price a little high. But we loved NOLA. Lunched on just their various appetizers to give us (4 of us) a taste of the place. Best place we tried, but also heard we shd go to Commanders Palace, which we did not make. New Orleans best city for tourists in U.S.!!
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We had a fabulous meal at K-Paul's. Irene's was highly recommended and the wait was very long. The service was excellent, but the food was not good. Very disappointing.
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K-Paul's! K-Paul's! K-PAULS!!!
Brennen's was all atmosphere (I've seen better) and their food was overrated.
We stood in line @ K-Pauls for 45 minutes (We didn't have reservations), and we met couples from FL,GA,and TX (We from PA)and had great conversations.
Once inside - Wow!
Our service was wonderful. And our meals...
(Quote) "Oh, My God" The meals were outstanding!
We enjoyed the food so much we spent our last evening "standing in line" @ K-Paul's two nights later.
Old Dec 17th, 2001, 04:26 PM
quarter rat
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I hate to break it to you--they now take reservations. As your experience showed you--no locals eat there and would not. You can get food much better than they have at most restaurants in town. I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Old Jan 4th, 2002, 06:52 AM
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Check out for suggestions from a native of New Orleans on his faves and general info on the city.
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Mona Lisa's inthe Quarter, Pizza, pasta,it very inexpensive!!!!
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My husband and I ate at Arnauds -- the food was outstanding, as was the service. We both thought it was one of the best meals we've every had. If you go, try the bananas foster for dessert -- absolutely decadent!
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I'm confused. Can someone please tell me why this topic is listed under Arizona?
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Judy, I think the original poster didn't narrow it down to a specific state when he posted and selected "general" instead. No big deal. It happens every now and then. I've seen "best Manhattan hotel" on the Texas board, etc.
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posting late but I feel so alone. Am I the only person out there that thinks Commanders Palace is a tourist trap? Been there several times for dinner and thought that the menu was unimaginative and service rushed. I'll have to try brunch there.
I second the recommendation of The Grill Room at The Windsor Court Hotel...fabulous. Don't miss The Windsor Rose dessert...WOW!
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I lived in New Orleans for many years and still return frequently. The local choice for really special occasions is Commander's Palace. While is is deservedly popular with tourists, it has consistently managed to maintain the best balance of exciting atmosphere, superb food, and exacting service of any restaurant in the city. I could recommend dozens of other restaurants just for the food, but for a special occasion, you can't beat Commander's.
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Why is everybody answering a question that was posted in 2000? I tend to think the people have been there by now......
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I lived in NO for 5 years, went to grad school there and worked in a 5 star restaurant to pay the bills. My recommendations are as follows. First, all of the posts I read advised French Quarter eateries, try to get out on the town more, there are great places that are a cheap cab ride away (less than $5).

- For your romantic dinner, go to Bella Luna. The food is good, but the ambiance is world class. Hands down the most romantic place to eat in the USA. Jacket req'd.

- If you are in town for a whole week, go to Commander's Palace for brunch (I'd pass on dinner there). Commander's is located in the Garden District and the brunch is the best. Jacket req'd.

- Make sure you get out of the French Quarter. I recommend the following uptown joints:

1. Jaques-Imo's - uptown on Oak street next to the Maple Leaf. Walk in through the kitchen to the bar and wait for a table. The chef is one of Emeril's old chefs. Try the stuffed pork chop or venision. Casual - No reservations.

2. Casemento's - tiny oyster bar on magazine st. Family run; fun, friendly place. Casual. Take a cab from the hotel.

3. Pascal's Manale - uptown on Napolean between Magazine and Carrolton. Get the BBQ shrimp, wear the bib.

- Lunch:

1. Mother's - on Poydras St. near your hotel. Go for a late lunch to avoid the locals. Get the Ferdie or Debris po-boy.

2. The Pearl - right off Canal. walk from the hotel. Try the gumbo or oysters while sitting at the bar with a beer.

3. Camilla Grill - Carrolton Street at the river bend. Pick a nice day, hop on the street car and ride it uptown past Tulane Univ. and Audobon park to Camilla Grill for lunch. Sit at the counter and have an omlet or BLT, chase with grill-warmed pecan pie and coffee or milk. Then ride the street car back, or call a "United" Cab. They are everywhere in the city, but tough to hail. Get their number programmed in your cell to call, they will be there in 5-10 min.


- The Grill bar at Arnaud's - Bienville St., right off Bourbon. This bar is the most well kept of secrets. Arnaud's is a 4 or 5 star rest. The bar is in a beautiful oak room with small tables and great service. It has its own entrance from the street under a sign that says: Arnaud's Bar. There are two bars in this place so make sure you are in "the Grill" as its called. This is not a French Quarter bar. Clean bathrooms and champagne by the glass. Try a Sazerac. If you are there thurs.-sat. Tell the bartender Bobby that I said hello. I would go there for a drink before a nice dinner. Jacket req'd.

- Napolean house - St. Peter's street. Very mellow place to cool off after a walk though the French Market and Jaqckson Square.

** If you have time - Bonus Dinner - K'Paul's - eat community style a Paul Prudhomme's joint. Great food.

Good luck,

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If you want a fun time and a GREAT lunch, go to the New Orleans School of Cooking in the old JAX brewery. You will need reservations. The Chef(hopefully, you will get Kevin Belton) gives you a history of Cajun cooking and shows you how it all comes together. What he prepares is your lunch. We recommended this to friends of ours. They went and had the same opinion. If the chef makes bannas foster for desert, you have hit the big one.

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