Sightseeing in Salt Lake City

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Sightseeing in Salt Lake City

My daughter, age 22 & I will be passing thru Salt Lake City the last of Sept. What will the weather be like that time of year? We are open for suggestions on things to see & do in 1 day & night. Would we be able to visit any of the Olympic preparation areas?
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First you are coming here on perhaps the best time of the year..the weather should be great ...the autumn leaves begining to be in full splendor. At this time of year I would definately visit Sundance and drive over the Alpine Loop from Sundance..It is arguably one of the most scenic drives in the country at this time of year. also of course...Park City ( where I live) a nice choice. And you can easily view the Olympic Ski Jump, Bob Sled, and Slalom Course..ya want to hang in SLC you can see the Speed Skating Oval, the Hockey Venue..and the Delta Center where the Ice Skating will take place..also it willl be quite easy to view the Rice Eccles Stadium where the opening and closeing events will take place..
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Weather historically mid to upper 70s as high and lows in upper 50's. Check for other years.

Mormon's Temple Square - Center of the Mormon universe is in Salt Lake City. Can take on hour or so and is very interesting. Of course the world largest geneological library (public) is located across the street.

Park City is one Olympic venue. It is very close driving-wise to Salt Lake City (less than 1 hr for sure!). A trendy atypical Utah community that is fun. This would be worth a trip.

The Great Salt Lake. A visitor center off I-80 in Saltair. Just West of the airport. You may also be able to smell it, depending on the air conditions.

Normally in September a fabulous, huge Eddie Bauer Warehouse sale takes place at the Salt Palace in downtown SaltLake. This year it is in the South Towne Exposition Center due to the Olympics. If you will be there from 8/31 - 9/15, this is a don't miss. The entire center is filled with Eddie Bauer products at discounted prices.

Bingham Canyon Copper Mine (?) - tours. Largest copper mine in the world.

IMHO, the city itself is OK, but the best part is the surrounding area. Take a drive south of the city up a mountian. Check out Cascade Springs. Drive north to Promontory to the Nat. Monument. If you eat in Salt Lake, be prepared for bland food. The Market Place is one good place to eat.
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I would not waste my time to go to the visitor center at the Great Salt Lake. Nor would I waste my time to visit Promontory Point..unless you are a railroad buff.. Simply stated, : " the juice will not be worth the squeeze"..I agree that Cascade Springs is cool.. Bingham ? Kennecott open Pit Copper Mine will be Ok. Have not been to the Eddie Bauer sale..but may do it now. There may be a chance by the end of Sept. for you to take a ride down the Olympic bobsled course. There are a lot of nice restraunts in Salt Lake and Park City..contrary to the learned opinion of the previous poster. The weather should be great...and to agree with the previous poster. the day time temps should be in the 70's..and night time in the 50's...In the mountains the night time will be a bit cooler..but all in all it is absolutely the best time to come here...
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I'll support my suggestions and include lucky's resonse.

It all depends on your perspective. The visitor center isn't much, I'll agree, but the lake is unique. It is a quick place to see the lake (also, perhaps, Antelope Island) that is a close stop from the city. It is not like any lake I have ever been to.

Salt Lake is one of the largest cities around its geographic area, and perhaps its time zone. Yet, it is pale in comparison to great cities in the USA. This alone makes it a worthwhile stop. [I don't mean it in a negative manner. Just it is not New York; there isn't much in the city that is unique] In my opinion you can not understand or appreciate SL or Utah without knowing about the history of the Mormon church. A barren land was claimed and made into something. For this reason, a trip to a very rural area, such as Promintory, still shows today what the land is like. For me, the lack of "green" stands out. If you are from or familiar with the mountains of the east (in particular the Green Mountain state), the lack of green is a distinctive feature. Just look out the window of a downtown hotel. Yes, if you aren't a railroad buff you might be bored with Golden Spike Nat. Historic Park, but I bet you will enjoy the ride.
When we took our drive, there were stretches where we didn't pass one car or see any signs of life. I could just imagine I was beamed back to 1863 - the land was the same. I close my eyes and see the Chinese and Irish "slaves" blasting and building the railroad. It was so silent I could hear my temples beat. No kidding. This, is Utah. Again, it is perspective. This was new for me.

I canvassed my family on Kathy's question: The answers: Drive around. Lucky's suggestion/route would be a must do. Go to Antelope Island. Don't stay in the city. If you have time... go south to Zion or Bryce. It is a long day trip, but the best part of Utah are the parks. Park City is a very nice place and worth a trip to shop and eat.

Of course I don't know as much as a resident, but I also was able to see the city with a different perspective, as I traveled there for 2+ years. Hopefully my advice is appreciated.

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restaurants??? shopping??
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OK Topper! Here goes:
Downtown SLC:
Market Street Brioler & the Oyster Bar
The Red Iguana
PF Chang's
For shopping:
Trolley Square (formerly home to SLC's electric trolleys of the early 1900s)
Gateway Plaza (new, outdoors, typical chain stores, but right next to Oly areas)

La Caille
The Shallow Shaft (at Alta)
The Steak Pit (at Snowbird)

Park City:
Gritritend at Stein's
The Sage Grill
The Grub Steak
Riverhorse Cafe
Texas Red's BBQ
The Eating Establishment
Wasatch Brewery
for shopping:
Historical Main Street
Factory Outlet Stores (very good, at Kimball Junction, shuttle bus served)

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topper is just bored, Dayle. This post is from AUGUST and poster says she will be there in SEPTEMBER.
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I know that. Sometimes people actually do searches first & want additional info.

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