Say goodbye to good NYC eating

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Say goodbye to good NYC eating

Mayor Bloomberg wants to force his eating habits on the city.

"Officials next want to tackle portion sizes. Towering pastrami sandwiches, bagels with gooey schmears of cream cheese and pizza slices that spill over paper plates may be the city's culinary landmarks, but the health department says the Big Apple is out of control."

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Wow.. NYC without 8 mile high deli food.. gimme a break! All I can say is Good Luck getting that through!
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maybe the mayor could try educating ppl on why a mile high pastrami is not the best choice for everyday instead of trying to tell business owners what to sell...
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NYC must not have any major problems if food portions is on his agenda!
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Living in his economic ivory tower, Mr. Bloomberg has apparently never heard of doggie bags.

The simplest way to deal with this would be to encourage restaurants to offer half-portions.
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For those who don't know, a pastrami sandwich at a top NYC deli is beyond huge and costs $12-$15. The bagels often weigh 4 ounces, and a pizza slice can weigh nearly a pound.

There is much better eating than this to be had all over the city.

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I am chuckling because I have known several people that said once various government agencies "outlawed" smoking their next step would be food. Guess so. When was it decided that adults cannot make their own decisions regarding what they order and eat.
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Well, there is one less health danger here now that the great and much lamented Second Avenue Deli has closed. Corned beef sandwich for $14.00 that can feed four people!! A very sad time here in NYC.
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Sometimes it helps to read the article before commenting on it, particularly when the OP VERY clearly mis-stated what the articles says. Here's some more quotes that FAR more accurately relate that this project is educational, NOT coercive:

Leaders of the state restaurant association _ who opposed the smoking ban _ have so far supported the health department's dip into nutritional education, but are eyeing it cautiously.
"It's one thing for them to recommend, it's another if they start saying, 'you must do this,'" said Charles Hunt, who heads the New York City office.
With nutrition, Bloomberg has so far stopped short of citywide measures as aggressive as the smoking ban
City officials say the new focus on lifestyle health issues may be yielding encouraging results: In 2004, the number of deaths from heart attacks dropped significantly. And they say the number of smokers in New York City has dropped by nearly 200,000 since 2002.

It's completely undeniable that there has not been one iota of coercion on serving sizes implemented or planned, and to say "Bloomberg wants to FORCE his eating habits on the city" is completely false.
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PaulRabe = Bloomberg advisor

Let's list some other things that started out as "educational" in NYC:

toilets that "save" water (never mind that it takes 4 flushes to equal 1 regular flush)

cigarette smoking will be banned in restaurants only

Closing subway booths "only during late night hours"

NYC to host the Olympics (and taxes to support a westside stadium)

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You get who and what you VOTE for..whine somewhere else.
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