Santa Clara restaurant

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Santa Clara restaurant

My brother is being married in Santa Clara next May. We'd like to hold a small rehearsal dinner but we don't know the area at all. Can anyone recommend a nice restaurant in Santa Clara?

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You may want to contact Mariani's at 2500 El Camino Real, 408-243-1431. It's somewhat elegant dining that caters not only to private parties but weddings, etc. It's an older, established Italian family restaurant. Depending on the size of your party, there may be a private room available. Hope this helps.
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Santa Clara and San Jose are next to each other so you do not have to focus 100% on Santa Clara. Paulos restaurant in SJ would be nice. David's has a nice area for group functions and is in SC.
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Pat, please describe the type of restaurant (Italian, French, Californian, etc.) you are interested in, number of people expected and price range. In what area are you staying? There are so many good places to choose from in the area, but we need more specific info in order to help you.

Personally, I'd skip Mariani's Old and stuffy, with so-so food.
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Topping for Pat.
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If Chinese food is an option, there is a beautiful restaurant called Fung Lum in Campbell, near Santa Clara. We had our rehearsal dinner there and it was lovely. The decor of the restaurant is upscale Chinese and they have private rooms for parties. The food is good and it's a festive way to eat with lazy susans in the middle of the tables so everyone can share.

Fung Lum
1815 So. Bascom Ave
Campbell, CA
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Don't know what cuisine/budget you're seeking but the San Jose Mercury newspaper has an online edition. There's an entire section of short reviews and star ratings and covering the entire Bay Area; you want to concentrate on the SOUTH Bay Listing.
Visit this URL:

Once there, click on the title SOUTH BAY (column on right side of screen) and you'll find a large listing of restaurants (click on each letter) in Santa Clara County. Santa Clara is just one city and you can consider adjoining cities as well, particularly Sunnyvale. They run together; only way you know you've changed cities is by the city limit signs.
The area is home to many ethnic restaurants of EVERY style. If you require a private room, that will narrow your choice, of course.
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Mariani's is okay, but I agree with Bob, there are some great places in San Jose. Some of the best places in the City are Downtown. Italian: (Spiedo, Paolo's) Seafood (Scott's)
American/Continenal (A.P. Stumps)
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You guys are great! Thanks!

I tried using an online search but was overwhelmed with the choices. The newpaper search sounds much more focused.

We were thinking around $500. for 20 people, but from what I've heard, this area is NOT Buffalo, NY and that we should think more in the neighborhood of $35.-$50.

I didn't mention price or cuisine because we didn't care about cuisine as long as the food was wonderful and we were more interested in quality than price, although I must say at $50. a head price starts to become an issue!!
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Pat, if you're considering Mexican food (very popular with many of us Californians; not sure about New Yorkers) here's the website for Pedro's Mexican Resturant; it's in Santa Clara itself (they have another location as well). They have multiple banquet rooms for different sized parties along with 3 different banquet menus -- your choice -- and they all fall within your original budget.
It's a very good website; you just have to click at all the options once there.

As for others, Paolo's (Italian) has been mentioned a couple of times previously but you need to know it is in downtown San Jose; not in Santa Clara City. Have been there; it's very good but a bit pricey for 20 people.
Is yours a young crowd looking for a more lively atmosphere or more on the quietly elegant side.
Lastly, Bob (your first responder) mentioned Davids which is at the Golf's Course; haven't been there but have a friend who golfs there a lot and likes the food at Davids - will see if they have a website. If so, I'll post it.
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David's Restaurant at the Golf and Tennis Club in Santa Clara does not have a 'direct' website. However, type:

Then, click on the first website with UNTITLED as the first. The website doesn't give much info and no pics. Assume the bride or her family lives in the Santa Clara/San Jose area. They might have their own suggestions as well. There should be several restaurants within your original budgeted amount to choose from - haute cuisine excepted, of course.
By the way, most all restaurants charge an 18% mandatory 'tip' on group dinners.
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Another online resource which might help you is Go to the San Francisco home page, Search By Neighborhood, and look under "South Bay/Silicon Valley". Your best bets for the area will probably be San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Campbell and Cupertino. Los Gatos also has a nice group of dining establishments, but is a little further distance than the others. I always find Zagat to be a good barometer of what a restaurant is like. It provides the food type, and ratings on food, service, decor and average price per person. If you're planning on hosting a set menu, i'm sure the price per person will be a bit lower than those quoted. Is your brother getting married near or on the University? If so, one of my favorites was always a tiny little Italian restaurant within walking distance from campus. Mio Vicino has good, solid fare, and a nice bistro atmosphere. Good luck!
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Pat, My favorite downtown restaurant in San Jose is Bella Mia. They have a private room upstairs and the food is very good. They have a website at It's less pricey than some of the other recommendations (Paulo's, Scott's, AP Stump's). A less formal but interesting place for group dinners is Palermo. For more choices do a "yellow pages" search on Yahoo.
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Zagat barely covers San Jose resaturants at all. It mentions less than 20 in all of Downtown, when in fact there are about 400. The best website for restaurants in the city is
It lists a little over 400 places. Click on restaurants and bars, by neighborhood, and then on Downtown San Jose. Restaurants are categorized according to type of cuisine. Another helpful site might be
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citysearch is good for those of us who live here, but it is difficult for someone not local to find a restaurant when presented with 400 choices (i.e. citysearch or digitalcity). sounds like she wants to narrow her search rather than further expand it.

pat, i would suggest focusing your search to downtown san jose. the area is a good bet for restaurants. i second a previous poster's suggestion of a.p. stumps. other good choices that i would think would make for a nice dinner would include bella mia, paolo's, il fornaio, 71 st. peter, emile's, e&o trading company. i honestly don't know what these restaurants charge for group dinners, but i would think that in speaking with an event coordinator regarding planning one, he or she would be able to provide you with some good alternatives if their restaurant wasn't a good fit.

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