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San Fran vs. San Diego...East coast native needs help

San Fran vs. San Diego...East coast native needs help

Jan 21st, 2001, 12:38 PM
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San Fran vs. San Diego...East coast native needs help

HELP - I'm planning a trip in June for a week and can't seem to decide on either San Francisco or San Diego. I would try to visit both, but the long drive and shortage of time have dismissed that idea. I like what both cities have to offer and am torn between the two. I'm definitely open to suggestions!!!! Anyone???? Thank you. Marie
Jan 21st, 2001, 01:13 PM
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San Diego can be very hot and SF can be foggy in June.... SF has so much to see and is such a tourist town I don't think there is any comparsion. Depends on what type weather you are looking forward to......
Jan 21st, 2001, 01:58 PM
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San Diego would never be considered to have very hot weather. I guess it would help to know who you're traveling with and what type of activities that you're looking for.
Jan 21st, 2001, 05:32 PM
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san francisco - no contest
Jan 21st, 2001, 06:33 PM
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SF definitely...there the city which is not too big but just right, Muir Woods for the trees, wine country...need we say more???
Jan 21st, 2001, 11:02 PM
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San Diego is the best if you have children. Otherwise, SF gets my vote.
Jan 22nd, 2001, 01:12 AM
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I live in both San Diego and the San Francisco Bay area.We own homes in both and travel back and forth.

First, it is NEVER hot in San Diego in June. Well almost never. September is usually the hottest month. Actually June is NOT a good month for coastal California. We get a very heavy marine layer along the coast that also extends inland. There are days when the sun will not come out. That is why we refer to it as the June Gloom. Some years are better than others so you may be lucky.

I like both areas very much. A lot depends on whether you have children. If you do then San Diego is a much better choice. Both areas offer a lot to see and do. It is a matter of preferences. San Francisco is a more interesting city but San Diego is more attractive and much cleaner.

The weather will be a little better in San Diego but it should be fine in either place except for the fog along the coast.

If you were to post some of your likes and dislikes then it would be much easier to answer the question.
Jan 22nd, 2001, 04:55 AM
J T Kirk
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I like both cities a lot. Are you planning on staying IN the city for the entire week? If not, let me mention some things that contrast the two cities when you look at their surrounding areas:
A) San Fran- of course, has the wine country nearby. Also, the coast of northern Cal, I think, is a lot more breathtaking than down S Cal way. You could easily spend a week driving down to Big Sur, stopping at Monteray, Carmel, etc. North of San Franciso, along the coast, you have Pont Reyes and Muir Woods, and about two-three hours north, is the funky town of Mendocino.
B) San Diego - has the unmistakable southern California feel to it. think palm trees and the Beach Boys. there's La Jolla. Drive over to Palm Springs. Check out Joshua Tree in the desert. Drive north to Laguna.
Let us know more about what you'd like to see, and what your interests are.
Jan 22nd, 2001, 07:18 AM
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Marie, Ironically these are the very two cities we have taken vacations in these last two autumns. Being from the Midwest nothing in California seems hot to me. My guy is a real outdoors person and he much preferred San Diego because of the Wild Animal Park and the Armed Forces, ships etc. etc. Not to say that San Francisco wasn't great but to us the city itself (not the area around it perhaps)is much more "the city." If you are East coast and love the city life than you would probably like both, but because of surrounding area, museums, etc.- like San Fran. more.
Jan 22nd, 2001, 09:46 AM
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A previous poster suggested sidetrips to Laguna, Joshua Tree, etc. Just make sure and check a map, since Joshua Tree in particular is quite a distance from San Diego and would be a long day journey. And it could also be quite hot out there in June.
Jan 22nd, 2001, 10:03 AM
J T Kirk
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Just to be clear (and in response to XXX's post), many of the things I suggested would best be done as overnight trips. Which is why I started my post by asking if Marie intended on spending all of her time IN town. My suggestions were based upon my thought that she WASN'T going to spend all of her time in either San Francison or San Diego, but be willing to spend some time, i e, overnight, out of town. Joshua Tree makes an nice, easily done day trip OUT of Palm Springs.
Jan 22nd, 2001, 10:24 AM
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I spent a year in SD and about 6 years in SF. If I ever get back to the West Coast, I would definitely go back to SF for a vacation before SD. In general, SF has way more to do and more spectacular scenery. You also can do more without renting a car. If this is your first or only trip to the West Coast, I'd vote for SF.

As noted above, both areas will likely be overcast in June, so dress accordingly, particularly for SF. I don't think either area can be characterized as hot in June, but I can't comment on inland SD as I never went to the East side of town.

Have fun!
Feb 3rd, 2001, 09:53 AM
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Hi everyone. Thank you so much for all of your responses. I haven't been able to get on my computer for the last couple of weeks, so I apologize for not responding sooner!

Since I posted I think I have decided on San Fran. I am in my late 20's (no need to get exact and I will be going with my 19 y/o sister. I did like the parks and the idea of swimming in San Diego b/c I'm a big kid at heart, but San Fran seems to have more sightseeing. I just think I'll have to plan a San Diego trip next year!

After reading some of your responses though, my only concerns are the weather and renting a car. Is the fog any better in July? I was thinking about changing it to the week of 4th of July. I would probably be staying right outside of the city b/c of the hotel pricing as well. Any hotel suggestions? My job gets discounts on the Best Westerns and Radissons. Are they any good out there? I'm not a fancy person. Just a clean room with a bed and bathroom is all I need!

Also, just about every piece of info. I read on San Fran says not to rent a car. Some of the hotels I was looking at seemed to charge for parking! Is it that easy to get around the city by bus, cable car, etc.? The main reason I was renting is b/c I have to fly into Oakland and thought I needed a car to get to the hotel.

One last thing, my sister and I like rock music. Any good clubs out there? Do you think my sister will have a hard time getting in?

Suggestions again are sooo welcome. Sorry for the length, but you guys have been very helpful!!

Thanks again for all your responses.


Feb 4th, 2001, 08:40 PM
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Hi marie....great choice..san francisco is a great town..
as far as renting a car...I wouldn't.
I lived in s.f. for about a year and really didn't drive much except to go to the grocery store.The public trans is great!!!!The taxi's aren't too bad either...
As far as rock clubs go, just head up to the area called north beach...
that area has some great bars...especially green st.
You have to head down to the Irish section of town.check out a public trans map..take the geary st. bus down to where it runs perpendicular to clement st.that area of town is littered with bars on geary and clement...ireland's 32, bad abbott,
bitter end,etc,etc...great fun and the people are great...
Also check out some of the bars on haight street....check out mad dog in the fog...very cool english pub type place...
And finally the best dive bar in the city!!!!The 7-11 club..it is located on market st..at third..it is a locals place..you have to go durring a weekday before 5p.m to meet the bartender Les...right around the corner on third is another local's place called dave's.
If anyone asks if your sister is 21 JUST SAY YES and hope they don't card her...just check for bouncers at the doors of places and move on if you find one....you pretty much can't go wrong in s.f.....when you get there make sure you grab a copy of the Guardian of s.f. weekly...they are free inside of the newspaper dispensing machines on the sidewalks...it will have the weekly goings on...have a reat trip.
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