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Yes from time to time tourists get taken to the cleaners - that's life. And yes sometimes tourists get charged more than a local "in the know " will pay. But there are instances of the reverse happening where tourists will pay less than the locals!

Train passes, is the perfect example. Amercian tourists can come and purchase a first class European Rail Pass for a fraction of the price that we have to pay. The pass isn't open to Europeans. Likewise the European interail pass is not valid in your home country.

I believe the Amtrak network offer a similar pass, whereby tourists from outside the US can purchase a pass that is cheaper than the pass a US citizen would buy.
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We attended the Olympics in Atlanta with our four children. We figured it was a once-in-a-lifetime chance for us all to go together (hubby and I attended the 1984 games in LA). We ordered tickets at earliest date through the official olympic committee mail-order process. We knew we couldn't afford opening or closing ceremonies and many of the final's so we choose other options. Our youngest was eight years old at the time and is now 16 - she comments on her memories of athelets and events from 1996 as we watch the current games.

I'm pretty budget minded and didn't think the ticket prices were that high. Now our motel was another matter. With six of us we needed two rooms. We stayed way north outside the perimeter by several miles in something like a Days Inn or Motel 6 and paid $125.00 per night per room. I wouldn't call it price-gouging, I'd call it supply and demand - same as the hotel rooms in New Orleans during the Sugar Bowl last year or Mardi Gras. I didn't notice restaurants being any more expensive than normal. We used the public transportation that picked us up at a small college near our motel (Kinnesaw something?) and took us downtown to the venues - it was very efficient.

The bombing didn't mar our trip and I really don't remember it when I recall the '96 Games. We are from Oklahoma and the 1995 bombing of the Murrah Federal Building was still so fresh for us that the Olympic Park bombing was not an issue. We were at a venue away from Atlanta on the night of the bombing watching the US Women's Softball team and learned about it when we returned to Atlanta the next day.

My most vivid memory is leaving Olympic Stadium in downtown Atlanta and walking in a huge sea of humanity past Olympic Park and the Georgia State Capital. I don't remember where we were going, to get lunch maybe?, but I've never been in such a very huge crowd. I'd certainly do it over again.
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jacketwatch, I am truly amazed that after two decades of travel you have never experienced or noticed the double menu prices. Its a well known practice which happens in the Mediterranian area. You have payed more than a local for the same dish without a question. You just did not know it.
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Jor: After reading some of your posts I too am truely amazed that I did not see it the first time. You're a troll. I know now. .
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PS Jor: reply if you like but I'm done with you. Aloha!
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I was also at the Atlanta Olympics and it was one of the most memorable experiences in my life. I live in Atlanta, so I didn't have to deal with hotels, but I had friends visiting and we had no problems getting tickets to several different events (not finals) and did not find them overpriced, but about what we expected. I thought that transportation was a breeze and it was easier to get around Atlanta than it is normally! Easier to get into restaurants, too. We had fun going to a neighborhood pub every night where the UK media and fans seemed to be headquartered and hearing their take on what was going on every day.

Watching the marathon was probably the most memorable experience, and that was totally free! All you had to do was stand on the street anywhere along the 26-mile route. It was really something to see all the spectators holding flags from countries all over the world, and it was fun to cheer on the runners, especially the ones far back from the leaders who had no chance for a medal but still were there to do their best.

One of the most memorable days was hanging out in Centennial Park (a couple of days before the bombing), and walking up a hill towards downtown, and just looking down at the crowds. I had never seen so many people in one place before -- scary and exhilarating at the same time.

I read later about all the complaints about transportation, etc. and my friends and I wondered what they were talking about b/c everything seemed so well organized to us. Maybe the experience of an average spectator was very different from the media people, but everyone we encountered seemed to be enjoying themselves and getting around fine.

I highly recommend a trip to the Olympics at least once in your life, if you can manage it.
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Cherylj, my feelings exactly. I personally felt that Atlanta was at her very best then... My DH would leave work early and I would meet him in town and we would have a blast!! I remember the thrill I had when I saw my first Olympic was a prelim baseball game, and I was so overhelmed that I was at the Olympics, I had tears in my eyes! What a FINE time we had...thanks for the memories.
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