Preferred Traveller; rip-off?

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Preferred Traveller; rip-off?

I'm sure some of you have received in the mail an offer from a group called Preferred Traveller. This group offers four free airline tickets if you take a trial month of membership. All they will bill you is $3.95. One of the catches is of course that it is to be paid by credit card.
Is it an out-and-out rip-off? Or is there simply some catch that I can't see that makes it impossible to use the free tickets? If I don't get replies, I will NOT sign up with them; however, on the off chance that they are by some miracle legit, I would like to know it and take advantage of it.
I don't usually fall for these to-good-to-be-true schemes, but my wife and I love to travel and are always looking for an edge.
In advance, thanks for any comments and suggestions. Mike
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Mike, I wonder how old are you... You must be 17... Never heard of "if it sounds too good to be true it isn't"?? Did you even for a minute seriously thought you could get even one airline ticket for $3.95? Did you try BBB? Still hoping for a miracle, huh?
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Well, Faina, thank you for your outstanding reply. Have you had experience with Preferred Traveller? Or do you just enjoy going around and lurking until you can anonymously dis someone? I certainly am of the age that I will not fall easily for a ruse; however, I am of the opinion that I might at least ask if there is anyone who has had experience with this company. You,however, seem to only want to flaunt your superior knowledge by making someone who made an honest request feel like crap. Is that what this site is made up of? People like you? Then, you're right, I did make a mistake and I apologize.
I just thought I would take a chance--I realized it probably wouldn't be worth anything. But I didn't think I would be shot down by people from whom I was asking advice--friends even. Actually, in my 54 years of living and travelling, I have run across a few deals that WERE too-good-to-be-true, and I have regretted not getting in on them. So again, if you are speaking from experience with this company, I sincerely apologize. If not, butt out.
Thank you. Mike
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Shame on you Faina for being so negative.
Yes, Mike it is a wonderful company. They spend millions of dollars annually giving out freebies. They love travelers so they offer airline tickets for $3.95. It makes them feel good to do it. The company is owned by a multi billionaire who just likes giving away free stuff. He doesn't care about making money so he gives these tickets away. The $3.95 charge goes into the coffee fund to allow the employees free coffee. Go for it, you'll be glad you did.
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Mike, here are a couple of sites I found at

There are more sites listed--you might want to check them out.

I have never heard of this company. But it seems that they charge an annual fee that is automatically added to your credit card every year unless you tell them not to do this.

I agree, this sounds almost too good to be true.
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I just checked out the website. My reaction is that I'd certainly want more information than the website provides before I'd give a credit number and join. About the only thing I learned from the website is that after a 3-month free trial, your credit card would be charged $69.95 for a year's membership. Oh yes, I'd also get two free hotel room nights. But, what type/class of hotel? What else must I do to utilize these two nights? Etc., etc., etc. I'd want lots of questions answered first!
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And do you believe in the Easter Bunny/
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This may-or-may-not pertain to Preferred Traveller itself, but some of these companies that offer free airline tickets have the stipulation that you stay in one of their "suggested" hotels during the use of the tickets. The price for that can make up the difference of cheap/free flights.
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Avoid this company. No legitimate company operates this way. Never, ever book travel like this. I work for a tour operator and know what I am talking about.
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I sincerely thank those of you who offered advice. Evidentally I made a major faux pas by asking what I asked. I enrolled in Best Fares last year and received many free benefits (though not airline tickets) and just thought that with the Sept. 11 thing that there could possibly, no matter how remote, be something to this offer. As I said, I would not subscribe to the deal with blindfolds on, but I would like to hear from those who have dealt with this company. Wow, with some of those responses, I have come to realize that cynicism totally rules. Well, perhaps those people are right. I however will continue to look for the good. Thank you to those who gave me websites. Thank you to those of you who were actually human. Thank you to those of you who make me glad I haven't grown bitter or cynical like you. I was looking for honesty in replies, and I certainly received it. I believe the world is mostly a good place and that people like us contribute to it. Certainly there are those who like to profit off of others' misfortunes or mistakes or stupidities; certainly there are those who will make fun of others; certainly there are those who choose to destroy rather than build; certainly there are those who would rather be jealous of others' good fortunes rather than looking for their own--I am so glad I did not take their paths.
So long all. I fear my presence on this board is no longer wanted and my input is no longer needed. Do I have an overly soft skin? I guess so.
And finally to kjean whose reply I just now read--thank you. You sound like you know what you're talking about. Don't worry, Preferred Traveller will not get my business.
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Hi Mike - if you haven't already left the's quite interesting the make-up of the boards. I found this site because I was taking a trip to Europe last summer and got a wealth of great info from the European Board. I ventured over to the US board when I was looking for info on retiring to Florida. What a world of difference between the two boards - not sure why. As a rookie going to Europe, I'm sure some of my initial questions were "silly", but I was never ridiculed. But on the US board, ridiculing people seems to be more important than helping or giving out information. It's almost a sport over here. From time to time when a poster on the Europe board got rammy, they were told to go back where they came from - the US board. At that time I couldn't understand that remark. But after spending some time here I sure do understand now. You might want to ask some of your questions on the Europe board or the Canada board - people are sure a lot friendlier there!

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