PA Amish

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PA Amish

Would like to spend a few days in the Amish Country. Need info where to stay(resonable rates) and what to see. Do's and Don'ts
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Tammy Raus
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I live in PA near the Amish country so hopefully I ca help you. Hotel accommodations, some ideas: Fultons Steamboat Inn-its an old boat converted into a hotel. The price on that is about $80.00 a night. also, Holiday Inn "the Host" and also the Ramada. All these hotels are in Lancaster, PA. Book way in advance if planning on coming. I tried to book a room two weeks in advance and I had no luck. If you like to shop, Lancaster is big on their outlet stores. Every kind of store you can think of has an outlet. If you have kids, Dutchwonderland is a great little amusement park for them. If you like Antiques, there are plenty of stores to be found. You can also ride a real steam engine train in Strausburg, Pa, the Strausburg Railroad is there. They also have tours of the Amish houses if your into that sort of thing. I have never done that. And of course the area is just beautiful if you like farm land and open space. I hope that helped you out a little.
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I too live within a short distance of Amish country,
and I venture to guess that most of us who live here
have never seen the sights which you are probably
interested in. It is not unusual to see a horse and
buggy riding down the highway or hitched at a
shopping center. Lancaster would be a good place to
go, as they have some "touristy" Amish places to
visit. Ephrata (small, rural town outside of
Lancaster) has its famous "Cloisters," but I'm not
exactly sure what that is. If you go to Ephrata, be
sure to check out the huge Ten Thousand Villages
(formerly Self-Help Crafts of the World)
distribution and retail center as well as Family
Time Smorgasbord--all you can eat of home-style,
family cooking of food largely grown on the farm
next door or other local farms. Amish farms and
children can frequently be seen driving down I-81
South towards Shippensburg (from the highway).
There are pockets of Amish in many small, rural
towns in PA, but Lancaster is probably where you
want to be. Don't miss those outlets! There is
also some very nice evening and dinner entertainment
in and around Lancaster.
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We live in Calif and had a wonderful opportunity in 1990 to live in New Jersey for 1 year. Near Philadelphia actually. The Amish come down from Penn on the weekends to a big store they own. They sell quilts, furniture downstairs and upstairs they have fresh bar b q chickens, homemade pies and cakes, FRESH PRETZELS, yum, and flowers, candy etc. I went every weekend. I missed it so much when we came back to Calif. About 7 or 8 times we drove up to the Lancaster area. Some of it is very touristy. My husband wanted an Amish handmade buggy and so we visited their harness and buggy stores, some of which are in their homes. The Amish all wash their clothes on the same day of the week and have to use pay phones (no phones in the home) They are astute business people and have beautiful farms. We bought cookbooks, quilts and dolls that I still have to remind me of our time there. We did visit an Amish home and learned a little about how they live. Its very interesting and worth seeing. I also loved their furniture and had I been able to live their for more than a year would have bought a beautiful barn red tavern table that tilts against the wall when you are done eating. Be sure to visit Valley Forge and see where Washington crossed the Delarware when you are there. And then there is the liberty bell and Independance Hall. (I'm getting homesick.)
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Dear WD found a website for you:
Its great..takes me back. Has the cities that I forgot the names of, like Bird in Hand etc. Has lots of links and pictures. I know when we were there we picked up a map of the driving tour of Lancaster County that takes you thru the little towns like Bird in Hand. Enjoy
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I highly recommend the Cameron Estate Inn, a B&B in the countryside near Mt.Joy, PA. We've stayed twice - it's very quiet, away from the noise of Route 30 and has a great dining room as well. Also for a wonderful , first-class dining experience, try the Log Cabin in the town of E. Petersburg. In the center of Lancaster there is the Fulton Market and a lot of interesting colonial-era architecture. Strasburg is a pretty little town as well. The Amish are still there but are being driven out by commercialization - there are numerous Amish communities in western PA and eastern Ohio as well. Drive the back roads of the county - Pa. Route 41 comes to mind - and toward Chester County to see life away from the traffic around Lancaster.
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Mary Ann Accardi
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We haven't been to PA Amish is a few years, but we used to go every late summer with other families and a whole lotta kids! We found that Willow Valley was the best place to stay at, and their rates were very reasonable. Try to stay away from the main tourist/outlet areas. The traffic is horrible on the weekends. I also think you should try out the railroad in Stroudsberg. It's a wonderful experience for kids and adults. There used to be a old-fashioned ice cream store in town there that is worth a try. Dining can get a little expensive if you're traveling with kids. We used to eat at The Family Style Restaurant. They had a scale the kids would get on, and charged 10 cents a pound for kids!
They had the best family style dinner on Sunday. Ham, chicken, potatoes, etc., and of course Shoo Fly Pie. You will have a good time there no matter where you go.
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Yes to all the fine suggestions already given. Must emphasize the fresh pretzels! A wonderful family style place to eat is called "Good & Plenty" and it is just that. While there visit their bakery to buy the fresh bread and shoo-fly pie! You can pick up brochures for this place when you get to the area or ask at the motel. Shopping there is wonderful. Not only are the prices good at the outlets, but Pennsylvania has no sales tax on clothing. By all means, purchase and drive the auto-tape tour of the area. Even if you don't persist through the whole tour, you will have a great explanation of the Amish culture. Some of the farms give excellent tours that will also give you insight into the Amish life-style. Again, brochures at the motels/restaurants. Enjoy!
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Hi... well, I live here in Lancaster County, so hopefully I can give you some advice. It's probably best if you e-mail me, because I'm not sure what you want to do/see. The eastern end of the county, where most of the Amish live, is also the most congested and commercialized. I live in the western end of Lancaster County, which is beautiful, and filled with B & Bs as well. My suggestions... Cameron Estates (which someone already mentioned), in the heart of the farmland and the Railroad House in Historic Marietta are good places to go. (Marietta is a quaint little town, and there are several wonderful B & Bs there). IF you want to be near the Amish, though, and the outlets, my suggestions are to stay at the Ramada, Super 8 (cheap but nice), or Lancaster Host (Holiday Inn), all located on Route 30 and within a short distance from all the happenings. If you want more info, please e-mail me. I'll be happy to help. And welcome to Lancaster!

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