NYC trip report continued

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NYC trip report continued

I am having crazy computer problems tonight--sorry. continuation of earlier post...
Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island took about 3 hours including the ferry rides. Tip on the ferries--if you don't want to waste time, be sure to get the ferry schedule when you get off. They run every 30 minutes, and you want to get to the dock just before they leave, not just after! The lines at the Statue were very long, so we didn't go to the top or to the platform. We spent about 45 minutes at the Statue, inc. a very quick snack lunch and lots of pictures. We stayed at Ellis Island about an hour and a half.

favorite museum--MOMA! This was surprising, but the way the museum is arranged right now, highlights from the permanent collection are together on the 2nd floor, so you can see Van Gogh, Matisse, Monet, Picasso and others very easily. Better for children's attention spans!

Worst tour guiding by me--when we wandered around in the neighborhoods, the kids didn't like it! I personally enjpy exploring new neighborhoods, but G'wich village in the freezing cold with no major attraction or meal didn't do it for the kids! We didn't need much time in Chinatown either, if we had had a meal there it would have been better.
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Getting around--walking and subway. We bought our $4 daily metro cards(funpass) at the hotel. That was easier than buying them in the stations for us. You can use your credit card and don't have to deal with a machine.

We could usually find a nice local person to help us with subway directions. One lady was going our way and offered to walk with us! We always felt safe in the subways, but were never out past 11:30.

Good meals--Joe Allen(great mashed potatoes, nice atmosphere), La Bonne Soupe(awesome choc. mousse), both around $120 for 6 with no alcohol.
Patsy's Pizzeria on West Side--2 huge pizzas and large family salad around $50. Juniors in the Grand Central Terminal foodcourt for huge hamburgers and good cheesecake.

Snacks--someone was always hungry for hot peanuts or a 75 cent hotdog from Gray's Papaya!

Architecture--awesome!! I would advise everyone to peek inside some of the cool bldgs. like the Chrysler building with its neat elevators. Only takes a second and gets you out of the weather--it was snowing the morning we were there.

Thanks for all of your help in planning this memorable trip. We had a great time and no hassles! Hope some of these thoughts will be helpful to another fellow traveler!
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I always thought that SoHo and Greenwich Village was one of the places with trendy shops that kids like. Maybe you were on the wrong streets!
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Going to the Village was one of the few times that we got lousy subway directions(from a worker in the subway booth). So by the time we got to the area where we wanted to be, everyone was frozen from the zero wind-chill weather plus my husband doesn't tolerate shopping very well anyway!
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I read the other part of your report also--sounds like you did a lot in a short time period! Does anyone have an opinion on doing your own schedule vs. taking the bus tour where you can get on and off? How much does the bus cost? I am wondering if it would be worth it since there are 5 of us. Thanks!

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