NYC needs NJ,CT,PA and Long Island !!!!!

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NYC needs NJ,CT,PA and Long Island !!!!!

I am a New Yorker..Have been for more than 10 years now.But I grew up in NJ about 10 miles from the city.I was here in NYC on Sept 11 and witnessed it firsthand as so many here did.
For the past 3 weekends I have witnessed something that makes me so sad.I have witnessed virtually no traffic coming into Manhattan from the GWB ,Lincoln Tunnel or Queens MIdtown Tunnel.Last Saturday night I travelled from NJ over the GWB at around 8.00 pm with absolutely no traffic at all.Normally this ride would take me at least 45 minutes stopped in traffic at the GWB.
On Sunday I went thru the Queens Midtown Tunnel at 6.30 pm with again no traffic.Normally this ride should have me stopped in traffic for miles into the city.
This is so very sad to see..
I am a 33 year old who has driven these routes into the city since I was a child with traffic always being a nightmare.Always!! Not anymore though.It seems to me that our neighbors are still afraid to come here. What can we do to change your minds?? I am here every day and I am not scared. Why is everyone so afraid to be in NY? 6 weeks have passed since Sept 11 with no other incidents here except anthrax which in my opinion could now happen anywhere in this country .
It is so weird to me that so many people who were no where near NYC on that horrible day are more afraid than NYers. I have many, many friends here that aren't afraid to travel and have in fact travelled to the Caribbean, Las VEgas, LA, Boston, even Paris (that was someone who had a birds eye view of the towers from their apt and saw each building come down and dealt with the smoke and odor for weeks).
I think everyone needs to get over their fear of this big, beautiful city and do the best thing they can for NY and come back.
All of New York is asking you, our neighbors, to spend some time and money here. Don't be afraid - there are millions of us here who are not afraid...Please join us.
Thank you
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Someone "topped" my report from September on a wonderful weekend in New York; I just want to add that I would drive the four hours from New Hampshire to New York City every weekend if time and budget allowed!
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I appreciate your perspective. However, I understand why our neighbors aren't driving into the city. You are lucky to have zipped into the city at the times you described. You were used to different traffic patterns. The problem is that you never know how long it will take to get out, but especially into the city. A few weeks after the incident it took people I know over 3 hours to get into the city. You never know what type of checkpoints will be set up and how long the delays will be. Some days you can zip in and out, other days take twice as long as you would expect. This makes planning an excursion into Manhattan very difficult. Plus, the restrictions on how many people can be in a car at any given time to get into the city keeps lots of people and shoppers out of the city. New York City is still the financial capital of the USA, and therefore is a major target of these terrorists. Even though the likelihood of another incident directly affecting you in Manhattan is extraordinarily remote, its still possible and the consiquences can be deadly. Living downtown you can also attest to the fact that on most days you can still smell the sickly eye burning, headache generating, stomach churning smells. As long as there is so much uncertainty it's understandable why people are staying away. Of course, those who come can still appreciate a great city, and they can have easier access to some of the best things the city can offer. Also, as a New Yorker, I truly appreciate those people who feel that they need to express their solidarity with us. However, I understand why many are staying away now.
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Although I live in NJ, I work in Manhattan and am in the city from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. five days a week, taking mass transit, eating in restaurants and buying things in stores. Is it so wrong to stay home on weekends and feed my own local NJ economy which is equally hurting?
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KD: for what it's worth, I live on LI,
and I have been into NYC twice since
9/11. I will probably be in 1 or 2 more times during the next couple of months. However, I take the train because I cannot drive in the city. The past 2 times, the trains were relatively crowded (once on a Fri, once on a Sat) so it doesn't seem to me that people are afraid to come into the city.
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I would agree with the previous poster. I take the train to come into the city on weekends and lately its been as crowded as normal, which surprised me. The streets in midtown also seemed pretty crowded to me on recent weekends. I haven't ventured back downtown yet and I realize that people may be staying away from that part of the city, but the other areas that I've been to have looked about as crowded as usual lately.
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I was in NY last Saturday to see Mama Mia (which was GREAT). Although the show was sold out, we couldn't believe how empty the streets were. WE usually have to weave in and out of people when walking down the sidewalks. This time we were walking five abreast down the sidewalk! It was very sad to see.
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Hi Guys
I feel your words. My family of 3 (which includes myself) will be there for 9 days. We cannot get there any faster or we would. Christmas is very special to us and we decided to spend our holidays away from our extended family this year to be with the New Yorkers. My 9 yr. old son was a bit scared when I told him we needed to go and be with you all. Flying fr; San Antonio to Dlls and then to NY seemed like such a risk to him, as time as gone by he is beginning to get excited to see & experience your beautiful city. We are going to share w/ our son what a Wonderful CITY it is. We hope & pray that when he gets older he will return with his family and share wonderful memories.
By the way, what kind of clothes should we pack?
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KD, we are looking forward to going to N.Y. in March. From what I am reading in my Fodors 2002 book, I don't think a week will be enough time to catch all that we would like to see. I guess we will just have to go back for more in the near future. We will be staying in Jersey City, what is the best way to get over to Manhattan, bus, cab, ferry, any suggestions? I am sure any will do but I like to to the easy way. Thanks...
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Am from Connecticut and am very much looking forward to my upcoming Thanksgiving weekend in New York with family members. We will all travel from CT by train into the city, will see a show, eat out and do the normal touristy sightseeing. As you are probably aware, please remember there are many people in the "tri-state" area who lost loved ones in this disaster - including in my own family. I think, along with the trepidation some folks may have about going into the city, we are all still experiencing a certain amount of grief and depression which at times makes planning fun outings seem less important than staying home and spending time with your family (which is actually a positive thing that has come out of all of this, I think. As I write this, I think it may be the latter thought, rather than any trepidation that keeps folks away.

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