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NYC - cheap eats


Off to NYC on Wednesday for the first time and staying in the East Village for 5 days. We don't have any meals included (staying in a guesthouse). I wondered if anyone knows of any special offers/cheap eats which will save a bit of money? Is there a website I can go to (we have one here in the UK for London - TopTable). We're not fussy eaters and are up for trying fun places. If anyone knows of any last-minute restaurant websites or has any recommendations on where to enjoy breakfast/brunch/lunch/dinner in the East Village they would be most welcome!
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You'l get a wealth of good suggestions in the Manhattan forum of has great discussion forums also - the search capability on egulet is very good and you can likely find many existing threads witgh good ideas.

No shortage of cheap eats on LES (Lower East Side - it's the area adjacent to the east Village) and in east Vilage. Lots of Polish diners with excellent cheap Polish food, a fair number of moderately priced Indian restaurants (not as god as what you'll find in London but some aren't bad) and many other good choices. I really like the food at Khyber Pass, an Afghjan restaurant on St. Marks Place near NYU. There's also a very good Tibetan place on Houston near Second Ave across from the Sunshine theater. I'd be remiss if I failed to suggest getting a knish from Yonah (sp?) Schimmel's Knishes just next to the theater - one knish is like an entire meal!

Key elements for eating cheap in NYC: skip buying appetizers, desserts and beverages in restaurants - the tap water in NYC is very good and all restaurants will serve you iced tap water with the meal if you request it. Look for ethinc food and stay away from the touristy areas and you'll do fine. I do lots of menu shopping in NYC - most places have a menu posted outside or in the window - if it's too pricey I keep walking and look for another option.

If you want a couple of high end meals at a bargain price check egullet for a listing of which restaurants are still offering the $20.02 special from "restaurant week". Many places have this available all year round at lunch but don't advertise the fact. It's typicaly a three course offering and is at some of the city's finest restaurants but you'll have to do a search to find who has it at present.
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The cafeteria on the lower level of the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. the stores above are fancy and expensive, but on my last trip to NY, the cafeteria was reasonably priced, very good, and fun.

In Soho, the Tennessee Mountain House restaurant has really good ribs, a US speciality, excellent french fried onions, and many other things on the menu at lower, reasonable, prices.

There are takeout counters at the South Street Seaport that have good food, at reasonable prices, in a place you should go and visit anyway.

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Many restaurants int he E. VIllage, lower east side area have prix fixe pre-theater menus (usually appetizer, main course and dessert) at great prices. In most case you have to be seated no later than 7pm. Some that come to mind are:
Cucina di Pesce (as of about a year ago, about $10)
Le Pere Pinard - $13.95
Tableau - $24
Lavagne - around $20-25
Dolphin - around $20
You can call any of these places when you arrive and ask about the exact time for the specials. They are well worth it.

Some other inexpensive (not ecessarily with prix fixes) restaurants in the E. Village:
Frank Trattoria
The Mermaid Inn
Mogador Cafe
East Post
Most of the Indian places on E 6th ST between 1st and 2nd avs.

In general the E. Village is a great area for good meals at reasonable prices.
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Dallas BBQ serves chicken and burgers and is usually less than $10 per person. The East Village location is at 132 2 Avenue at St. Marks Place.
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First place off the top of my head is in Soho, on the corner of Broadway and Broome, called Brisas Del Caribe. Incredible Spanish food and relatively inexpensive.
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check out, it has over 4000 nyc restaurant menus. You can see what the restaurant offers and what their prices are. Also, you can search for a spefic restaurant, browse by cuisine, or browse by neighborhood.
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You can get a cheap meal in Chinatown. Anyplace with roast ducks hanging in the window should do the trick... My regular haunts;

300 Grand Street (don't know the name. We just say "meet me at 300 Grand".

East Corner 70 East Broadway

Big Wong 67 Mott Street

A meal for two at any of these can be had for 8-15 dollars. We usually get a couple of rice dishes, a vegetable and/or bowl of soup or Congee.

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fruite de Mar in the east village is great. there are numerous indian resturants on 6th street that are great as well.Teresa's in the east village as
well has great food for break.,lunch or diner.Check out the citysearch website.
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also try or for cheap eats.

if you are from the uk, don't even attempt our indian food here. it pales in comparison to the rubies you can get in england.

dojo's on st. marks serves till late and have plates for like $4 and beer for $3. no joking.
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Extremely cheap lunch/snack: 8th St & 6th Avenue - Papaya King (or GRay's Papaya, I forget) -- order the special 2 hot dogs plus a drink, under $3. Hot dogs are 100% excellent.

-Stromboli Pizza 8th St/First Avenue --a slice of very good pizza is under $2.

-Pizza - forget name - 2nd Ave between 3rd & 2nd Streets, East Side of Avenue -- this pizza is really delicate and good. Pizza plus a soda = about $3.

Good value for $ -- 24 hours a day - Veselka, 2nd Ave at 9th St, east side of 2nd Ave. Famous for mushroom barley soup but everything is good. Attend to the specials, which will give you a huge plate of food including two side dishes (and soup counts as a side dish) for $10 or so, sometimes less. Great for breakfast too (all day long).

Indian - all the ones on 6th St are okay and good for the $. Haveli, 2nd Ave at 6th St, is better than the others BUT at least 50% more, probably not worth it for you.

Pasta - Focacceria at 1st Ave btw 7th & 8th is okay but stay away from the chicken dishes they are often not good.

Vegetarian - Angelica - 10th St (I think) just east of 2nd Ave - share something -- not the absolute cheapest but super-excellent & generous.

Chinatown - 113 Mott St is good, at Hester Street.

Very cheap student/fast/junk food fare: Taco Bell,Chock Full o'nuts, 3rd Avenue around 12th St. Fill up for about $4-5.
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