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NYC -- Broadway Shows

Old Jun 11th, 1997, 08:58 AM
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NYC -- Broadway Shows

We will be making our first visit to NYC in July. Would like to take in one Broadway show. I have found a website that lists all of the current shows. Since I know nothing about this, is it best to order in advance or is it best to get the tickets when I am there. I have read about the discount ticket booth, but do not relish waiting in line. I also don't want to spend a lot of money and then find the show closes before I get there--does that happen? Does anyone out there have any tips for me?
Old Jun 11th, 1997, 11:34 AM
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For the really popular shows it's best to order in advance. If you decide to go for discount tickets(TKTS) go to the booth on the mezzanine at 2 World Trade Center. The line is much shorter than Times Square, but you'll still wait 30-60 minutes. The most popular shows right now seem to be CHICAGO and RENT. The big Tony winner this year was TITANIC. By all means see at least one show it's part of the NYC experience. By the way, if a show closes before you get there you'll get a refund, but if you choose one of the more popular shows this won't happen.
Old Jun 11th, 1997, 12:52 PM
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Go to Then go to the forum. The people on this forum will answer any question you have regarding the broadway shows, tickets,etc.
Old Jun 11th, 1997, 05:56 PM
susan C
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Just returned from NYC last month as my cousin and I make trips there just to see plays and shop and eat! This was our fourth trip in 10 years. You may want to go to the library and check out Foder's "New York City" and read up on places to see and visit. FOr plays, we went through a travel agent who made all the reservations for us. She made them through a company called Edwards and Edwards which is a large clearinghouse for tickets. We were unable to get tickets to Rent, Victor/Victoria, and Chicago, but did get tickets to Miss Saigon and Beauty and the Beast (both were great, but cost $95 per ticket) We had no problem standing in the cheap lines at Times Square and got more tickets to Jekkly and Hyde (GREAT). Standing in line is part of the NY experience anyway and we just took it all in--eat lunch in line or something--it's worth is because these tickets were$34.50. The downside is your don't know what is available until you get there, so while someone stands in line, the other one can go up to the display and write down the choices so when you get up there you are ready to go. We ate at Carneigie Deli at 57th I believe and Loved it. It is much safer up ther now as they have cleaned it up and the police presesnc is obvious. Enjoy yourself, it's a fun place to visit.
Old Jun 13th, 1997, 09:53 PM
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Everyone is raving about "Bring in Da Noise, Bring in Da Funk." Great fun for a casual theatre-goer. Lots of dancing, very lively. You probably should buy full price tickets for this one in advance, as you can't be certain that half-price tickets will be available. "Crazy for You" has been running for awhile, but it's really a dazzling production. All Gershwin songs, excellent choreography. A good old fashioned production. I've also head good things about "Chicago." Whatever you do, please avoid the Broadway "warhorses" like Cats, Miss Saigon, Les Miz, etc. They weren't very good in their prime, and now after years of playing to crowds of out of town tourists, they're ragged and downright dreadful. Take a chance on something you might never have heard of!
Old Jun 18th, 1997, 07:31 AM
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I must disagree with the "warhorses" comment, as "Les Miz" has some of the best music ever written for a musical. However, you may have had the opportunity to see one of these regionally, so go for something new. I was there in April and very taken with the energy of "Rent." My daughter and I liked it so much that we wanted to see it again, so the next night we stood in the cancellation line. We waited an hour and 1/2 but ended up with the best tickets (full price). We also enjoyed "Beauty/Beast;" I am sure you are familiar with the movie, but the staging and cast are a treat. Have fun.
Old Jun 20th, 1997, 03:17 PM
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I just went to see "RENT" with some friends and absolutely loved it. Lots of energy and great music. I would suggest calling in advance for tickets. Also, I'd like to recommend an Off-Broadway show called "Blue Man Group" which is downtown in the Village (Noho to be exact). What a fantastic show. Very original and absolutely hilarious. It's a combination of performance art, illusions, magic, audience participation and outrageous music. I have sent many people to this show and they have all loved it. Also, it may be a little less expensive than Broadway. Good luck and enjoy!
Old Jun 22nd, 1997, 05:28 PM
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if you want to see a particular show buy in advance. if you just want to see a show stand in line. the line wait is very informative. the stories you will have will make your trip. i would see les mes again and phantom again. be sure you have a list of 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices before you get to the window. new york is great. do read fodor's book before going. have a great time. wish i was going. hope to make it at christmas.
Old Jun 23rd, 1997, 03:52 PM
Rick Iavecchia
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I go to NY 4 or 5 times a year just for the shows. My absolute favorite play of ALL TIME is easily Les Mis(seen it 5 times). I also found Blue Man Tube Group extremely entertaining. I will warn you that it is VERY DIFFERENT.
Old Jun 24th, 1997, 06:33 PM
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I tried to send you a personal reponse via e-mail. It was returned as undeliverable. I live in NYC and have helpful hints about plays. Please contact me at my e-mail address.

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