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NYC 8 Days museums, meals, shows and walking around

NYC 8 Days museums, meals, shows and walking around

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NYC 8 Days museums, meals, shows and walking around

Eight days in NYC, my hometown. I had been feeling a bit off, and finally realized that I was homesick. When I moved from NJ 7 years ago, I was so ready to get away from the noise & daily life that I didn't even do a final round of museums, music or shows.

I started out with an oops. I had packed a week before, and just planned to add the toiletries the night before. But in the final analysis, needed more space and switched to my slightly larger suitcase. Inevitably, a few things didn't make the transfer, like my heavy pj's, and 2 long sleeve cotton shirts, and my go-to pair of pants.

Transportation: via uber and Greyhound bus. There is no local access to trains and they are actually, surprisingly the same ride time, not a savings of 2 hours, as I'd thought, so the bus seemed the way to go. Only one bus a day, leaving at 3:45 p.m. and arriving at Port Authority in midtown at 9:05 p.m.

Setting the tone for the beginning of this trip, I had a really nice uber driver. The bus arrived just moments before the departure time, and still left on time at 3:45 p.m. I should have gone with my initial instinct and sat in a front seat, which was completely unoccupied. The passengers did that bus thing where they put their bags on the seat next to them, and I had to ask them to move it for me to sit. I chose a window seat, which was a mistake, because of some metal support on the floor for the seat in front of me, giving me only about 12" width for my feet. The seats were narrow, with a seat belt receptacle poking into my left side and some kind of phone jack holder pressing onto my back. Ugh. Otherwise, I was pretty comfortable: I had worn layers, which worked well, and packed some salami & provolone sandwiches and fruit. I kept the liquid consumption to a minimum. About an hour in, we had a 10 minute stop, I stood & stretched but didn't get out. The ride went pretty smoothly, and I slept much of the time, being creative with a position in these seats.

We had to walk down from an exterior upper level of P.A. I caught a cab up to the hotel, ($20) and by the time I arrived it was past 10 on a Monday night, and the New Years holiday, so I had just planned to unpack, unwind and have an early night. I was dismayed to find that my room was very cold, & did not have a dresser. I was pleased to see a little square frig.

The plan: 5 shows, 10 museums, lots of walking, and a few crosstown buses,, good meals, hot dogs with red onions, and pizza.

Day 1 Tues 1/3 I slept in a little, since I knew once I left the room I wouldn't be back until after the show. I dressed to walk around, & explored my immediate neighborhood. I stopped sround the corner at The Bread Bakery on 63 & Broadway and got a personal quiche ($10.95) and a decaf cappuccino, which I sat outside and ate. I should have gone back inside to complain my coffee was cold. I don't know if I can convey how good this quiche was - the crust just absolutely melted in my mouth.( I went back twice during the week, but they were sold out). I saw the man in front of me get a fresh mozzi and tomato on a long roll, clearly his regular order, so I got one too ($2.95) to put in my bag for later. After enjoying the quiche, I walked over to Lincoln Center and then to Columbus Circle.

Mediterranean quiche.

I had tickets to see Kimberly Akimbo on Broadway & 45th at The Booth Theatre. I was surprised to see when I was ordering my tickets that most shows begin at 7:00, and not 8:00, which I thought of as the traditional start time. I walked from Columbus Circle down 8th Ave past the theatre to 40th and stopped at AweSum Dim Sum for dinner ($24). I had cha suo bao, the steamed pork buns, which sadly were unimpressive and my tea was tepid. But the soup dumplings, where you bite into the wonton-like wrapper and drink the broth were delicious, and the crispy shrimp were AMAZING. A quite large shrimp in crispy rice. I needed to head to the theatre or I would've gotten another order. I missed out ordering egg tarts. This place was down on 40th St., and so I didn't get back there. If I did dim sum again, I would have chosen a different place near the theatres.

AweSum Dim Sum, a cute space on 8th & 40th.

That shrimp was gorgeous, as were the 4 soup dumplings.

Kimberly Akimbo I had a great orchestra seat ($72, I found a $20 off coupon code online that actually worked!). The woman seated on my right was also on her own and initiated a conversation, and volunteered that she got her ticket through TodayTix.com also. I can recommend them as a vendor. Good prices and seat selection. She was a Manhattanite in the theatre world, and we talked shows a bit before curtain.

The show was quirky and funny, with lots of fun Jersey references, and the sets were clever. There was some vulgarity with the raucous and raunchy Aunt Cathy character. There was one line which was not one of the promoted quotable lines, and I didn't make note, and it is lost to me.

I didn't read anything much about it beforehand, saw all positive reviews. Turns out it has some pretty big credentials in lead, music score and director.

At The Booth theatre. Great orchestra seat.

The show got one of the longest and most enthusiastic and sustained standing ovations I've ever experienced. I am so happy that I took a chance on it. I walked back home from 45th & 8th up to 63rd & Broadway.

I decided on a late dinner, and stopped at The Smith. I sat at the outside sidewalk cafe, which was 3/4 enclosed and with tall heaters. I lucked into a very attentive waiter. I didn't see a plain side salad on the menu, but Henry assured me they could make up some field greens ($8) for me. I ordered the salmon tartare starter (spicy salmon tartare oncrispy rice, avocado, sriracha, and nori ($19) and a pilsner ($8). I told him when I sat down that I had seen him carry a quite tall glass of beer as I was passing, and that was what made come in, but I'm not big on IPAs, so he helped me choose a beer.

Salmon tartare at The Smith

My beautiful salad at The Smith

Approaching The Smith for the first time, after Kimberly Akimbo

The Smith heated sidewalk space. The couple next to me indulged in a dozen raw oysters & ribeyes.

The table comes with a bottle of water and a bottle of water with gas. The salad was beautiful and generous and the salmon tartare outstanding. I don't know if that was the moment I decided to make the place my home base, but as this was only 2 blocks away it was irresistable.

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Day 2
Wednesday 1/4
MAD Museum - Museum of Arts & Design, 2 Columbus Circle.
One of my favorite NYC museums, I used to visit all the time when they were across from MOMA. The exhibits were not all for me. The furniture I found very hard to look I actually got a lot out of the explanation placards, but didn't like the execution. As I was about to go to another floor, I walked over to the security guard and asked her how she felt about the pieces and being around the works all day. It was just marvelous. She walked around with me, showed me her favorites and why, and showed me the back of one piece that I had missed.

The back of a sculpture the guard introduced me to.

A piece with an Atlas-type image to it that I did admire.

A mirrior frame that had a mermaid-y feel to it, but the placard indicatedca much more somber undertone.

My favorite exhibit was the jewelry, not the pieces as much as short videos of the artists talking about their work, resources and inspiration.

Thanks to a post from Tdudette, I had in my plan a lunch at the MAD restaurant Robert. I waited for a window table, this was quite a splurge for me. I started with mushroom soup ($14.95) and some beautiful rolls and salted butter, followed by the branzino served over potato confit ($34). I hadn't had potato in so long that it was a real treat. The waiter suggested a chardonnay, but when I said I didn't want anything too oakey, he helped me choose a lovely Spanish wine - Martin Codax, Albariño, Rias Baixas, Spain, 2020 ($13). I ended the meal with a lovely lemon sorbet. ($5). An $84 lunch.

ROBERT atop MAD Museum.

Mushroom soup


Lemon sorbet with butter cookie.

View from Robert

Columbus Circle view from Robert

After lunch, I went back to the artist videos to see the two I hadn't viewed. A woman seated on the bench next to me listening through headphones inititated a conversation about how fascinating the artist's inspirations and stories are. We has a lovely chat.

"...never to leave my community"

Joyce J. Scott - Artist's joke was that she was born a fantastic artist, and she came out and said to the doctor, "move, you're in my light"

A few hours later, I suddenly felt very tired and didn't want to fall asleep during the show, so I decided to go back to the room for a nap. I set many alarms, had a good rest and then changed. I had an orchestra ticket for The Music Man with Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster. It was my only planned show that actually started at 8:00. It was at the Winter Garden Theatre on Broadway between 50th & 51st (wasn't that where Cats ran?) and closing on Jan. 15.

I arrived in plenty of time, and was dismayed to find i was seated ($209) directly behind a mountain of a man, with a huge bald head. One third of my view of the stage was completely blocked and his companion has her head tilted to where I would have tilted mine to compensate. There are 4 empty seats to my right and it's 7:58. I leaned over to the woman to my left, we'd chatted a little, and said if the lights went down, no offense to her, but I can't see and I am going to move down. The lights went down and I moved. The man I moved next to asked me if I could move back one to the left so he and his wife could also move & have a seat between he & the (strangers) next to them. I said I moved because I couldnt see. I mean he could have thought of that before. I wasn't going to sit behind the woman who also blocked my view.

Ten minutes and 2 songs later, they sat the people. I didn't think they let people in after shows started. So in the commotion of getting up to move further to the right, I missed some of Jackman's first soliloquy. That was pretty disappointing. I was not about to go back to my seat. The weird thing is that I saw the couple in the aisle close to our seats while the lights were up, at least 8 minutes before the show started (I was frequently checking my watch for curtain time).

The woman who sat next to me was what How I Met Your Mother called "a woo girl" . She cheered loudly at every part of every number as if we were at a club. We talked a little at the intermission. She apologized and said they were late from dinner, when the third person in their party arrived. He was quite tall and took my seat and had no visibility issue, so we agreed to stay as we were seated. They were up from North Carolina and had gone to see a matinee of Death of a Salesman earlier! Oh my!

The show is not the ideal platform for Sutton Foster, and I've heard they added more dance vehicles to showcase her. To me her voice in speech and song can be kind of strident. I have requested dvd of the musical, so I can possibly see what they added. Couldn't find the original with Robert Preston, and will have to settle for a newer version with Kristen Chenoweth, I was going to say I don't usually go for musical revivals, but then I realized the last time I saw Foster was in the lead of Anything Goes. (A total delight).

Hugh Jackman is utterly charming. In the scene in the library where he is trying to win her over, he is so appealing, in a very natural way. He had this conversational manner and way of laughing as if he were making it up as he went along. Really quite stunning.

The sets were beautiful, especially the cute little house where the librarian and her family live. The kids were extraordinarily talented dancers, especially the mayor's daughter and her beau. The mayor, incidentally was played by Mark Linn Baker. I didn't think the dancing by either lead was much to talk about. Other notable actors in the show were the man in the first scene who does the number about Harold Hill, I'd lkke to know the name of that cast member, also the music man's old con mate, and the mayor's wife was pretty humorous especially in the scene where Jackman is sweettslking her.

I wasn't sure how I felt about my investment, the ticket price, even I went yo shows I usually bought tickets through an online vendor for $35- $65 . Of course, we have time and the pandemic effecting prices. Still. Overall it was an enjoyable night. The side doors of the theatre opened right out onto the street, which was a surprise. The four of us, (my friends from NC) and I stood and chatted for a few minutes.

I made my way back Uptown. It was almost 11 and I decided to have a late dinner. I stopped at The Smith and had a bar steak with peppercorn sauce with a field greens salad and balsamic vinaigrette. Henry comped me a glass of rose, which I had decided against so didn't order, and only tasted. Given the hour, I had wanted just water. The manager came out to check on my steak, since the kitchen was closing. I asked for a sharper knife, which made all the difference. They sent me home with some giant chocolate chip cookies. I wasn't being coy; none of the desserts appealed to me, I was full, and I'd had sorbet for lunch. The cookies sat in the frig, a piece of one didn't do anything for me but a few days later you could really taste the butter, and I enjoyed them over the visit.

I stayed up a few hours to let my meal settle. I made notes on the day, answered a text from my friend from Peru, and laid out my clothes for the next 2 days, putting unneeded items away, and layering some extra blankets on the bed.

Tomorrow is Central Park, Museum of the City of New York, and dinner at El Paso, in the barrio, my favorite Mexican restaurant.

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Day 3 Thursday Jan. 5
I slept in a little and then finally checked out the pool. You should see the absolute maze you have to traverse to get there! I went to the smaller heated therapy pool, which is through the large lap pool space, on the other side, and did an hour + of knee, ankle and upper arm exercises in the shallow end alternated with pool versions of treadmill and elliptical & other exercises in the deep end. Only a few people in the pool.

Then I had a steam and a sauna and shower and went back to the room to dress for the day. I was slowed a bit by the haze of relaxation my body was experiencing from the combination of pool and spa. I had a tall glass of water and a third of that mozz & tomato sandwich in the frig from the other day. Wow, this is outstanding. It has some pesto on it, and for $2.95! This should be what I pack for had bus ride home!

A bit of a lost day. I dressed for hiking, Merrill hiking boots, light layers of cashmere and wool sweaters, my winter coat and scarf, warm leggings and my hiking pole.

[Upon my return I heard from a vlogger that hiking poles take on 25% of the weight and effort of the movement. Maybe I will order a second one of this good quality set. Or find my pair of cheapie Walmart set. I definitely need to start moving more.].

I had decided to explore part of Central Park and cut through it to 5th Ave and walk or catch a bus uptown. I walked around by the Sheep Meadow, listened to some busking musicians, and had a nice swift walk. But my hiking boots were bothering me, and I had to stop several times at benches to alternatingly tighten and loosen the laces.

I should have just listened to my instincts and exited the park. The directions I had sent me in circles, until it was almost 4:00. I thought, I can't be wandering around here alone at dusk. Finally, the next time I saw skyline, I just headed toward the street out of the park and hit 5th Ave. In my mind I saw a cartoon or a video game where I just leapt out of a trap or quicksand.

I took an M bus up to 104th to go to The Museum of the City of New York, ($14, senior), which is in East Harlem, and pretty much at the top of the Museum Mile. I walked around for about 2 hours when I could feel that my feet really needed a break. Unfortunately, it would be about 10 blocks before they got it.

The restaurant El Paso had moved from. 97th to 110th between Park & Lex. A few dark and quiet and slightly worrying passages under overpasses. Finally spotted it, and once inside saw it had been tarted up a bit. The menu showed a happy hour menu in effect 3-6 pm weekdays. The prices and offerings certainly have changed. If these were happy hour prices, I wondered what full price drinks are. It was so dark inside that I could barely read the menu, and it was hard to see the dishes when they were brought out.

First, I made sure to let the waiter know that I used to frequent them in their previous location, and was introduced to them through Museo del Barrio. I ordered a cocktail right away a Paloma del Barrio, it was beautiful, refreshing and tasty. ($8) ( Tequila, fresh grapefruit juice, grapefruit jarrito soda, lime tajin rim).


Wonderful consume de marisco, seafood soup.

Shrimp ceviche.

Guac and chips.

Since I was walking, not driving, I eventually ordered a second! It was a departure from my usual margaritas there.
I ordered as my main dish the consume de marisco a seafood soup with white fish, mussels, clams and shrimp. I was envisioning a clear, light broth, which is how I know consume, but this was a rich brown broth, with so many shrimp and mussels, and also calamari rings, the last of which was not in the dish description and so a surprise .($8, happy hour menu). This was definitely the star and a dish I highly recommend.

I later ordered the guacamole and chips $8, happy hour). It was some of the best guac I've ever had; I took most of the chips with me as a snack. I also ordered a chicken mole to go, a splurge at $27, but it was 4 meals. It came with 4 large pieces of chicken, and rice and black beans and 4 fesh made tortillas. There was so much sauce that I jarred the sauce in my little frig and brought most of it home with me.

I ordered shrimp ceviche and didn't look at the price ($14), because I loved it at the old location. Unfortunately the shrimp was left whole instead of chopped into a large dice, and so it was not as firm as other times I'd had the dish. The price was high for the quantity and quality. It was a disappointment.

The waiter and bartender had been very attentive. My check was $100, but they did nothing special for me. I was also disappointed that when I was first seated and the waiter offered me bottled water options, for the large glass bottles. I asked if it came with the table and he said "yes".
I chose a carbonated San Pelligrino. I was charged $7 for it. This is clearly not The Smith! ( where you get a complimentary bottle each of water with and without gas). It was half-full. I should have taken it with my to-go chicken which bag I was able to check with my coat back at the museum.

Anyway, I stayed at the museum until closing, after dinner I explored and photographed the NYC gingerbread house competition. My photos of the exhibits of the history of New York buildings and libraries did mostly not come out.

El Paso interior.

Museum of the City of New York. NYC Gingerbread house competition

Moving images of snowflakes in the gingerbread exhibit.

A model of a stock market work station.

I was so disappointed that I had missed getting to Museo del Barrio by an hour, due to getting lost. And then on leaving the Museum, I saw that I had actually missed 2 smaller exhibits. How did that happen? One on Spies, which was closed off, and one on Food icons, which I quickly toured just before 9:00. The coat check guy was super nice, and I tipped him a few dollars, but other than that I don't remember seeing any other museum personnel, and the patrons kept to themselves, so no conversations there.

I caught an M bus ( the M 1, 2, 3 snd 4 run uptown along Madison Ave, and downtown along 5th) and a transfer to the M66, which stops near Lincoln Square, and was about a 4 block walk.

I put the mole take out in a hefty zip bag.

Chicken mole from El Paso.

I brought tons of baggies with me for food and wet bathing suits or washclothes.
Tomorrow, Friday is pay-what-you- wish night at the Whitney from 5-7, and I will be going there after I explore The Highline.

Day 4
Friday 1/6
I know that going to the pool, and especially the steam and sunshine leave me languid and less motivated to move fast and cover ground.

However my right foot & ankle are really sore, and need the lubrication and relief provided by the exercise and heat. In the pool, I meet an older woman whom I had passed in the locker room the day before as she was on her way to the pool aerobics class. She greeted me warmly and we had a 30 minute conversation about living in the city, leaving the city and the pandemic, as I did my deep water exercises.

I'd brought an extra towel, soaked it in hot water and wrapped around my feet in the steam room for extra targeted relief for my right foot. Back in the room, I layered up. I decided to leave my coat behind, as the temperatures were mild. While I was packing at home, I came across a brand new pair of nylon leg thermals that I only had a vague memory of buying last year. They were still in their wrapper. Over them I put my favorite Lee khakis, and then a cashmere very thin pullover as a liner, and a J Crew men's wool sweater in navy ($5 Goodwill), my little green cashmere scarf ($3 Goodwill, same visit!), and my new Carhart fleece hat with earflaps added mouthguard. Such a great cap and warm, keeps you covered, doesn't ride up and expose the ears like other hats.

I crossed over to Columbus Ave and caught the M11 bus and walked over to The High Line and walked up the two flights of stairs to the starting point. I have to thank the Arts chair at school who, in a conversation after I viewed the senior art exhibit, reminded me that The High Line was right there by The Whitney. I was pleased to note that I had dressed just right.

That's a lot of layers! Liner cashmere, nylon leggings, wool sweater, cashmere scarf, cashmere lined leather gloves, heavy feetures walking socks, Lee tan jeans, Carhart fleece hat with long earflaps and face guard.

At The High Line.

Mrrrills don't fail me now.

Thr High Line.


Starting off.

A poster on The High Line

I walked the initial length to Hudon Yards and took time to photograph the buildings and festive lighting.

Hudson Yard.

Hudson Yard.

The train yard lights Hudson Yards.

Where do I start? The metal already gleamed coppery and as it gets dark out it is illuminated by little lights around each level.

Illuminated high grasses swayed slightly in the gentle evening breezes.

The famous tornado. A sculpture in motion.

Night skies.

A mural along the way.

Interesting apartments along the way. FISHBOWL is what comes to mind.

Night views.

I was going to get a beverage or a snack like a hotdog, but had planned to get dinner at the Whitney Cafe and didn't want to ruin my appetite. My directions had said that the museum was 5 minutes away. That was from the opposite end of the platform! Well, I worked up quite an appetite. It took me over an hour especially since I stopped to enjoy all the views, and I took a lot of photos.

Lit up Hudson Yards shops

The Tornado plackard.

I got to the museum, took off my top sweater and ordered a nicoise salad and a decaf. It seemed from looking around that the salad was a popular choice. With third asked boiled eggs and the tuna, it was filling. The "haricot verts" were raw and more like regular green beans. A shame. I took my time.

The Whitney Cafe salad nicoise.

Shortly after 7:00 entered the museum. I headed first to the Hopper exhibit, the modernists, then took a break to watch a few chapters of ghe Two Lizards movir sbout life in the city during the pandemic, and ended with the two Calder mobiles, leaving just at closing at 10 pm.

I had a writing prompt with a postcard image of this painting Room in Brooklyn at a poetry workshop in 2022. Marvelous to see it and contemplate it in person.

Here's a bit more of The Whitney


Henry Lyman Bayman. This reminds me of Matisse's late life collages and cutouts.

A new encounter for me.

Like this. I stood in front of it and let it envelop me.

Calder mobiles are favorites of mine.

I followed the flow of exiting patrons to Chelsea Market and then adept a left to find the bus stop.
I got in and was a good tired. It took me a little while to unwind.

Delaware again a juror for the Delaware Scholastic Writing Awards, a connection through the annual Lewes DE Writers Conference. I had been called upon to help judge the American Voice distinction candidates. I decided to unwind by reading a few of the selections. The deadline was the following Tuesday, giving me sufficient time to read.

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Thanks for this TR, ninasdream! Hugh Jackman yums!! I don't think my dinner at Robert was as expensive as your lunch...will check. More soon please.

(ETA my Robert dinner was cheaper: "Rioja, duck with cherry/grand marnier reduction, Bombolini, Cappuccino, $75.67. A- (WOW view, neat setting, great service, one piece of duck not perfect.)")

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Originally Posted by TDudette
Thanks for this TR, ninasdream! Hugh Jackman yums!! I don't think my dinner at Robert was as expensive as your lunch...will check. More soon please.
thanks for checking it out!

Indeed. Hugh Jackman is a treasure. I have now posted Days 3 & 4 here, it took a few tries to insert spacing.
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Tdudette, yhsnkx for looking in your notes and
posting here on your Robert restaurant experience.
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Great trip report. You cover so much in a day, it's amazing.love your photos
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Dfrosty, thanks. That means a lot to me. I was feeling like I missed a lot and was not as motivated as I could be. Also, on my pace, I keep forgetting I am not 22 any more. Recovery from an active day or a late night takes longer.

Sadly, I have somehow lost my draft of the next 2 days before I could even post here. All I needed to do was post and then insert the photos. So the next installment will have to wait.

Sorry about the typos. I try so hard to check thoroughly!

Glad to see positive feedback. Happy travels all.

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ninasdream, enjoying your TR very much!
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Great report. Never been to the Whitney - good idea to combine it with the Highline. Will put that in my plans for next time I visit NYC.

Isn't Hugh Jackman great - saw him more than 20 years ago in Oklahoma in London. He played Curly and Maureen Lipman was Aunt Eller.
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Hi yk, thanks!
janisj- hello! I dont think we've chatted before. Used to be I could cover The Whitney in 2 hours or less. This was my first visit to this location and it took at least the 3 hours. The cafe was a nice respite.
I had to look up Maureen Lipman.

Tdudette BTW a rioja sounds like the perfect accompaniment for duck with cherry sounds great.

A few more notes on The Whitney. There was one other person at the bus stop, which was blocks away from the museum. The woman gave me a big smile and said, "You were at The Whitney!". She was an employee and I had seen her in one of the galleries. We sat across from each other on the bus. She was about my age, single, a solo traveler, and even in her spare time loves to explore museums. We had a lively conversation. She gave me the name of add organization you can join for s membership fee that entitles you to free nationwide museum entry for participating museums. I don't think she realized it was strictly for museum employees. We were getting off at the same stop. I ran in to the 24 hr CVS for a few items and she was waiting for her transfer bus. Mimi was just one of the encounters that made this trip engaging.

Day 5 Saturday Jan. 7
I started out for the pool, but it turns out only the lap pool is available on Saturdays. I carved put a little corner in an unused lane, but with the coaches shouting at the group lesson, I only lasted 15 minutes. I did my ankle and knee work and retreated to the steamroom.

Back in the room, I had blackberries and the drumstick of the mole and a tortilla and lots of water.
I walked to Linciln Square, caught the M66 and transfered on an M bus to MADISON & 83rd. I saw a boutique with a sign for Scottish cashmere in the window, snd at the next block a See's chocolates, which I had showed considerable restraint in not entering, but thought I'd hit each of them later.

I had put on a long sleeve navy cotton shirt, my wine Shetland wool sweater a brushed cotton long skirt and leggings, and a scarf, my coat. I took my new floral backpack to give myself a break from wearing my ergo bag over my right shoulder. I describe all this to help convey the day I was in for. I got to The Met, and there were 2 huge lines. I stopped at a food truck and got as jumbo hot dog with red onions, which I have missed so much. I think they are a New York thing.Has anyone else had them in other parts of the country? The ruck guy tells me you can order them on Amazon. Yum. I hsve never waited onmsn outside veined to get in there and as a member just had to show my card at the desk.

A man walked up to us on line and said you know you can get in right there with no line. We were all skeptical. One of the young men in the group behind me suggested his friends stay in line and he'd chmeck it out. A minute later, he waved us over to the Education Center door and walked right in. I thought I was going to take a little wristlet, and check my coat and backpack. The coatchecknlune was about 40 minutes. The museum was very crowded and so hot and stuffy. I took my sweater off and tiedcit around my waist, because I still had to carry my coat, keep my phone handy, hold the "today at The Met" flyer guide and wear my backpack in the front or hold it by the handles down by my side. I just had to put all that aside to absorb what is around me. I started with the sculptures, then the Asian wing, the jade the Chroma in ancient sculptures, The Year of the Tiger (Chinese zodiac for 2022), the Nature represented in Art. In the Kimono exhibit, I met a woman who said she was from the Brooklyn Musem and that they had loaned The Met some of the garments.

Isnt this lovely


Van Gogh"s shoes

The Brooklyn woman and I both said Andre Leon Talley! at the same time. That's who the full yellow one reminded us of.


More tomorrow.
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My post is in moderator limbo. Entering The Met through the Education Center reminded me of how I used to enter The Louvre through the Carousel Mall. Sweet travel dreams everyone.

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The Met is so familiar to me, but it is so much.

I would wear this "kimono". I love orange.

From the kimono exhibit. Color blocking?

From the nature in art exhibit

Nature in art.

Love the fluidity of line, and this unguarded moment.

The display of small items.

The simplicity of black and white. Nature in art.

This is the Chinese garden. Very little of the tranquil feeling of the old space remains for me. The bamboo trees were gone.

And the simple lovely koi pond had been spruced up and for me has lost its charm.

Nature in art, waves are a common theme.

I stayed until closing, ending with a special collection of archeological finds, on its last day.

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Saturday, Day 5 continued- Saturday at The Met. Evening.
i went in to the gift shop to see if I could find any postcsrds I liked. I saw a big scarf in sirt of silvery pastels. I thought it might compliment my new silver/salt & pepper hair, but I was unsure. The sales guy suggested I go to the main floor shop and talk to the women there who he said all wear scarves. Unfortunately, the shop closed even earlier than I expected. Myself and two other women were disappointed, but maybe it saved me from buyer's remorse($75). When I opened up the scarf it was a Monet water lily pond design, very diffused, but still, I thought maybe a bit clichéd or corny. Of course, I would have it folded and knotted so the scene might not really be noticeable.

I joined a crowd at the bus stop and had a smooth trip home. I walked the few blocks to Lincoln Square, pausing at the fruit stand for 2 bananas 25 cents each, blackberries ($1), blueberries ($2), 6 oz each. I will discover in the morning how delectably sweet the blackberries are.

I dropped in at The Smith for a late dinner. I ordered two starters - the Brussels sprouts- cranberries, dijon, horseradish, dill ($15) and the crispy sesame calamari- gochujang aioli, thai basil, lime ($19). And because I was feeling particularly grown up, I ordered a cocktail, a cranbury negroni. And it was served with the single large cube I'd heard about but never had a chance to try, since I wasn't going out during the pandemic. The idea is that it chills, but dilutes less.


Roasted Brussels sprouts

So grown up! Gin, cranberry infused aperetivo, sweet vermouth.($16.50).

Man, I could have had 2 more of them! But for the sugar content, and that pricetag.

I will be putting gochujang on my Asian market or online shopping list. It is a Korean chili paste which is sweet and savory.

Both dishes were flavourful, very satisfying and not too heavy for 9:30 at night. I had a very nice young waiter and he moved the heater a little closer to me, as I sat in the sheltered outside street cafe.

I got back to the room, and my feet were throbbing. I took a nice hot shower to wash off the day and all those clothing layers, and had a big glass of water. I wrapped my feet in a towel soaked in hot water and unwound with a bit of lotion therapy, then by planning the next day, Sunday, and reading a few more of the essays for the Scholastic Awards. Three years ago, I did the judging from Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Maybe not surprisingly, I had a little trouble getting going the next morning.

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I just got caught up on your lovely trip report. The Highline is someplace is would like to explore. All your pictures are wonderful. It seems like a great trip for you.
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Everything Paqngo wrote, ninasdream!
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Hi Paqngo thank you for your kind remarks. you know I think of you as a sister from another mother. Any time you want to explore the city I am game. It took me 6 years to go back. Now that I've done it, I am thinking about going every few months.

Tdudette, my Maryland compatriot, I am glad you are enjoying, as I am having fun posting.

Sunday January 8 day 6
Incidentally, this is Bank of America's monthly Museums on Us weekend, with free entry to selected museums. I paid admission to The Whitney on Friday, because how many museums can you fit onto a weekend? I don't want to rush. Saturday's entry to the Met was covered, and today's venture to The Jewish Museum and The Guggenheim.

I had berries and a roll with cheese for breakfast. I skipped the pool but had a steam and sauna to help with my feet. I had a ticket to see A Strange Loop at 7:00, so I planned to go straight from Guggy at closing at 6:00; just catch something to eat on the fly, like a food truck or a slice.

The Jewish museum had a history of New York, a sort of cultural retrospective. I enjoyed it, and actually sat to watch a film about Jewish culture on tv. I stayed longer than I'd planned but still didn't get to see it through to the end. I did have to try to get Fran Drescher's nasaly voice from The Nanny out of my head.

Reminds me of Lichtenstein.

The Marx Brothers, a family favorite.

I just really like this photo.

And this next is not an ekphrastic(a poem written about a painting or piece of art).

Jewish Museum

I wrote this poem in 2000 while unpacking on my first night in Madrid. It eventually found a home in River Poets, which took a long time to find someone who liked it as much as I dud.


While shopping before a trip,
I picked up some notebooks,
the last of which was not very practical.
Thick, wire bound, an odd shape.
But of the variety in the bin,
this one,
this one,
this one had a cover showing
rich, luscious, sensuous cherries.
And I thought:
In this I can write my most lascivious thoughts.
I was just recovering
from setting myself on fire
for the wrong man.

The next day,
When I unpacked my purchases
I saw
that the picture which had awakened in me
such anticipation of sinful indulgence
was not of cherries at all.
White stems and roots, a paler red.
They were radishes.
And I knew then
that all bets were off.

There were other touchstones for me in the exhibit. Like the coffee can of instruments. My father did it, I did it, and still do.

My can was Chock Full O' Nuts.

I don't know why, but I went into the Guggenheim gift shop first, after the security' guard's scanning wand, but before actually exploring the exhibits. Postcards were $1.95 each, which felt pricey right there, shirts were $40-50+. Idky but I bought a jigger for $10.

I was there to see the Alex Katz, an old favorite. There were many newer pieces that I had Inot yet seen. I always start from the top and work my way down. I skipped the Nick Cave, not a fan. I tried (not very hard) to be open-minded and go into one of his galleries, but still a no. I only checked one or two of those little tucked away niche galleries, one had coffee table books.

Sadly, I ran out of time for the permanent collection, except for a few Renoirs. I just enjoy that building very much. Look at the shots of the ceiling or from across the floors. Throughout Europe, like Spain and Aigne France, and also elsewhere like Mexico, I've seen various buildings called "caracol", "snails" in Spanish, that have a similar shape, but tighter, darker. Look at all the light and space here.

Guggenheim ceiling.

Across the expanse.

Look! I'm at the cocktail party! Me, in front of an Alex Katz. Should have mimed holding a martini glass.

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Great shots, ninasdream. The new Whitney sounds and looks great, and I've added it to an ever-expanding NYC list. More soon please.

ps---cherries come with stones! Poem hit home.


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Like your sense of humor re: martini glass.
Radishes are well rooted.
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In warmer weather, the views from the Whitney’s outside terraces are wonderful.
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