New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island

Jan 6th, 1998, 08:26 AM
P. D. Holden
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New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island

My husband and I and our two sons, ages 7 and 10, would like to vacation in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island in early August. Our thoughts are to spend two days in an area along the Bay of Fundy to enjoy this incredible area and to experience related "ecosystem phenomenons", and then to spend a week or so on PEI. We would welcome ideas and recommendations for an itinerary, activities, accomodations, etc. for a family-oriented vacation.
Feb 5th, 1998, 06:46 PM
Valeri Zwick
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Wow! Can I go?? The Bay of Fundy is amazing.(I was on the Nova Scotia side.) We were there at low tide and I found it to be one of the most beautiful places I've been and so fascinating! You can walk on the sculpted rock that the ocean makes because the tide when it comes in is so astronimically high. Go there!!
And PEI--Wow! I love lobster. Go to one of the church lobster feeds that are everywhere on the island and have one of the best meals you've ever had. Most places serve lobster cold--as it should be. My mouth is watering now.
The beaches in PEI are great to go with kids and there are amusement parks that are fun. We stayed in bed and breakfasts and inns eveywhere and it was wonderful.
Mar 16th, 1998, 07:32 AM
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Be sure you go to the Cape Breton area of northern Nova Scotia. Fantastic views, incredible scenery and super nice people. Take your camera and lots of film. Have fun.
Mar 16th, 1998, 05:53 PM
John Brownlee
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My wife and I spent four days in New Brunswick last May. We stayed 2 nights in Saint John and drove up the coast to Fundy National Park and on to the Hopewell Rocks. Didn't make it to PEI. That was the same time they were dedicating the new bridge.

We also spent 2 nights in St. Andrews and that was really nice. I would go there again. Next trip I plan to go the Nova Scotia route.

Enjoy your trip!
Mar 26th, 1999, 11:04 AM
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We stayed at Penderosa Beach Cottages in PEI for 10 days last summer. There are about 20 cottages surrounding a playground, tennis courts, basketball nets. The beach is great and you are not too far from Cavendish where a lot of the "attractions" are. The cottages are very simple(not insulated)and we were kind of surprised how rustic they were when we first arrived, but they were clean and it was fun to be among other cottagers with kids. They also had nightly hayrides there. They are on the net too, just look up Penderosa Beach. Good Luck.
Mar 26th, 1999, 12:48 PM
Brian Kilgore
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Driving around Cape Breton is fairly boring for kids. There are better things to do in Nova Scotia if you are 7 and 10, including visiting Hlaifax. But Nova Scotia's not in your plans anyway. Magnetic Hill in Moncton is fun for kids; Parlee Beach outside of Shediac has cosiderable tides, which result in little pools that are warm enough to swim in, and lots for fun for kids. PEI beach water is warm, too, so don't get too depressed by the frozen water of the Bay of Fundy. Try to figure out a way to get the boys onto the water; perhaps a boat tour in PEI or on the Bay of Fundy. If the boys hate lobster, figure out snacks for them so you can enjoy lobster feeds yourself. If the boys love lobster, well, you are starting down an expensive path. have fun. How are you getting there, and where from? There's something to be said for having kids visit Quebec City, if that's on your route.
Jan 25th, 2000, 04:00 PM
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We travelled from Toronto Ontario to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Cape Breton and PEI (60 hours of driving total). We had a month to travel and we were absolutely UNDERWHELMED with the scenery, the camp grounds and everything in between. We especially were disappointed with Prince Edward Island - we were at the National Park at Rustico. The beach was very yucky! We should have gone to the ocean side, I can only hope it would have been nicer. The last person who said that the Cabot Trail is boring for kids is right - our three boys (age 8 and under) were good sports but what a waste of time! Even the Bay of Fundy was a blow out - how long can you walk in mud before you crave a beautiful beach with some gorgeous sand? Count us in as one family that won't venture east again. (My sincere apologies to the folks at the travel ministry!) In all fairness, we do know many families who love PEI and everything "out east", perhaps it was all lost on us. (We'll continue to head south to the ocean beaches on the Eastern Seaboard, and we'll continue to put up with crazy American dollars to relax on a big, wide, white beach!)
Mar 28th, 2000, 03:22 AM
PJ Merrill
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So sorry, you didn't not have a good time out east. This summer will mark our 5th visit to PEI and the Maritimes. While we have never been to Rustico, we have had wonderful times on the beaches in Darnley and Cavendish--and the beach water is WARM and very clean. The sands can range from white sand to the classic PEI red sand. You can walk for miles on their beaches and hardly come across anyone. The people are lovely and very accommodating. It is like stepping back into time 30 years. Cabot Trail is a MUST DO if you visit Nova Scotia. The ride is spectacular and breath-taking. (It is no surprise that little children would not like to view just scenery, but most anyone else would appreciate it.) Anyone reading the previous message should take what was said with a large grain of salt. No, the Maritimes is not Disney World, but then again you don't have to pay $34 a day and have to put up with horrendous crowds either. To each their own, but don' blame the problems with keeping 3 preteen boys occupied with the area you are traveling in. I venture to say that you are in the minority with your views.
Apr 7th, 2000, 12:39 PM
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Make sure you go to the Hopewell Rocks. St. Andrews, which may be on your way (depending on where you're coming from) is a small delightful town. PEI is very low key. It is also very beautiful. Charlottetown has little to offer but the coastal drives take you into one beautiful town after another. We rented a house for a week in PEI and loved the experience but, again remember, it is very low key. I would stay away from the tousit area by the National Park on the North Shore - very touristy.
Apr 23rd, 2000, 01:31 PM
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I would have to say that you could stop in to Saint-Andrews, NB for a day. Small village that is nice. Stay at the Fairmont Algonquin (super) Fundy National park is also nice for camping, cabins, hiking, barbecue, walks, scenery, fresh air...then a stop to Moncton, NB like someone mentioned previously. Recommendation there to stay at the Delta Beausejour. PEI I would stay in Charlottetown and go from there on your day adventure. (stay at the Delta Prince Edward next to the marina. Parlee Beach in Shediac, NB is beautiful and most likely one of the best beaches in Canada. Sorry about just rambling, but there are a lot of places to visit in the area. I am from New Brunswick myself. OH!!!! and don't forget the whale watching tours in St. Andrews, NB if you go. This is a must!!

Hope this helps!!

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