Need Advice on Where to Stay in Hawaii?


May 31st, 1998, 12:01 PM
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Need Advice on Where to Stay in Hawaii?

I am planning a first time trip to Hawaii and need suggestions on which island I should visit and hotels to look in to - I can use all the help I can get. I don't know where to start.
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May 31st, 1998, 04:51 PM
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Ave: Our first trip was to Maui- As they say- Maui is WOWIE!!. We spent 7 days there and had a great time. We went to Hana Bay - went snorkling on the Triology- snorking - sailing suba diving and EATING - fantastic - went to the Old Lahaina Hotel Luau- fabulous. We stayed around Napeli Shores - did not eat too much - went to the Safeway store and got fresh fish and a fresh bottle of wine each night and spent our $ elsewhere. Lots to do etc.
We spent 3 days in Oahua- if you like going to a large city of 800,000 - then go to Oahua. I won't go back. I have seen Pearl Harbor and had a interesting three days there - but for my money I would stay at almost any other island beside Oahua.
This summer we are going to the Big Island. We used the Web to find places for our travel agent to check for us and booked the trip through her. If you want a more information Email me and I can get more specific.
Best of Luck-
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Jun 1st, 1998, 09:48 AM
Cheryl Z.
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hello - We travel to Hawaii alot (it's our favorite place to unwind and relax , next to Puerto Vallarta) and prefer Oahu over Maui and Kauai. Have not been to the Big Isle or the others. Yes, there is the hustle/bustle of "big cities" Waikiki and Honolulu but the other side of the island is different. We mainly prefer the island of Oahu because of more to do, more choices in restaurants/prices I think you should try a package deal of two islands, one being Oahu and then kind of decide for future trips. You can get reasonably priced package deal from Hawaiian Pleasant Holidays or Sunmakers. If you do decide on Oahu, feel free to contact me for more info. Whatever you decide you will have a great vacation with gorgeous beaches/scenery and plenty of things to do. Aloha
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Jun 2nd, 1998, 03:18 PM
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For my money I would spend no more then 3 days on Oahu and purchase an entertainment book for discount Hotel rates. We stayed at the Ilikai which is very close to the Beach. The only thing between the beach on Wakiki and the Hotel is a small boat harbor. We used the entertainment book for all our dinners in Oahu. Then check out Condo's on Kauai and Maui. We used Castle Resorts and Sullivan properties which we found on the internet and found beautiful accommodations on oceanfront properties with very affordable rates. We were able to use the entertainment book for pleasure activities on Maui but not very much on Kauai. We have visited the big Island and stayed there for 3 days in Kona and found it to be interesting but our favorite spots to return to will be Kauai and Maui. Good luck with your plans. If you want more information about who we used for airline and car rentals from the West Coast and Hawaii and what type of arrangements we made feel free to email for more information.
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Jun 5th, 1998, 05:05 PM
Barry Enderwick
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My vote is for Kauai with a note. That note is that it is beautiful, lush and relaxing but there isn't much in the way of night life or medium to big city action. During the day you can hike the Napali Coast, mounatin bike, kayak up a river past the Fern Grotto and hike to a waterfall. A helicopter tour, while expensive, is worth it.
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