Name change

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Name change

How do I go about a name change, my situation as follows:

I have Australian passport and greencard, and married my American husband in Greece 2 years ago.

My surname is currently / legally from my first husband who passed away 7 years ago. I want to legally change that surname to my current husband's surname.

I'm confident there is an order to this (i.e. social security first, so on). Would anyone happen to know the step by step order in which I must go about making the change - I have been searching on the internet everywhere and have not yet found a solution to this particular situation.
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Jejune, when I got married, the first step was to go to the closest social security office and change it there, then I changed my driver's license and everything else followed. I had to bring my marriage license with me as proof of the ceremony.
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If you plan to travel during the change process make sure you book your tickets under whatever name is currently on your DL or passport (if international). Airlines don't care what your legal name is, as long as the name on the ticket matches your photo ID.
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You may want to wait until you've filed your income tax return, and it has been processed, to change your name.
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Sorry Jejune, but there is not enough information to answer your question.

You evidently are a citizen of Australia since you hold an Australian passport. Correct?

When you say you have a "greencard" are you referring to the US "greencard"?

If so, did you acquire this US "greencard" before you married your current husband or after you married him?

Do you have a US Social Security Number that is in your former married name?

Do you have a US drivers license that was issued in the state you now live in, assuming that you live in the US, that is in your former name?

Were you previously married to an American and this is how consequently you have a US "green card", social security card etc. in your former name?

Are you and your current husband that you married in Greece now living in the US?

I am not trying to be intrusive but I reread your post several times Jejune and it took me some time to think I figured out your questions.

I think you were already a holder of a US "green card", social security card etc., before you married your current American husband in Greece. So consequently you need to have all your documentation changed to your new married name. But that is just a guess as I do not know for sure of course.

If you will respond back here on this thread I no doubt can give you some accurate information.

Best wishes to you.
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I am not a lawyer, just using logic here. First find out which country has jurisdiction - since you are an Australian citizen, does it not seem logical that Australia has to change your name.

People in US change their names all the time by marriage or other reasons. First they change their names legally (involves some court involvement) and then they notify everyone else - social security, state drivers license, credit cards, etc.)

The thing I don't understand is what did your name become when you were married? Did it get legally changed at that time?

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