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In Debt Diva - and all others that want to "not let life pass us by": what are your opinions on bankruptcy? We have friends, married 20-some years, always had to "keep up w/the Joneses", better car, a different camper, if anyone in their circle of friends or family got a boat (or whatever) they had to have one know..... (they didn't travel, but the principle remains the same). They're now divorced, about to finish bankruptcy court, and I resent like hell that I (and millions of you out there too) are basically paying for their "wonderful" lifestyle they had because I guess they "didn't want to let life pass them by".

I'll stick w/my savings account(s) to save up for my travel.

And FYI: we DO travel several times a year, we just don't go very far except for one big vacation a year (a Saturday night in the nearest big-city hotel, or a cabin in a neighboring-state state park does wonders for that "wanderlust".....) Luckily, we're well enough off to do this a couple times a year, but I won't go into debt for it.....

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Kudos to you, Linda!

Those who grow up with the idea that they're 'entitled' to all the good things life in the USA has to offer (as soon as they're through puberty, without any investment in a career or in personal development) may have an ugly reality ready to bite them in the behind soon!
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It wasn't until I read one of those "How I do so much travel..." threads here on Fodors that I realized: I better get a FF mileage card!! And so we did - on one of the globe's best airlines - Midwest Express - even tho we've only taken ONE r/t flight with them. But just about EVERYTHING has gone on that card (and been paid off every month, a lifelong habit). So now...we are eligible for...a r/t companion ticket to Europe on Swissair or Sabena, or a "Premium" economy class (whatever that is) companion on Virgin, or two r/t tix anywhere in Midwest Exp's domestic flite plan. Pretty neat decision to have to make! (And 2 $65 - i think it was - annual payments still go a whole lot farther than buying a ssecond ticket). Along the way, we took one of those Capital One cards and are well on our way to another free Europe ticket.

And ALWAYS sign up for the FF plan of any airline you are on, even if you don't think you'll fly them again....You just might..and the miles begin to add up.

As for paying for those $5,000's just a habit of discipline...might be hard to learn in the beginning..but man, does it pay off!

We are semi-retired (i.e., still work our butts off for a lot less money), but have taken two trips a year (minimum) since leaving full time employment five and a half years ago...Our lst trip overseas was in 1984 (England, for 3 weeks), followed by another in 85 (Ireland for two weeks), and despite then having young teen children - those trips, like every other one were paid for within the first billing period.

Walking past Crate & Barrel on Michigan Avenue for about 6 months, with an internal blinder that said: "I'm going AWAY - I don't need to buy ANYTHING!" cetainly helped.

It really does come down to a simple decision...Buy now - some little whim or whimsey you may or may not need/want....or postpone the purchase and let that amount accrue in the travel acct...., and then come home and pay for it????? I could never, ever enjoy the experience....
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In Debt Diva,

Remember two things. First, bankruptcy laws changed. If you get in over your head now, the courts will give you a new payment schedule. They no longer will just wipe out your debt if there is a payment schedule you might work out.

Second, social security is going into the toilet. Don't assume you'll get a dime when you retire. So is living large now worth the risk that you'll eat cat food when you're older? Your call, I guess.

One more little thing. You didn't say if you are married, but if you bring a bunch of financial baggage to a new relationship, you'll have a tough time finding a decent man who'll have you.

Old, lonely and broke. Not something to which I aspire.
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The main reason why I love the internet is that it allows me to plan my vacations down to the nth detail. I have developed an excel spreadsheet to help me keep track of our proposed itinerary and the estimated expenses associated with that aspect of the trip (ie the cost of admission to a musuem or the cost of a meal etc). Its way too anal but it keeps me amused.

The reason why this detail developed was because my husband wants to make sure we have enough saved for the trip before we go. So by using the web to visit the sites of where we think we are going to go we get a good idea of what we need to have in the bank. Once we get the total I develop a schedule of savings (x amount by this date etc). If I see I'm not making my goals, I scale back. If I'm exceeding then I plan for a splurge.

As I said, its way too anal, but the benefit is twofold. First I get to daydream and plan alot. Two, we have vacations paid for in advance.

I've used this system three times. And have been on budget (within $10 - I told you I was anal) all three times. No ugly surprises in the credit card bill when we get home.

Deciding now where to go for next summers vacation and will soon start the process all over again.
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In Debt Diva
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We'll maybe I'll be paying the price later, but it's the chance I'll have to take! Whose to say what could happan futuristic. I'm going to enjoy the finest things in life while I can. Hey did the bankruptcy laws go into effect already? I know they were looking into it?
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Print out your post and save it. Twenty years from now while I'm stocking up on food for the guests at my beach house I'll think of you - while you are bagging my groceries.
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Yes, Diva, I think the bankruptcy laws already changed. Looks like you're gonna have to pay off all that debt. Uh oh.
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I just can't understand why anyone would have a debit you NOT know that if it is lost or stolen someone can empty your account and you have NO legal recourse. Seems kinda foolish to me...with a credit card you limit your liabilty to 50 bucks and most companys will wave even that.
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I agree with ya Dan!! Those debit cards are very dangerous. I do not even have one and do not want one. Its bad enough when traveling keeping up with other valuables.

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