Lower East Side shopping

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CM in Biloxi
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Lower East Side shopping

Can anyone please give me the scoop on successful shopping in the Lower East Side of NYC? Are there really great bargains to be had? Or are the buys in Chinatown just as good?

All suggestions and comments greatly appreciated!
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I enjoy going to the Lower East side for shopping and find it quite different from Chinatown. It is much less busy and they tend to specialize in different kinds of goods. Chinatown has lots of jewelery (a lot of which is fake but not all), knockoff sunglassess and purses. The Lower East Side tends to specialize in leather. It is also a good place to buy quality handbags and shoes. Orchard Street has a lot of stores and Ludlow is another good street to shop. Remember that most stores are closed on Saturday but open on Sunday. Katz Deli is a great place to eat lunch while shopping. Enjoy!

p.s. The Lower East Side Tenement Museum is quite enjoyable!
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In cold buffalo NY, I'm loving my full length leather coat that I bought in the Lower East Side last Spring. The deals were so good my husband bought a jacket too. Leather produts do seem to be the best buys. the merchants are very agressive so be prepared. Cash gets better bargains than credit. Katz's deli is a must. The whole area is an experience. We got great mango ice from a street vendor there too. There are walking tours on Sunday mornings if you are interested in the historical aspects.
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When going for leather jackets remember to bargain for the best price. Also, I bought some cheap bedspreads down there about 15 years ago. For food go to Yonah Schimmel for great knishes and Ratners for Jewish style dairy fare.
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Chinatown: include Pearl River Trading Company at Canal and Broadway (I think, check this out. & they have 2 stores) which is a truly Chinese department store. Be sure to look at: reversible padded silk jackets; men's short-sleeved undershirts which are nice summer tops for women; slippers & flip-flops; chinaware.

Lower East Side: there are 2 Lower East Sides now, one the old shopping area established by Jewish immigrants on and near Orchard Street, and then a lot of charming boutiques established by recent arrivals to the neighborhood.

Of the old LES: try A.L. (I think) Kaufman for lingerie--go with some idea what you want (a long pink nightgown; a Dior nightgown, size Medium; etc.), it's impossible to brows (once in awhile they "allow" this but do't count on it); Fine & Klein for picketbooks; Klein's of Monticello (if still there) for very high quality ladies' sportswear, not cheap but good prices for what it is. All Orchard St.

I don't know the new shops so well, someone else probably does. I think Elizabeth Street is a good one to stroll.
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CM, what are you looking to buy?
. The Lower East side is now part super-hip (ludlow street) wih edgy boutiques and clubs, part Chinatown (borders are creeping in) part Hispanic neghborhood,
And Alas, Bargainhunter, Ratner's is no more. If you haven't been here in 15 years (not sure that's what you meant). It's very different. Many of the 'old ' stores have closed down, yuppies moved in to relatively (for Manhattan) inexpensive housing, not much of a shopping destination like it used to be in the days when you went to the Lower East Side because all other stores were closed Sundays and/or no one else discounted merchandise.

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CM in Biloxi
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Thanks everyone for the great replies. I know I'm definitely not looking for hip, swanky boutiques. Not my speed. Pretty much interested in a decent leather jacket and the typical knock-off stuff....purses, watches, etc. I am looking forward to visiting the tenement museum. Looks wonderful. Thanks again everyone!

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