Las Vegas to Melrose Ave. (LA)

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Las Vegas to Melrose Ave. (LA)

On a reccomendation from a friend, my wife and I decided we might take a day trip from Vegas to the Melrose area for some shopping. Are there any obstacles on the way or any problem areas along the way we should avoid? Thanks for any advice!
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Are you aware that it is a 5+ hour drive from Las Vegas to Los Angeles (300 miles)?
If you drive on a Sunday or holiday, it will take even longer.
If you are planning on flying to LA for the day, you may want to fly into Burbank airport to avoid the crowds at LAX.
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Sounds more like a rallye than something you'd plan to do for a walk or a bite to eat. Its doable ....are you from Vegas and just want to get away from bright lights?
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As Cherie said, it's doable but pretty far for just the day.

I'd recommend an overnight if you can do it. Much more relaxed.

Do you really want to spend 11 hours in the car roundtrip to walk around for 8 hours?
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Dear Hal, seriously rethink that idea. I live a few blocks from Melrose in
West Hollywood. and have for many years. My guy used to own Leathers & Treasures -- the hottest store on Melrose from 1980 to 1995, it was Springsteen's favorite store. Things have long since changed on Melrose Ave. It's a dump compared to what it was. Cheap unattractive shops with crummy clothes. Lots of teenagers with earrings all over their bodies and tatoos. That would about sum it up. Unless of course you are interested in the very chic, very pricey antique section of Melrose Ave which borders Beverly Hills, West of La Cienga. Very nice furniture stores, art galleries. That's a different thing -- if you're interested in buying furniture. But if you are thinking of the old Melrose -- Forget about it! Best of luck. & of course if you want to come to LA to skip the Vegas heat and enjoy the water. Good Luck
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Dear Hal -- if you are planning on driving here and want some tips -- let me know by e-mail what kinds of things you are interested in shopping for, and I'll try to help with some ideas.
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i drove from los angeles to las vegas on a day. it is a tedious hot ride. we left in the morning and got to vegas around dinner time.
i must also comment on the fact that on the way you will see signs to turn your a.c. off from the car (and actually turn your heater on) to avoid overheating. i of course was driving a new vehicle, and did not listen to the advice. i ended up with an over heated car. i had to buy coolant from a juncky gas station strategically placed to take advantage of people like me. you also had to pay to use the facilities!!! it is death valley area.

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