Key West in summer

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Key West in summer

Planning a summer vacation - never been to Key West. Is it too hot? Where is a good place to stay? No children please!!!Is it an interesting drive to Miami or is it one of those places you should fly into? Thanks.
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No children? Now you're talking my language! The best way is to fly into Miami and rent a car then drive down to the Keys. It's a beautiful drive. I stayed w/friends when I was down there, so I can't help you on hotels. The people are laid back and very proud of their seaside town, and they like to have fun. Hopefully the families will be in Orlando, and the adults can party proper! The weather depends on when you go, but the further south you go, it will be warmer of course. Hope this helps!!
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August is the worst month. But it all depends where you are coming from. I grew up in the mid west and it gets much hotter there than here. Go to for better info and past history for the dates you are considering. We have a lot of great B&Bs that do not allow children but rates really vary. Pull up for more info on them. If you like hotels your best bet is probably the Ocean Key House Resort. Some people like the drive from Miami and some don't. It is something you should do at least once. There are some great sites along the way.
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One person's hot is not always another person's hot! Three of our five trips to KW have been in the summer and we have never minded the heat -- have walked everywhere at the island pace and enjoyed ceiling fans everywhere. But hten again we come from a cold climate and never complain about heat! Our experience has been that there are very few children in KW in the summer. Do think about flying into Miami and renting a convertible -- great fun to drive to KW and some nice stops along the way. Have you considered spending a day or two in Key Largo for some awesome snorkeling?? If you are interested in a B&B consider Wicker House, Merlinn, Key Lime Inn.
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At the end of January, my wife and I will be taking our annual Keys week. And it's almost always flying into Miami, and back out of Key West. US Air lets you do it that way.

We spend about four days on the trip down. Kind of a Key Largo for a night or two, then Marathon, and around Big Pine Key (Parmer's Place,) before getting to the main attraction.

Never done it in the summer. I'm sure it'll be easy to find accommodations, and I wouldn't bother with reservations until you get to Key West (and in the summer, you probably wouldn't need one there.)

The Key Largo & Marathon Welcome Centers can help you with lodging, and often can tell you who's got a discount for the night (especially the Marathon one.)

scj's right. Get a convertible. The extra cost will soon be forgotten, but the memory will last a lifetime. We just did (in September,) the Calif Hwy 1 trip from LA to San Francisco. I'd rented a Nissan Altima in advance. But when I went to pick the car up, I took the red Camaro convertible instead. Took five days going up the coast. And the convertible was the difference between a really good trip and a great one.
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Went to Key West in June last year. It was really hot--I don't think I'd go in June again.

We rented a convertible one day, to drive up the Keys. We were really looking forward to it, and were really disappointed. Except for the one spot where you can't see any land, it's not a particularly interesting drive. I'd fly.
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Debbie S
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I lived in Key West for a year and a half about 10 years ago. Here are my thoughts. In the summer, the only place to swim was Fort Taylor because the water stayed cool enough ... that was the big bummer about the heat. There aren't too many children visiting Key West. The drive to Miami isn't the greatest. You really don't need a car in Key West anyway --- most people use bikes (or walk) to get around.
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It can be hot but it all depends on where you are coming from.

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