Kauai in January

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j. elden
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Kauai in January

Thinking of going to Kauai and staying in Poipu in January but am greatly concerned about the weather. I live in the Pacific Northwest and see enough rain in the winter that I would like mostly sun. An occasional shower would be OK but too much more rain than that would definitely put a damper on things. Thanks for any insight!
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Check out this link for info on Kauai rainfall by month of the year. As you can see, January is the rainy season but there is much less rain in Poipu than on the north shore.

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We are Seattleites who do an annual January visit to Kauai. We stay in Poipu and have had some years with rain and some without. It's fairly unpredictable but still preferable to January in Seattle. If you are planning a short visit, ie: a week or so and really want to soak up sun, you might consider staying in Waimea- a little off the beaten track, but the driest part of the island, or going for the more reliably dry Kihei/Wailea area on Maui or the Kona Coast of the Big Island. Kauai is gorgeous because of all of the rain, and Poipu is in a drier area, but it's a little bit of a gamble in January. It hasn't stopped up from going.
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To mjb: We are from Seattle as well and have only been here a year but know that it will be nice to take a break from the rain in January. I am hesitant to go to the Big Island where it is not as lush (I lived in a very arid climate before)and hear that Maui is so touristy. What do you think of Wailea? This is our very first time to Hawaii now that we live so close. Thanks!
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We've spent a lot of time on Maui- mostly pre-kids (our oldest is 7 so it's been that long since we've visited Maui.) We haven't been back mainly because the things that we love to do there- hike up on Haleakala, spend some time 'upcountry', stay a few nights in Hana (heavenly if you stay a few days and make the drive an adventure instead of a one day marathon) swimming in natural pools and lazing on spectacular and unusual beaches- are just not terribly 'doable' with our little monkies in tow. Maui is beautiful. Some areas are pretty touristy and it definitely gets more tourist traffic than Kauai but it would be hard not to have a great time there. Kihei is really built up. Wailea is lovely, a bit more planned that most of the resort areas on Kauai but still very lovely in its own right. There are a number of huge hotels in Wailea. The ocean walk there is really nice and the beaches are great. Ka'anapali is also a great beach area but again quite developed. The other problem with staying in Lahaina/Kaanapali is the traffic can be awful heading up that way. My sister teaches in Lahaina and lives in Kihei and hates dealing with that road.
I agree that the Kona/Kohala Coast of the Big Island is pretty barren in a lot of spots. We rented a house on Kealakekua Bay in March and really fell in love with the South Kona area but we were looking for a very laid back vacation.
Poipu is a good bet if your heart is set on Kauai in Janary. It is often one of the sunnier spots on Kauai in the winter and the beach there is beautiful. There are a number of condos and a couple of big hotels. Maha'elupa Beach is close by but feels very remote. The Northshore is a good hour and a half drive and often overcast in the winter- but beautiful! As I said, we are going over this Janaury and are hoping for good weather because it will be a short trip but will still be thrilled to be in Kauai again. It is a beautiful green, peaceful place. Maui is great, too, and probably more reliably sunny. Perhaps visit Maui this year and do a northshore Kauai visit another year in the spring or early summer. As you will soon discover, 'normal' Seattle May and June weather can be dripping wet. Good luck on your decision. (Oh, we have stayed at what is now the Outrigger at Wailea. We liked it, low key and nice grounds. Great proximity to the Grand Wailea without it's business. Nice pool. We've also stayed at Hale Hui Kai, a condo just about on the border of Kihei and Wailea. It is a nice, fairly small complex right on a beautiful stretch of beach. Maui is fun. I'm talking myself into a trip as I write this!
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J. Elden
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To mjb: Too funny...I had just decided to play it safe and go to the Big Island afterall because of its diversity of terrain and then you suggest Maui. Now my dilemma continues...will let you know what we decide. Thanks again!

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