Hyatt Or Princeville???

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Hyatt Or Princeville???

I am planning my honeymoon in Hawaii and I am curious as to which hotel would be better, Princeville or Hyatt??? I like a great beach and a first class resort. Thanks!!!
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I've been to the Hyatt on Kauai once before, and I can tell you, it's a great hotel. The pools are amazing, the property is beautiful, the service was great. I can't think of how it could be a better hotel.

We're going again over Thanksgiving, and I had originally thought that I'd want to try Princeville, as many people consider it the best hotel on the island. However, after thinking about it, I settled on the Hyatt once again. The main reason was the location - Princeville is on the north east side of the island, and is somewhat secluded. The Hyatt is in Poipu, which gets the most sunny weather, and there's many other hotels & restaurants in the area. I guess it depends on what you want - if you want beautiful and secluded, Princeville is the way to go. If you want to get out more, the Hyatt is beautiful, and closer to more things to do.
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You don't say what time of year you will be in Hawaii. We were in Kauai in October and stayed at the Hyatt and loved it. As mentioned, it is beautiful - everything you would expect in a tropical resort. We only took a day trip to the Princeville area. We had lunch at the Princeville Resort. The views are incredible there. If possible, you might want to split your time between the two resorts, depending on the time of year. If you stay in Poipu at the Hyatt, definitely plan to spend time up north.If we ever return to Kauai, we will split our time between Hyatt and Princeville.
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What if we are wanting to go in July?? Which would be better then?? I have been told it is breezier and slightly cooler on the north shore. Please comment!!! Thank you.
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Princeville -- hands down. The views are incredible, the food and service first rate. The only thing I found a little disappointing was that the rooms do not have lanais. But I just love the Hanalei Bay area. It's on the rainforest side of the island, and is very beautiful. It's a bit remote, but that is part of its charm.
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The above posts support my idea that it depends on what you want from your trip. My husband and I stayed on the Princeville side and loved it because we wanted to hike and to explore,go to the farmers markets, buy Spam at the quick Mart etc.Princeville is beautiful and the lobby is breathtaking, but....
When I went with girlfriends the first time we loved PoiPou because that is where the hotels and bars and people (and sun) were.Age might be a factor.The last time we were there staff told us that management of the Hyatt took very good care of the locals after Hurricane Iniki, so I guess I have a soft spot for the Hyatt. You can't lose! You have two wonderful choices!

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