Hotels in Cambria and Carmel

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Hotels in Cambria and Carmel

My husband and I will be driving up the California coastin mid Sept. from LA to SF in our convertable--here we come beautiful scenery!!!!! I was wondering if anywone could give us hotel suggestions for our one night stay in Cambria (that will be more of a stop over since we are coming in from LA that night and then heading on north) and for our 2 night stay in Carmel? We would like an equivalent hotel to a 4 star hotel in Carmel.
Thank you!!! We can't wait for our trip--we have never driven on the PCH, but have read so many wonderful comments about the area!!!
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There are several really nice places in Cambria. We usually stay at the Pelican Suites, but are tempted to try some others based on comments made on this forum. Try typing Cambria or Cambria accomodations in the search box toward the top of the page. You'll need to weed through some posts that may not seem pertinent, but you'll find some great advice. I suggest you choose a place located on Moonstone Drive, which is right on the ocean and has some beautiful scenery.

I'm not as familiar with Carmel, so can't really offer any suggestions. The only places I've stayed there are La Playa and The Pine Inn. My husband and I liked them, but they are historic hotels, and as such, are older and may not be what you are looking for.
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The Pelican Cove Inn is very nice. We stayed there several weeks ago. We also like the Blue Whale Inn and the Fireside Inn.

In Carmel, we loved La Playa. The Highland's Inn and Tickle Pink Inn are both very nice. We enjoyed a very nice 4 night stay at HI in December for our anniversary last year. ***kim***
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IN carmel, the tickle pink adn higlands inn are on a cliff overlooking carmle highland cove really quite spectacular--thre are other nice palces in carmel valley--like quail valley lodge and others
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I second the vote for the Tickle Pink in Carmel. We just stayed at Moonstone Landing in Cambria and had a very nice 2nd floor room with a fireplace and an awesome view. Make sure you are facing the water.
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Carmel - Highlands Inn (Hyatt)
Fabulous views (especially breakfast outside on the deck), beautiful modern/Asian decor, phenomenal restaurant (Pacific's Edge), excellent service (we got a big discount and nice apology when we complained about our upstairs neighbors being too loud). It's largish but it's spectacular for a splurge weekend! Easy drive into Carmel for dining and shopping.

Cambria - J Patrick House (B&B)
Lovely log cabin home, wonderful breakfast, has gotten numerous awards and recognition. It's in a woodsy neighborhood a short drive from downtown.

We took a 3-day trip from the Bay Area down the coast to Hearst Castle and back in November 2004 and it was incredible!

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I second Moonstone Landing in Cambria. Get there in time for the sunset and request 2nd floor room with balcony and view.
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If you are looking for a very nice hotel in Cambria, Moonstone isn't it. It is an average hotel with nothing special but would do for one night. Check tripadvisor and research Cambria on this board. I have read lots of good things about the BlueWhale Inn (listed under B&B's) in Cambria but never stayed there.

My problem with the Tinkle Pink and Highlands Inn is that they are not right in Carmel. The Highlands Inn has a wonderful Restaurant but if you want to eat in Carmel, you will have to drive there. The rooms are spacious and it has been turned into a Marriott timeshare. If you stay there, ask for a room with a view.

I have never stayed at La Playa but it looks wonderful. I have stayed at the Colonial Terrace Inn which is not a 4 star hotel but very nicely decorated in a quiet lovely neighborhood area. Check it out:

We drove down to Big Sur Sunday and we always stop at Nepenthe. It is very casual and there is a cafe as well as a restaurant. We ordered a half bottle of white wine and sipped it while enjoying a view of the coastline. The appetizers (noon) looked basic but interesting - cheese plate with grapes, artichokes with dip.

Sounds like fun!
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Has anyone stayed at Vagabond's House in Carmel? Are there really LOTS of dogs there? It is rated #1 in Tripadvisor for Carmel B&B's. ***kim***
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These recommendationss come from my kids, who l do the kinds of brief but memorable couple's trips you describe:
Right IN Carmel--Tradewinds. Looks like basic motel from outside, but inside is "beautiful and romantic" according to daughter and her BF. Easy walk to some great shops and casual restaurants. (Try Patisserie Boissiere for un-pricey delicious food).
Based on weekend getaway report from my other child, I second Hausfrau's idea for superb (food and setting) and romantic dinner at Pacific's Edge in the Highlands Inn--a short drive from downtown Carmel (and next to Tickel Pink Inn, if you decide on that).

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Maybe you just can't believe what you read on Trip Advisor anymore? :-?
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While it is true that Moonstone Landing is not the most expensive hotel or B&B in Cambria, I will disagree with Ronda that it's nothing special. The rooms are huge, the bathroom is beautiful and if you can get an oceanfront room, it's definitely a good deal for the price. If you check on tripadvisor for recent reviews, they are good with the exception of a couple. For one night, I thought it was perfect.

Some of the B&B's like the J. Patrick House and Blue Whale do sound very nice.
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I have to defend Moonstone Landing as well. We loved being able to sit out on the balcony at night and in the morning to watch the ocean's activities(sunset, surfers etc.) There were very few properties along Moonstone drive that offered a balcony. I thought it was also very romantic with the big tub and fireplace.

Anyway, have fun!
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I totally agree with jd_denver and Paula1470 about Moonstone Landing. We stayed in july 05 and were very pleased. It's everything they said and more - also loved their wine - cheese reception and homemade breakfast goodies. You can pay more somewhere else but for the money and in terms of view / private balcony, it's pretty cool.
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There is also Bernardus Lodge in Carmel Valley. If you are not going to stay right in Carmel (Highlands Inn, Tickle Pink) you should also consider Bernardus. Fabulous food and a real upscale resort.

However, I agree that it is easier to stay in Carmel and walk to dinner.

Try to eat at Escargot.
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I too am going to give my vote to Moonstone Landing. I've stayed there twice in the past two years and both times it was very pleasant. I much prefer its modern, clean look to some of the overly cutsie B&B's.

Had a great lunch this past May at Robin's in Cambria village. Went back the next night for dinner and wasn't as impressed ... so I think the ticket is go for lunch.

Don't overlook doing a couple of wineries in Paso Robles.
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Perhaps when Ronda went to Moonstone Landing she wasn't able to stay in one of the rooms facing the ocean. When I called for reservations facing the water they recommended the second story. Perhaps the rooms that don't face the ocean are average. Don't know. I agree that the fireplace, the deck, the view and even the big tub made for a pretty wonderful stay. We really enjoyed sitting on our own deck watching the sunsets with a nice glass of wine.
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I was puzzled why Ronda advised not to stay at Moonstone Landing so I checked her Trip Advisor link and she linked to a B&B called Moonstone Inn. NOT the place I recommended.

Ahh! Mystery solved. Now I feel better. I am looking forward to my next opportunity to stay at Moonstone Landing.
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We've stayed in La Playa & also Highlands Inn. We decided for our upcoming trip to stay at Highlands Inn this time....we liked convenience of LaPlaya, but I think there was no elevator and bags had to be carried up the stairs. Since we plan to be out and about....the park, Nepenthe, driving to different spots, we decided that it wasn't so important to be right in town this Highlands Inn is just so unique, the setting and everything....our friends are going with us who have never been to Carmel and so we wanted it to be the total experience for them!! I did read (on some other site when I was planning) several posts that indicated La Playa might be rather tired these that also was a biggie in our decision.
Hope it's not true, but didn't want to spoil our friends' trip!
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My wife and I stayed at the Vagabond's House two weeks ago in Carmel, and we both loved it. Very nice, helpful staff; a cozy setting with a lovely courtyard to relax and have breakfast in; and it's easy walking distance to almost everything in downtown Carmel. We didn't see any dogs, but we did hear one in a neighboring unit, but it was never annoying; and our room didn't have a "dog smell" to it when we stayed there.
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