Hotels by the Diamond District

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Hotels by the Diamond District

Can anyone recommend a "good" middle of the road hotel that is within walking distance of the Diamond District? I was thinking of the Hampshire Hotel @ 157 West 47th street but the reviews are not the greatest? Any info would be appreciated! We plan on coming into NYC for a one-mighter off Amtrak to get a diamond engagement ring! Any dealer/store recommendations would be appreciated as well! Thank you!
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I sincerely hope you already have the name/recommendation of a reputable dealer. An engagement ring is too big an item to trust to one of the hundreds of booths in the diamond exchange. If you haven't been before, it can be a mob scene, and they're very aggressive in pushing sales.
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Try the Edison located on W.47th just west of Broadway. The hotel Constantly gets favorable comment on this forum.
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Congratulations on your engagement.

The diamond district can be a bit tricky. I would suggest going to some of the stores down on Canal St, just North of Chinatown, you will probably get a better price and can haggle with the vendors.

You might try the Diamond district and then head downtown and look around. I would recommend my jeweler, she has done very well by us. We bought a gold and diamond watch for my mother last year and it cost us $500 and everywhere else, it was over $1,000 for the same watch.

Shop around before you buy.

Let me know if you have any other questions on good restaurants. You might consider taking a carriage ride through central park, and giving her the ring there, of course you need a bottle of champagne too,,,,,

Have a wonderful time while you are here.

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Be really careful. Unless you know alot about diamonds, - cut, size, clarity, flaws, prices, etc., it can be very tricky. I wouldn't buy a diamond unless it was from a long-standing jeweller in my own home town, recommended by satisfied friends or family.
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also any reputable jewler will let you take the ring to be appraised somewhere else for an hour or so before you decide to buy it.

aside from the financial issues you are coming into a wonderful time in your lives...good luck and enjoy!
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If you're looking for a good diamond, insist on looking at only stones that have been inspected by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America)and ask to look at the ORIGINAL inspection report for each stone that you look at.

This report is addition to listing an independent assessment of color, size, and actually gives you a diagram of any flaws in the stone so you can make your own decision about what you want to buy.

Unless you have a trained eye, You have to trust that the jeweler is giving you the report that matches the stone...but this is easy to check at another reputable jeweler. Don't buy a stone from anyone who won't let you get it inspected by another jeweler before the sale is considered "final"

The diamond-buying decision is full of tradeoffs between size, brilliance, and clarity (the absence of imperfections). A little education before you go would serve you well...if you live near a Tiffany & Co. they have an excellent "How to Buy a Diamond" booklet. It's unlikely you can afford a huge perfect diamond, so you have to make a choice between "bigger stone with a few flaws" OR "smaller stone with fewer flaws" OR "smaller stone with a few flaws" depending on your budget.

Personally, I had a good experience with a diamond district dealer/store named David S (dealer's name is David So)....I believe it is on 44th street
Good luck
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I used to stay frequently at Hotel Wentworth one block over from the diamond district. It sounds like what you might be looking for. It's a Quality Hotel property, and it was very decent and affordable the last time I was there (about three years ago).

Here's their info:

59 West 46th Street
New York City, New York 10036
Tel: 212-719-2300
Fax: 212-695-1813

Rooms: 189
Price: US$ 89 - 230.

Maybe someone else might have more recent info on this particular place, or you might be able to find more information by searching the web.

Good luck and congrats!
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FYI - Street level 47th Street is still retail. What you are coming here for is selection.

Suggestion: decide what shape you want, pick out a loose stone and then pick out the setting. It is much easier to spot a flaw in a loose diamond than it is in a set diamond. Price some stones out locally so you know the ballpark figures before you get to the city. Do not leave without an appraisal in your hands. You will need that for insurance purposes. Pay with a credit card that has buyer protection--just in case.

Keep in mind that most of the stores are NOT open on Saturday and Sunday and they close early on Friday for the Sabbath. We have used someone on 47th St for a few years and been happy with her - Lynn at Manhattan Band. 10 W. 47th St. 212-869-3828. She deals primarily with wedding bands and watches but she will know who to send you to for diamonds. You can tell her that Randy & Ellen who bought the Concord & Gerard Perregaux watches recommended her.
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Greg never mentioned if he has a referral or not. When I go to the diamond district, I use a jeweler that was referred to me by a friend. The friend's family has been using this guy for years. I still shop around a little to ensure he is staying honest with me on price. I always find that he matches the best price, and I trust him.

Someone else mentioned David S. I went to that place too. I decided not to buy there, but I was impressed and would have felt comfortable buying from them.
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I highly recommend David S (David Soh) jewelers. I (my fiance really) bought a beautiful sapphire and diamond ring during Christmas and there were a few things I wanted to change. He was very accommodating and a pleasure to deal with. I recommended him to my girlfriend and her now-husband. He purchased her engagement ring there. David has very nice, good-quality diamonds.
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Continuing on my earlier recommendation of David S., he has a very good website at
The site includes some educational information as well as prices on actual stones he has on you can at least get a feel for prices and price differences between stones of different qualities
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Thanks for all the good info! I had a recommendation for David S Diamonds, so thanks for the website info! My fiance is an excellent shopper when it comes to jewelry and diamonds already so I decided to leave the picking of the right stone/setting up to her!
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