Hotel's breakfast

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Hotel's breakfast

Hello everybody! We're a couple travelling to Rome for Christmas. We have just discovered this fantastic web site.
Thanks to Expedia we could read a lot of reviews and we took a nice hotel, but in these reviews they advise not to breakfast in the hotel, not worthy and too expensive they said. After we booked I asked to the hotel not to include the breakfast, as I read in the reviews. Buy they replied is not possible. Is it possible? How can I get more information about this? THANK YOU EVERYBODY.
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Not many people on this forum go to Rome. It will help if you re-post your question on European forum with "Rome" in the topic line.
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Assuming you mean Rome, Italy, you've mistakenly posted this on the US board. Go to the Europe board.

Meanwhile, I'd look at reviews of your hotel on

If the hotel says your breakfast is included in the price they quoted you, I don't see the problem. If it's not included, I don't see how they can force you to eat there.
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McLaurie, the OP wants the price of breakfast to be refunded.
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Most hotels (all that I know of, especially in Europe) do not price their breakfast separately from the room rate when "breakfast is included" in the room rate. It would be a bookkeeping nightmare. They might as well forget the "included" and just charge for breakfast..then those who eat pay, those wno don't, don't pay.

So, just decide whether to eat there or to go elsewhere and buy your breakfast.
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If you booked this hotel with Expedia, ostensibly because you found it appealing and for a reasonable rate which includes breakfast, it would surely not be realistic to expect the hotel to reduce the rate to not include breakfast. Often the "special" Expedia rates include breakfast for the same rate you could acquire otherwise, but WITHOUT breakfast included.

And, who is "they" who "advise not to breakfast in the hotel". Do "they" refer to this specific hotel???

While many recommend having breakfast nearby your hotel, in general, where it may be better and cost less, where it is included in the rate, why not? Especially when you can have it delivered to your room, precluding having to get up, dressed and go out for it.
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You definitely need to repost on the Europe board. Hotels in Europe have all sorts of differences regarding meals at the hotel. Some require you to pay for one or two meals per day per person (whether you choose to actually eat it or not). You'll need to provide the actual hotel name to get the best results also.
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You don't need to re-post this thing anywhere..what you need to understand is those people who said not to eat the breakfast probably didn't get their own breakfast included in the rate.

Hotels in Europe aren't going to dis-include the breakfast from your room rate so you can give up on that idea right now.

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I think Dukey is right. If you bought an Expedia hotel package, which includes breakfast, then I don't think it's appropriate to ask the hotel to delete it. Personally, I like to have hotel breakfast included in my rate. It's so much more convenient that way, and hopefully you thought the rate was good, too.

The people that advise you to go elsewhere than the hotel are probably referring to the instances where the hotel charges an additional price for the breakfast, and you can choose for or against it. They are probably saying you can get a better price if you walk a few blocks. Again, it's a matter of convenience vs. price.

In this case, I suggest you have already made the deal and should keep to it. It will probably be fine.

What hotel in Rome is it? You can go to the Europe board and search the hotel's name to get Fodorites' comments on it, if you haven't done that already. But, you've already bought it, so stick with it, unless you think you should cancel and pay the penalty with Expedia.
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If this hotel includes breakfast in the price, I'm curious how anyone could tell you it was "too expensive". How did they determine the cost of the breakfast? If on the other hand they price the breakfast separately but require you to pay that, you are more likely to have luck when you check in insisting that you do not want the breakfast. They may or may not let you opt out.
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Allowing that this does belong on the Europe board, it has received responses here and OP may come back here looking so I'll jump on the bandwagon.
France is the only European country I know where it is illegal to include breakfast in the hotel room rate. Theoretically, breakfast must be priced separately, and guests are free to decline breakfast and not have the charge applied. In practice, there are some (but not many) hotels that still advertise a breakfast included rate. Many Parisian hotels automatically add the charge and expect the guest to request a credit if breakfast was not taken. That's why in most breakfast rooms someone will ask your room number, maybe even to see your key. Quality of breakfast varies widely from property to property.
Not sure about laws in Italy. My experience in Italian hotels has been that the breakfast actually is worth the price.
Mopre to the OP's point, if one books a package, it's a package, not a menu from which to choose. In this case, asking to get a credit for breakfast would be like ordering the threee course set menu and asking to forgo the appetizer and get a credit. That's a la carte, not package.
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Seamus, I had just recently read about hotels offering "demi-pension" of 2 meals per day. They charge you separately for the meals and don't allow you to option out. I'm not sure how common it is, the book I read indicated it was usually in resort towns. Possibly that's the case here?
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