Hawaii review

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Hawaii review

All I can say is paradise!!!!

We went there for our honeymoon!

I will say it was a LONG flight from Philadelphia! We had a layover in Chicago. I am great on planes-NOT this time. I got so sick 3 hours left to Hawaii! It ruined my first 2 days. Definitely try to have a layover in CA if coming from the East.

Oahu-2 nights at the Hilton Village-VERY NICE, Very Big! Did not spent to mush time at the hotel.
In Oahu (kind of like a city w/beaches) we did Pearl Harbor and hiked Diamond Head. That is all we had time to do.

We ate at Bali by the Sea which was so romantic!

Oahu was not my favorite of places-won't go there again!

Maui-Fairmount's Kea Lani-UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! 6 nights- I loved everything about this hotel! It was beautiful. All rooms are suites. The employees remembered our names, service was excellent.

We: went on Ali Nui Catamaran and Snorkeling trip-awesome
went to the Old Lahani Luau-a lot of fun(book well in advance)
went to the rainforest-not my favorite (it was raining:0))
went on the Road to Hana-now I loved this! Most people say they don't like this but Hawaii had a ton of rain the week prior and you should have seen all the waterfalls! It was beautiful place!
We did go on the backside of the island ***all rental companies say not to*** Do it you will be fine! It will be an experience of your lifetime. We did it in a convertible.

Ate at:
Nick's Fish Market-Best Meal in Maui
Old Lahani Luau-Horrible Food, fun atmosphere
Cheeseburger's and Mai Tai's-low key night!
Tommy Bahamas-Pretty Good
Spago's at the 4-Season's-OK
I forget the name of the 6th-not worth mentioning though!

Kauai-Hyatt-4 nights Rooms and Service- OK but the grounds/pools are AMAZING!

We went to the Waimea Canyon-if you don't like being up high don't go-you will be 4000 feet above sea level. Beautiful views
Princeville-pretty but raining and cooler
Helicopter tour with Jack Harter-My Favorite!
We also found a beach off of the Napali Coast that was amazing and ALWAYS sunny! It was called the Pohiolo (sp) State Park Beach.

Beach House-Favorite on all 3 islands!!! Have to go!
Tidepools-Very Good

Some tips-bring bug spray where ever you go (you will need it at times)
always wear or have a bathing suit handy-you will wish you had it if you don't
NUMBER ONE TIP! If you are thinking of getting a Jeep-DON'T! You will thank me on this! Stick w/ a convertible. It is very hard to put the top on a jeep when it's raining. We hit rain showers ever few miles for about 1 minute and then the sun would be out down the road. We actually traded our jeep in for a convertible.

Also-if it's raining where you are, ask a local where the sun is and drive! The sun is always out somewhere.

The islands are easy to drive and are short distances to everywhere you want to go.

As far as money-that was my biggest concern. It is comparable to dinners in the City of Philadelphia. I DID NOT think the prices were bad at all. Only at the hotels they charge you more! Highest dinner cost 150-drinks, appetizers entree and desserts-Nicks Fish Market
lowest-appetizers drinks entrees and dessert costs 39-Cheeseburgers and Mai Tai's!

Well I am finally finished rambling...any other questions let me know!

We are already planning our 5 year to Hawaii-OF COURSE!

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Great information! How does the pool area at the Kea Lani compare to the Hyatt Kauai? Did you happen to notice (or hear) if all of the rooms have been renovated at the Hyatt? Did Jack Harter have a video you could buy of your flight? Thanks!
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Why anyone would want to go to Kauai is beyond me.

2 WEEKS, BABY!!!! 8-)

Don't........know.........if... .....I.........can..... .....hold.................on.....much....... .......longer.

Ahhhhhh. OK. I can do it.
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Luvthebeach - very nice report. We will be staying at the Hyatt on Kauai for 2 nigths - You mentioned all 3 restuarants I am thinking about - but we can only do 2 - Beach House? Roys? and Tidepools? Obivously from your report Looks like Beach House is your favorite - which of the other 2 would you pick - for atmosphere, quality and service? We do have a Roy's here in Tampa, but it may be a whole different experience.
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I go to Kauai every February. If you want atmosphere Roy's is NOT the place. While the food is great, the restaurant is in a mall and has no view whatsoever. In fact the mall walkway cuts the restaurant in half, so you have all these people walking by. I have never understood why a restaurant of this quality chose such a poor location. But, oh well...For atmosphere Beachhouse can't be beat. Food is also very good. Tidepools also has a nice atmosphere, as it is on a man made lagoon on the Hyatt grounds. I can't give a review of the food as I have not eaten there. Hope this helps.
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Ashley, the pools at the Kea Lani or any other hotel can't compare to the Hyatt in Kauai! I have never seen a pool area like this! It was absolutely amazing!

I do not know about all the rooms being renovated-we had a room that was newly renovated, we were in the Shipwreck tower.

Jack Harter did not give out a video

Kal-you said it!!!! Who would ever want to go to Kauai!!!-LOL

Nancy, I also agree with the previous poster, not very romantic, if you have a Roy's in Tampa why go in Hawaii! I would definately go to The Beach House and Tidepools.

I am so jealous-I want to go back NOW!!!

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We stayed 4 nights at the Hyatt on our honeymoon and loved it. Tidepools was very good, and nice setting on the lagoons with all the coi fish. If you ask them, they will bring you cups of fish food, and you can feed the fish--i know it's corny, but it was fun.
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Thanks for the great report. We got married in Oahu nine years ago and stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village. Loved the beach, although after a little accident at Pearl Harbor, was unable to get into either the ocean or the pool. My sister-in-law bought us flowers, a cheese and fruit plate and dinner at Bali-by-the-sea as a wedding present. But we agree with you that we won't go back again. This year we have chosen to go to Kauai and stay at the Hyatt. Am looking forward to the pool and plan on being more careful this time. A little concerned about the cooler weather at night in Feb. but it sounds like it may not be a big deal? We've gotten spoiled by being places that are a perfect 85 degrees. Only two more months to go!
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Luvthebeach ... I appreciate all your info as I am planning a trip to Hawaii. Just a little concerned about bringing bug spray? What kind of bugs are you talking about? Hopefully just mosquitoes??
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Yes, sorry I should have said earlier, the only bugs I saw (or actaully felt) were mosquitos. The only time we had problems with them were when we were on the Road to Hana (hiking to waterfalls) and hiking to Kee Kee (sp) Beach! I never wore any at night around the hotels/restaurants.
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You missed the best parts of Oahu. It isn't all city.
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