Hawaii in mid-April

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Hawaii in mid-April

My son is going to get married in April 2002. We will pay for his honymoon to Hawaii. Is this a good time to go? How is the weather this time of the year? What islands are the best for him and his bride? They will be there for 14-16 days coming from Boston
Any great but not too expensive accommodations? $150-180 per night for accommodation will do?
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Great Parents! My parents helped with our honeymoon to Maui 9 years ago and I still thank them. We as your son got married in April (25). Stayed in the Wailea area which is warmer with less rain. Perfect weather our whole trip but sorry we missed the whales. They leave end of march. We are going back next year for our 10th (month early to see the whales). Staying at the Renaisance and sheraton but the hotel is free with my hotel points. If you are a member of Starwood, you can get good discounts at the Sheraton Maui. You can join for free if not (www.preferredguest.com). It will still be at the high end of your range but it is on the best location in Kaanapali.

Alot of people write about condos for good prices. You should search this sight for condos and post a question. Maui is my recomendation for Islands however.
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I stayed in Kaanapali (on Maui) in April a couple years back. I remember that it rained almost every day in that area, however, the island seems to have lots of different microclimates. The rain didn't ruin our trip at all, it was still warm, even in Kaanapali, and we just hopped in the car and drove 10 minutes south to another beach in Lahaina where it was dry and sunny all day. I understand that most of the islands have similar variations in weather depending on location. You might want to log onto weather.com and check the temps, rainfall, etc for the past couple of years for the different areas in Hawaii that your son and soon to be daughter in law are interested in.

I would personally stay on Maui because I like to be active on vacation, but some people who like a more secluded, quiet, relaxed feel appreciate Kauai more. However, since they're going to be there for more than two weeks, they could definitely do up to three islands comfortably in that time frame if they wanted.

As for hotels, i've usually opted for a condo when looking for something in the $150-$180 price range but I think i've read quite a few posts recommending the use of the Entertainment Card to get half off rates? It might be helpful to take a look at those previous posts?

Hope this helps.
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We've been to Hawaii about 15 times and most of those visits in April and to Maui (the nicest of the islands we think). There might be a rain shower every day, but not real rain. We've stayed in the Kaanapoli area and prefer it to other areas of Maui - lots greener (lush, tropical) for one thing and easier to get into Lahaina to eat, shop, etc. Wailea is nice, but it's dry and more desert looking we think. kauai gets more rain then Maui. We also like the Big Island (Hawaii) as there is a lot of varied scenery. I would not go to more then 2 island tho, it eats up too much time traveling between islands. Too much unpacking and packing is not fun and at least a 1/2 day is shot every time you change hotels, island, etc. It's more relaxing to stay in one place.
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Nina, the weather should be just fine and we rarely get rain for more than a couple of consecutive days.

Frankly, I think 2 weeks on Maui is too much for a young couple - unless they want to "veg out" or do watersports most of the time. This would especially be true if based in Lahaina, which is a long drive (say, minimum of 30 minutes) from everything else. I'd opt for Wailea instead.

If your son and his bride need nightlife, Oahu is it. Honolulu has many, many entertainment options, including a variety of world-class events sprinkled throughout the year. If you check the Friday edition of one of our newspapers, it has a TGIF supplement that gives info on practically everything that's happening in Honolulu during the coming weekend/months. Their website is www.honoluluadvertiser.com and I highly recommend it for researching your son's trip. Maui's newspaper is the Maui News, but I don't know what their website is named. I'd just try mauinews.com or do a search. Also, guidebooks will tell you what special things might be happening in Hawaii in April, and that info could very well affect your son's itinerary.

Bottom line is that one of the "neighbor islands" is okay for the whole trip only if the couple does not need more than some sightseeing and water/golfing activities. Maui, the Big Island of Hawaii, and Kauai would probably be the preferred choices (over Lanai and Molokai)

Whatever they decide, may they cherish every minute of it!
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14-16 days is not enough time to see more than one island because you burn up a half day travelling?
What kind of advice is that?
Wailea looks like desert compared to Kaanapali?

Take the advice with a grain of salt, OK Nina?
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With 14-16 days I would choose to island hop and see the highlights of 3; 5 nights in each place is very comfortable. Actually, if you include Oahu, I would stay there fewer days. The outer islands offer a lot of activities; hiking, snorkeling, water sports fantastic scenic drives... depending on what part of April...whales are still seen, especially in Maui.
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I am also considering Maui/Kauai for a Honeymoon the last week of April. But, I am concerned about the crowds...as it Golden Week in Japan and many travel during this time. Has anyone been to Hawaii during Golden Week - are the crowds manageable?

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