Hawaii-3 islands in 12nites/13 days?

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Except that the sights visitors to Hawaii are usually most interested in seeing are palm tree lined crescent-shaped beaches, sparkling clear turquoise waters, lush tropical foliage, and drinks with little umbrellas in them. And you can see all that on any of the four major islands, so what's the point in going from one to the other?
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Each Hawaiian island offers something different to see/do.

But some may enjoy just enjoy kicking back at one beach.
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Tomsd -- Yes, you and I know the ropes of interisland travel. We know the roads too. We have 'been there, done that' before. WE can get door-to-door in less than half a day, but the newbie is...a newbie.

nelsonian -- I have a friend whose DH actually has a checklist for the Louvre. He and she go their own ways there and meet back at the hotel because he drives her *crazy*. She is a musician and art lover. He's an attorney and former Navy officer.

There are no 'rules' any visitor must follow about how to pace a visit. However...the people on this forum know what has worked for them over MANY visits, and the feedback we received from first-timers. That's where the consensus comes from about One week = One island; Ten nights = Two islands; Two weeks = Three islands, unless one is Big Island and you want both sides.
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I agree FaceintheCrowd that if I live in the US and wanted a relaxing holiday then chilling out on one of the Hawaiian islands would be ideal. However this one is not that type of holiday. If we do get back again, then that is what we will do, probably on Kauai.
However we can go to Rarotonga to chill out also, haven't been yet, but a co-worker has so is also on our list.
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Nelsonian, you could also join your countrymen/women on Fiji. On our island of 25 guests, we were the only Americans, the rest were new Zealanders and Aussies.
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traveling is very personal. For me, packing and unpacking is a chore and waiting in airport lines is so wasteful so I do as little of that as possible. If it doesn't bother someone then go for the gusto and see it all. I have friends who spend a nite her and a nite there when they travel and they love it. to each his own....Whatever you decide to do you will love Hawaii. My favorite place to unwind and blessed that I live on the west coast and get over there fairly reasonable (at least I used to) and just a hop skip and a huge puddle jump away. Aloha
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I've been to Hawaii twice and I'm getting ready to go back in March-first the cruise and then to Kauai. I've been to Oahu and Maui twice. I think your choice of the three islands is good. Many people want to relax on the beach and do a little sightseeing but you need to decide what your family likes to do. I'd recommend going to Pearl Harbor in Oahu and if the Polynesian Cultural Center is still there, I'd do that. Oahu is obviously very commercial, so you might cut one of your days there and add somewhere else. Do your kids like hiking and lots of activity? You can do that in Kauai and Maui. If you don't mind spending the money, you can take a helicopter ride over Waimea Canyon in Kauai. I might be doing that if the hiking is too strenuous. My favorite memory of Maui was the bike ride at sunrise down Haleakala but it probably is too dangerous for your kids. I'd still go there and see either the sunrise or sunset. It is amazing. I haven't been able to do the road to Hana also in Maui, because I didn't plan it right. You need to go fairly early in the morning, pack a picnic lunch, allow for lots of stopping and be sure to be back before dark.
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We are going this summer with my folks and my MIL and kids 11, 13, 15; so 8 of us total. I couldn't decide 2 or 3 islands so had folks vote, they voted 3 islands. We are doing 5 nights Oahu [arrive late first night]; 4 nights Kauai; 6 nights Maui.

Most vote against 3 islands but I think if you're ok with it, than go for it. And, as long as you're not trying to throw the big island in the mix [the Big Island should be treated as 2 islands it seems], should be ok.

We tried to organize flights to maximize our time on island. Oahu we have 4 full days [because we arrive night of day 1 and leave morning of day 6]. We then fly into Kauai at 9ish day 1 and leave late afternoon day 5 so we will have at least 1/2 day at beginning enjoying and then 1/2 day at end enjoying so it gives us 3 full and 2 half days [wish we had more time here but some time is better than none]. Maui we arrive late afternoon day 1 and leave night day 7 so we have almost 6 full days.

Best of luck!

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