Going from Phoenix to L.A. Nice Drive?

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Going from Phoenix to L.A. Nice Drive?

I am flying into Phoenix to visit a friend. She wants to drive from Phoenix to L.A. cause I told her I really want to see California. I've never been there so she said we will drive. Any suggestions for restaurants along the way or something we shouldn't miss? Then we need a hotel in L.A. Any suggestions as to a nice hotel? Thank you!
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PHX-LA is a REALLY boring drive. If you've never seen a desert you'll be intrigued for about 30 miles.
Then you'll be just plain bored.
A whole lotta nuthin' on the way.
You could stop in Palm Springs but by that time you're almost to LA...might as well keep going.
Nice hotels? Sure, head over to Beverly Hills to the Peninsula or Four Seasons or St. Regis or one of the several Ritz Carltons.
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I disagree completely, the desert is absolutely gorgeous and changes every few miles. There are some interesting towns along the way, too, some old ghost towns, tacky truck stops, completely isolated trailer parks, and my favorite, outlet shopping! The drive can be a lot of fun, a totally different look at life outside the big cities.
Have fun!
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Yee Haw
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truck stops, outlet malls and trailer parks??????
if that's your idea of tourist attractions, well....whatever
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how much time do you have? maybe it would be better to take 'the long way' around, via the grand canyon and las vegas. don't know if you've been to those places or not.

it's been a few years since i was on that route, but i think it was roughly 4 hrs from phx to GC, another 4 hrs from GC to las, then another 4.5 hrs from las to LA. maybe someone else can correct my times?

i loved seeing the tall cactus along the way, and you can stop at places like montezuma's castle, hoover dam (tho no tours now) plus a couple of other suggestions were made on this post awhile back.

never been the whole hwy 10 route, tho someone told me to go and see london bridge that way.

i like the miramar hotel in santa monica, being near the beach and lots of restaurants/shoppping. depends what you want to concentrate on in LA, of course.

have a great time!
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While there are places you could stop and see along the way, I would just drive straight thru. There is some interesting scenery along the way, but it is the type that can be viewed as you drive along rather thatn the type that you need to stop and get out of the car to see. Just grab a bite to eat whereever you stop for gas.

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