Getting into clubs at Sobe

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Getting into clubs at Sobe

Can anyone recommend any strategy/tips required to enter nightclubs at Sobe. I hear that the bouncers make the decision who lets to go in. Also can one make a reservation to get on their list.
I was interested in Liquid. Any other club recommendations are always welcome.

I will be there with my boyfriend for one night before going on a cruise.

Thanks again
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In my club going days in New York, a well placed $20 always worked.
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dress well and do not act like a tourist or someone there for their first time.
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Stay in Iowa (or equivalent). You don't stand a chance if you need to ask.
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1) Dress for the club - find out what they wear at that club, some have very strict dress codes and this is the easiest way to get bounced out of the line. That doesn't mean overdress either.

2) Going as a couple can sometimes be tough. A guy with 3 girls gets in before a couple.

3) While waiting, appear as though you have someplace better to be. Don't stare at the bouncer as if to say "pick me! pick me! pick me!"

4) As someone said, look as if you've been there before.

5) Look beautiful.

6) Also, try and hook up with a group of people in line. Start up a conversation and look as though you are all together. This can help big time. I used to go to a club that would not let guys in unless they were with women so my friends and I would make friends with a group of women outside the club to tag along together.
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Dress UP. People dress up in Sobe like nowhere else, especially the girls. Some outfits are quite amazing.

Now a girl will always have an easier time getting in than a guy. Best strategy for either though is to show up early! The clubs may stay open until the sun comes up, but it doesn't mean you can't show up at 11pm. Once there are already a lot of people there, getting in gets harder. Get there early and be a little bored while the place fills up (should happen VERY quickly). Then there's a chance you may not have to bribe the bouncer.

If you end up in the "line", don't wait in it! Casually go up to a bouncer and ask how you can get in. Other people outside might be able to guide you to a specific bouncer. Often, this option is not even more expensive. Instead of a $20 cover, you pay the $20 to the bouncer and he lets you in to the side. Only loser there is the club owner (don't worry, he'll do fine once you buy a few $10 drinks!)
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Oh yeah, a lot of clubs there are fun, though you probably don't want to go into a gay club unless you're looking for that.

Opium is a pretty fun club (super expensive, but strong drinks) which is half an outdoor club, so don't go there if it's raining. I think it's on or around 4th and Collins.
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How about Liquid? Now I know about Opium and Liquid. Any other cool places?
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Check out or for Miami. There is also a website for the Miami Herald and the News Times.
Definitely approach the bouncer, it usually works. Tell him you are with your 'cousin'.
Some clubs will take a reservation but, they require you to spend a certain amount on bottle service.
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depending on where you'll be staying - your hotel might be able to give you VIP passes.
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You should look on under Miami for more info as to the clubs.

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