Getting from Newark Airport to Ft. Lee, NJ


Jun 2nd, 1997, 11:22 AM
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Getting from Newark Airport to Ft. Lee, NJ

I'm traveling to the east coast and was wondering if
anybody knows how to get from the Newark Airport to
the Ft. Lee, NJ area, other than a cab. Is there
public transportation, or hotel shuttles that I can
take to get me there? Last time I took a cab it was
about $ there a cheaper way?
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Jun 2nd, 1997, 11:51 AM
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There are shuttles that you can inquire about at baggage claim and curbside. Ask about Jersey Transit buses/trains and check Shortline too. Hotels also offer shuttles so maybe you could pay themto get you to Ft Lee. I used to live about an hour from Newark in NY and the shuttle I took was about $15, you'll be closer so you should be able to get something in that price point.
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Jun 2nd, 1997, 05:31 PM
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Try Babe's Cab in Fort Lee. 1-800-886-TAXI from outside NJ or 201-944-6800 within NJ. They'll pick you up and deliver you to Fort Lee for $36 plus tolls ($2.40) and tip. Public transport will be cheaper, but might take well over an hour (if not closer to 1 1/2). Babe's will do it in 20 minutes and their pretty reliable.
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Jun 7th, 1997, 08:24 PM
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A cab may be the most efficient, although most expensive, way to get from ERW to Ft. Lee. Was it $60 from a meter or a fixed rate? Some taxi services there have a specific rate going to certain towns, but I don't think you can find that out until you get to the airport. Mass transit may involve taking a bus from the airport into Manhattan and then taking a bus back to NJ. Are you staying at the Ft. Lee Hilton? Ask them if they have ideas.
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