Freaky Friday Rants & Raves 7-14-06

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Freaky Friday Rants & Raves 7-14-06

Rant: Telemarketers.

Rave: Throwing back questions at the telemarketer until he can't take it any more and hangs up.
What's your name?
Who are you calling for?
Who do you work for?
Where did you get my number?
Where do you live?
What's your phone number?
Do you have any personal problems you would like to discuss with me?
.....dial tone........
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=D> Brilliant jorr! LOL
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Rave: Jorr's telemarketer rant. I must say that being on the "do not call" list has cut the number of annoying calls we receive waaaay down.

Rave: 10yo ds, who used a line I had read somewhere and told him about on some kind of telemarketer the other day. I was in the shower, so he answered the phone...

Caller: I'm so-and-so from whatever company. Now, I'm not trying to sell you anything...

Son: Oh, that's too bad. I was in the mood to buy something over the phone, but now I fear the impulse has passed. Goodbye. (click)

Rave: Oldest daughter and son-in-law are here for their renewal of vows ceremony and reception. They had a really small wedding last year, and we all wanted to have a celebration here with friends and family.

Rant: I hate decorating, especially with temps in the 90s and a fellowship hall in which the evaporative cooling isn't working well.

Rave: We'll have a lovely time anyway!

Lee Ann
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Rant: One of my selfish 19-year-old employees quit with no notice.....because I wouldn't let her leave work early to go to a JOB INTERVIEW! I'm OK with her seeking employment elsewhere. Just not on my time!

Rave: The very mature, normal, responsible 18 year old who walked in to apply for her job.

Rave: My mature nieces, who assured me that there are 17 year olds who are more responsible than that, and to not give up on youth.

Rave: I met Mr. Makino today. Of Makino Chaya! I told him I like his Las Vegas buffet.
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Oh my gosh, I forgot today is Friday--thanks jorr for the reminder! ;-)

Sad: My step-mother's brother died of brain cancer this week. Ed was in his mid-50's. That he was able to do a few things he wanted to before passing, such as visit the Grand Canyon, is a rave.

Rave: I was able to buy two tickets for trips this fall using miles on American.

Rave: Lots of Fodorites "seeing the world" right now!
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Another Rave: When I put out the trash a little while ago there were five bats flapping about above me--very cool!

And that the coffee has kicked in I remembered that about 10 years ago I hung up on a tele-marketer who called me back, yelled at me, and told me to NEVER hang up on a tele-marketer. After that incident, I reported him to the phone company and changed our number to an unlisted one. That we pay nearly $5 a month to have an unpublished number is a rant!
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AnnMarie, so very sorry for your family's loss.

Rant: I have an unlisted # AND I'm on the no-call list, yet I still get calls from a certain charity. I learned that charities are exempt from the no-call rules. There's one charity that calls at least 2-3 times/week. I've told them repeatedly I'm not interested in their cause and to stop calling, but it does no good.

Rave: Caller ID, and the organization above doesn't have caller ID blocking.

Rave: Jorr's strategy for dealing w/telemarketers. Now I'm looking forward to my next call.

Rave: I've had tons of fun planning trips this week. Thanks to those who have helped.

Happy weekend, all!!
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I almost forgot:

Rave: I am quoted in a Fodor's guidebook. Starrsville told me it was either Greece, NY, SC, or GA. I think it must be Greece, as I know little to nothing about those other places. I'm going to the book store this weekend to check it out.

I'm in the Fodors Hall of Fame.
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Rave - caller ID

Rave - a DH who speaks Mongolian and answers those 'unknown' calls in Mongolian and keeps repeating in bad English "I no understand, so sorry!" They don't usually call back after that!

Rant - I picked the absolute hottest weekend all summer here in Michigan to move. It's going to be 95 and humid! Ugh.

Rave - Air conditioning at the old place, the new place, and the vehicle that will transport me between the two places!

AnnMarie_C - Sorry about your stepmother's brother - he was so young!

And Lee Ann - good luck with the decorating. Sounds like we're both going to be pretty hot!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! I'm unplugging my computer tomorrow so don't start any fun threads without me!!

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Rant: Remember Barbaro, the race horse? I just read an updated article, and his chances are not looking good.
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Rave: First time posting on FFR&R's, after lurking for some time. Hi everyone!

Rave: My strategy for dealing w/ telemarketers...I ask if I can put them on hold for a minute. Then I leave the phone in the next room.

Rave: Leaving next Thursday to spend one one month in Cambridge, UK. Have side trips to Dublin and Berlin...can't wait!

Rave: Just got back from CO. Had a wonderful time visiting friends and family.

Rant: I am not winning mother of the year anytime soon. I "lost" my 2 year old at the swimming pool yesterday while dealing with a tantrum by my 4 year old. We later found him trapped in the mens restroom. I had nightmares all night.

Rant: I read this post every week and see a lot of you are going through some tough stuff. My hope is that everyone finds the strength to get through the tough times. Hopefully good times are around the corner.

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StephCar, welcome to the FF&RR! Sadly, I also lose the mother of the year award regularly. Your experience sounds scary--those toddlers are quick, aren't they? Glad it ended well (except for the nightmares).

Rant/Rave: That my summer has consisted of being a taxi service for my very active 14 year old DD. I'm glad she's not just sitting home watching tv, though.

Rave: The band Kansas is in town for our area's big annual Oregon Trail Days celebration. Wonder if they still sound good? We'll find out tomorrow--the fun thing is that both my teens want to attend the concert (not with us, of course). Guess all those years of being brainwashed by their parents' 70's music has paid off. LOL.

Rave: My 73 year old mother is leaving for her first ever trip to NYC in a few days. She is massively excited and has a list of things to see a mile long. She's going with friends and has traveled all her life...but I worry about her as she's aged and travels without my late dad. I worry about my kids, worry about my mom...does this sound familiar to any of you?

Have a great weekend, everyone.
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Phones? We don't even use our home phone and I bet it has been over a year since anyone answered the thing.

Rant: None.

Rave: Summer
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Love Jorr's strategy for telemarketers. I usually ask them for their home phone number and what time they get home from work so that I can call them back when they are just getting home from work, trying to arbitrate family "discussions" between children, checking the mail and making dinner. that seems to work pretty well. Also, mention the word BANKRUPTCY to send them away.

Rave: Saw beautiful birds while walking the puppy boys this morning. I am lucky enough to live near a nature preserve and that's where we walk in the summer. A whole bunch of blue jays, a stunning heron and some really cool looking woodpeckers...their bodies were black and white, almost like zebras and they had really neat red crowns. Any birders out there who can tell me what I saw?

Rave: Puppy boy #2 turns 1 this sunday. I"ll have to "travel" to the pet store for a present for him and a party favor for puppy boy #1. Real boys will enjoy seafood and cake. Puppy boys will probably get a fish dinner too.

Rant: The middle east. Why can't we live together peacefully.

Rant: NO travel plans in the foreseeable future!!! I need to do something about that!

Have a great weekend all. Prayers for those in need.

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Huge Rave: I purchased our honeymoon package this morning. It's final---we're going to Puerto Vallarta!!!!!!!!! Woo Hoo! Hip hip hooray!

Rave: Lil' sis is on her way home for a visit this weekend. We'll be having a big family get-together at camp all weekend.
Rant/Rave: It's going to be in the 90's but my brother is bringing his boat so we'll get to be out on the lake all day.

Rant: My dad still isn't feeling well. He's still experiencing lightheadedness, shortness of breath, and some discomfort in his chest. He has a stress test this morning and another test this afternoon. It's 7yrs. to the day since he had is bypass surgery. I hope it's not heart related. All his tests are showing nothing really. He wore a 24 hr heart monitor this week and that didn't show anything abnormal either. I hate to see him not feeling well and I'm so worried about him. We have an aisle to walk down together so he better get well soon!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!
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Rave:Work on our remodeling is going extremely well. Workers are polite and clean up very well after themselves. Kids are patient and dealing with the inconvenience. Parents haven't snapped at each other yet. And it looks beautiful.

Rant: Too many decisions that have to be made on a daily basis. and the dust is driving me crazy.

Rave: Life is very very good.

Prayers for all those going through difficult times. JJ5 - we haven't heard from you here on FFF lately but I think of you and hope you are okay.
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It's Friday and I actually have time to participate in FFR&R!

We have no home phone, only use cell phones, so that helps reduce the telemarketing calls substantially.

DH's old roommate used to have some clever replies for was "It's not really a good time, THERE'S BLOOD EVERYWHERE!" and then hang up. He also used to ask them to hold and then keep them on hold indefinitely.

Rave: It's Friday, It's summer and I'm home!

Rave: This might sound insane, but no more trips 'til September! Too much business travel lately.

Rave: Dinner with Fodorite friends tomorrow night.

Rave: Time to work on yard & garden projects this weekend!

Have a great weekend everyone! Trish
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Ethel - I hope your Dad will be okay. And I'm happy to see that you made your honeymoon decision. Sounds exciting!
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sounds like i'm in excellent company if i also confess with downcast eyes to losing mother of the year award. 14 yr old daughter isa seems so high maintenance, so demanding, so arrogant. she'd rather go w/o underwear than buy it from kmart in a 6-pack. i don't care if victoria's secret is having a sale, not all lingerie has to be top of the line.

RANT: cost of gas and my time driving her to work.
RAVE: i thank the divine universe that she has her own money. she can spend it any way she likes!
RANT: re-settling in a new home, new town during a divorce. packing up old house nearly did me in.
RAVE; after 30 trips to the dump, my load was lighter.
RANT: not light enough. after three and a half months , there are still about 30 boxes unpacked.
strapped for cash, unable to find a decent job in marketing for the past two years, i've given up thinking corporate america has any value to me since sidestepping to raise children and found two schools.
RAVE: i have taken a job selling cars for hyundai, starting right after my return from california! i'm enjoying my summer while i can. i hear the hours are long. hope my kiddos will be OKAY. at least we'll be stable financially!
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it's friday!!

rave: my first big spa day tomorrow in nyc! oldest friend and i turned 30 this year, so this is how we do it! that also means it's 25 years we've been friends. (we grew up next door to each other) we'll probobly have champagne too after!!

rave: my father made me laugh this week.

rave: countdown to weekend in toronto trip!

rave: still not as humid or gross in new york as last summer.

rave: devil wears prada. it was fun, and entertaining.

rave: used up my amex points and got a new set of luggage. mine was 7 years old, and took quite a beating. amex was way helpful, and i wasn't talking to someone across the planet.

jorr, very funny on the telemarketers. i never really minded them calling on my mothers main phone. it was always for her, and i figured it was business, and a best effort...but i am getting automatic ones on my cell phone now, even texts, and it's driving me nuts!
i actually usually say "no thank you, good luck". and that usually takes them by surprise and is a good way to end the call.

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