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I like to read the posts about places I would like to visit or ones that I have gone to. I will comment if I went to the place in question.I don't withhold information. I might withhold my tongue though!!! The US board for the most part is easy going. The Caribbean board is very opinionated and they can get very touchy about their opinions!!
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95% of what I look at on this board relates to home (NY) or places I have already visited. I think I prefer to give advice than request it. My vacation planning usually takes place on the plane, on the way to my destination! Unlike the majority of people on this board, I hate planning, and almost all my trips are last-minute.

I also look at the NY threads to see restaurant recommendations and fun things to do near home.
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I love to provide an insider's perspective to Chicago. I check the Illinois board almost every day. I can't really talk about hotels, since I live here and have no need for them. I also don't live downtown and frequent the restaurants there, so restaurant advice is also limited. I do make a point of saying the Gino's East is an overrated tourist trap with lousy pizza. My number one pick is Giordano's.

I would consider myself an expert on transportation and what to see and do outside of the well worn tourist path's. I have been to the museums and such often enough to offer advice on those too, though perhaps my perspective is a bit different than that of the tourist, especially the first timers.

I also like to check the boards for other places I've been. Milwaukee and elsewhere in Wisconsin seems to have come up a lot lately, I'm a frequent visitor to Wisconsin, and I really love Milwaukee, which has a distinctly different personality than Chicago. So, I'm almost as eager to provide advice for Wisconsin as I am for Chicago.
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I am not an addict here because too many here are in love with themselves.
My hometown has a great bakery in York, Maine called "When pigs fly,"
It is now sold in Massachusetts and other New England states.
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I'm not smart enough to withhold information...
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I'm not smart enough to withhold information either.

I traveled for a living for six years and am gettting reading to get back into the business so I have extensive knowledge about quite a few US destinations.
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ronkala, thanks for asking! First I will assume that you will be traveling on I-94 through Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota. Its the easiest route. If you are leaving Hudson in the morning you will probably be in Mid North Dakota by that evening or night so I can't recommend a place to eat. Otherwise I could recommend somewhere to stop.

However, I can tell you some other things. If you are interested in driving through both downtown Mpls. and Downtown St. Paul stay on 94. The skylines are impressive. If you want to avoid it take the longer loop route of 694 to the north. Either way you will be back on 94 on the other side of the "Twin Cities". On your way toward ND you will pass within two miles of my home. Please honk! I would invite you for lunch but I will probably be working.

After you pass Fergus Falls the landscape gets really flat and treeless. Its the Red River Valley. You will probably not see anything that flat the rest of your life. It will last for the next 150 miles. It was the bottom of Lake Aggasis ten thousand years ago. Somewhere in that area you will be looking for "supper" as we call it.

Watch out for crazy Norweigians. We are everywhere in Minnesota!

Have fun.

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Yes, I try to use my knowledge as a Chicagoan to help travelers.

With so many travelers taking shortened vacations anymore (just long weekends or less at lot of the time), I think that most don't have the time to really explore any more than a small area of Chicago--nor even fully even discover THAT portion.

And, with all due respect to other posters, I also think that a lot of travelers are interested in going to Wrigley Field because of the history of the ballpark and atmosphere of attending a game there. Quite frankly, U.S. Cellular Field doesn't have the same "personality" of Wrigley nor even that of the old Comiskey Park. (Nor are the neighborhoods surrounding the Cell similiar to those around Wrigley.) I've many attended games at all three and Wrigley is my favorite by far.
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Hi nnrobnz

I check the US board often and offer advice if I have 1st hand knowledge about the question. I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about outdoor recreation, beaches and redwood groves in Humboldt and Del Norte counties. There are a few of these places that receive very little pressure from the locals as well as the tourist. I dont volunteer information about these places. (they are usually way out of the way) However if someone asked a specific question I would give my best answer.

Have fun
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