Flying w/16mo old to LA

Aug 17th, 1998, 07:03 AM
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Flying w/16mo old to LA

I am flying from the East Coast to LA with a 16 month old and would appreciate any advice on how to make it there without going insane. We got her a seat but do I need to bring her car seat? Any area on the plane better? Tips on dealing with ear pressure and irritated passengers. Was thinking of getting a t-shirt made up with something smart written on the back. Any ideas???
Aug 17th, 1998, 09:11 AM
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I flew with my son from NJ to San Francisco from the time he was 3months almost every other month.

First relax as there is no way you can predict your child's mood that day or control if the plane is on time etc. Do not worry about the other passengers as many have been in your shoes before and any that are annoyed just will have to deal with the crying.

Wear a fanny pack (unnattractive I know) but put your tickets and wallet in there and do not bring a purse. Gate check as you board the stroller. It will be at the gate in California when you arrive. Her car seat can be checked as it is a pain to carry on board (Oh by all means preboard) The car seat on the other hand might save her life and I always took it when my son was small. She might sleep in it.

Order a kids meal for yourself if you think you will have to hold her. They usually come in a Mc DOnalds box or it is a bag type lunch so this way you do not have to put the tray table down which is impossible while holding a baby. The flight attendents are usually willing to hold a meal if you are nursing or feeding the baby till she falls asleep which is probably what she will do. I think she is too young for the liquid childrens Dramamine but that puts them right out and my son got so sick in turbulance so this was a Godsend.

In your diaper bag pack several washcloths for spills and an extra outfit for the baby as well as an extra shirt for you. Planes generally are cold so dress her in layers as you might roast on the runway in LA. Pack an extra empty bottle and ask for juice or milk if she drinks that. She qualifies for a meal with a ticket so maybe you want to preorder a fruit plate and a kids meal then you would have an option.

I found an aisle and middle seat better than the window as you want to be able to get up and walk with her. Lots of parents hang in the back of the plane with their little ones.

Ask if the plane is full and if not tell the reservationist that you are scared flying with the baby and that if you could have a row with an empty middle seat that would be great as you would not disturb any passangers.

So fanny pack, diaper bag and look confident as you board like you do this all the time....ha. Good luck

Ask if they have a diaper table on your plane, some do. I found changing him in the bathroom tough but doable.

Aug 17th, 1998, 03:35 PM
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We traveled with our daughter to England (an 11 hour flight) when she was 12 months, she is 16 month right now and is certainly a lot more active. We were lucky and didn't have any problems and I commend you for paying for a seat it will cetainly make your life easier. We did have the problem of having to eat in shifts because she didn't have anywhere to sit. As the previous post mentioned and I'm sure you know, we can all plan to the hilt, but children are in control of themselves and you cannot determine their mood! The best advice I got was from my sister-in-law who has flown to England alone with her will NEVER see these people again! All you can do is your best to keep her occupied and hope she is not cranky/sick the day you go. If she is she is and there is NOTHING you can do about it. If you work yourself up about it, it will only make it worse! Most people are only going to think "I really feel sorry for that lady", instead of "I wish she would make that kid stop screaming". Sometimes your mood reflects you child's. So just keep smiling and make the best of it. The idea with the stroller is a lifesaver, we did the same thing. Although when we got to England it was on the carasol. Coming back to the states it was at the door.
Aug 17th, 1998, 07:23 PM
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Brings back not-so-fond memories of our trip from Chi to LA with an 18-month-old. My first advice is, if the kid wants the pencil you're writing with, give it to him immediately! (Not doing so triggered a tantrum that lasted almost the entire flight!) We had flight attendants and even other passengers volunteering to try to walk the kid and try to shut him up to no avail. Finally after three hours someone had the bright idea to take all his clothes off because he was getting all sweaty and he shut up immediately. Go figure. Re: medication: Anything you plan to give your kid you should try out before the trip, as some kids have paradoxical reactions to meds that would otherwise zonk a grown-up and it makes them hyper instead. Just what you need. Thank God my kids are bigger now and tolerated the 24-hour-three-plane odyssey to Europe we got stuck with when Air France went on strike. You'll survive and so will the baby. Any other toddler-on-a-plane horror stories, anyone?
Aug 24th, 1998, 07:30 AM
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Thanks for all the tips! You guys have made me more relaxed already.
Aug 25th, 1998, 01:55 PM
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All of the above is great advice. My 2 cents worth from someone who lives in Australia and has regularly taken trips with our young children of 9 - 15 hours duration: don't worry about the other passengers - all of them have either been a parent or a child - just look after yourself and your little girl, you'll never predict your childs behaviour beforehand so on board go with the flow (as we all know bribery is Good!), use the flight attendants if you need a 10 minute break for yourself, for a flight of that length you probably dont need to medicate your child but if you are thinking about it then definately try it out at home first, and above all dont feel guilty if your child misbehaves you really have no great control over it, relax and try and enjoy your trip.
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