Floridian Fodorites Check In

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I hope all are considering donating to Red Cross Emergency Relief -- you can do it by credit card (they need cash more than anything else) on line: http://www.redcross.org/donate/donate.html

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My prayers go out to all of our Floridian Fodorites--glad to see who has check in--lets hope we hear from the others soon.
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Thanks for posting the link. I'm going to expand on your idea and start a new post.
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I just wanted to say that I am releived and glad that my new found Floridian Fodor-friends have so far survived the horrendous devastation wrought by Charlie. I was away yesterday, from the computer and the T.V., and found myself worrying for all of you during the course of the day.

And Wednesday....what a great name for that little, helpless bird. It made me laugh until I cried (thanks, I needed that). Peace.

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I've been following this thread many times daily but haven't posted yet. So let me add that my thoughts are with all of you and thank you for letting us know that you are ok.

If someone had asked, I would have said that I don't have any friends or family in Florida, but I realize how untrue that is. Even those of you with whom I have no direct contact, I know your names, your voices, your personalities. My fodor friends are all over the world and it makes me connected to so much more of what happens in the world.

Take it one day at a time, and do whatever you can to help. The stories are indeed inspiring, and Wednesday, that you took the trouble to save a helpless bird in the midst of this disaster touches my heart.
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Hi Everyone,
Late check in from Venice/Englewood. We are fine and feeling very grateful. Have lived here for 15 yrs. and never thought that the predicting ability, especially on CAT level at land fall, could change so fast. My husband and I looked at each other at 3:00PM on Friday afternoon and thought we might have made a fatal mistake.

North Port is fine. It sounds like the residents of Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda will have one more really tough day and then an absolute army of help will have made its way down here to help. We are seeing very very long lines for gasoline in North Port, Englewood and Venice as no pumps are running in the effected areas. Many in the spill over cities are running out of gas. Also, long lines at fast food areas. Port Charlotte will turn on water at 8PM tonight and see where the big problems are.

Please do not forget DeSoto and Hardee counties which were hit hard and are not getting the press of Punta Gorda/Pt. Charlotte.

All of your positive words are very encouraging and I have heard many many more positive things about humankind throughout this event than negative.
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My sister has a winter home on Del Mar Drive, North Fort Myers. Cannot reach anyone in that area yet to see if it was affected by hurricane. Anyone any news on that area? Thank you.
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I am so glad to hear that you all made it through okay. I am also apalled to hear of how many who own hotels are price gouging the poor souls who evacuated. That is horrible.

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Your relative most likely does not have power. I have just been in touch with my sister right next to Ft. Myers Beach. Phones are also out. As far as damage in North Ft. Myers, yes, some people did have structural damage and some was significant, but it is spotty. The good news is that there are not fatalities there. Hang in there.
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As it turned out Hurricane Charley hit right near us and we have been busy cleaning up the mess. We had no damage to our home but the old trees that make our community beautiful are in bad shape.

This is nothing to complain aboutwhen so many have suffered so much more. I have been without power since Friday about 3 p.m. Tonight it finally occured to me today that I brought my work laptop home and could get online since our phone service is back up. Dial up is primitive, but it works.

As everyone has heard (probably much more than I) Charley made a minute turn and headed over the beautiful Pine Island Sound and Charlotte Harbour. So many very old communities have been completely devastated. I used to live in Burnt Store Marina and know it has taken some hits as well as the destruction of Punta Gorda.

It's much more pleasant in my car than in my home so my husband, dog and cat and I took food, batteries and water inland today to LaBelle to help some people who have lost everything and apparently had had no food since Thursday. Just loaded my Aviator with tons of breakfast bars (for the record: I've never eaten one of these travesties and never will but they seemed a good choice for people without resources), all the Gatorade left at the local Sam's and bunches of toothbrushes and toothpaste. Many were driving along the Caloosahatchee with us to bring food to these forgotten communities. (No tourists ever visit these rural counties).

As many of you may know, I'm an interior designer in Fort Myers who primarily does work on winter and vacation homes in the barrier islands. My company is still without power and it looks like my section of south Fort Myers (near the river) will be without power until Thursday. I may finally sweat off a few pounds. It will be a difficult year for my community but we will rally.

Thank you everyone for your thoughts.

Sharon LilMsFoodie
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Happy to hear so many Fodorites from Florida are okay. Take care everybody! My prayers are with you.
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We can all breathe easier knowing the worst is over. I only wish that all had survived this terrible act of naturre.
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I'm glad to hear that the Fla. fodorites are OK and doing their best to survive this disaster. I am reading your posts with interest and affection for the areas you live because we venture to gulf Florida every Christmas week for a getaway in the "sun", each year hopping towns a little...Marco Island, Fort Myers Beach, and multiple visits to Siesta Key/Sarasota and just last year Englewood/Venice. So these posts have a little niche in my heart as I recall the trips and places we've stayed and wonder how everything and everyone is "there". Ironically, this is the first year in many we've chosen to go to the Texas gulf during Thanksgiving instead of FL at Christmas--strangely so. We also have relatives in Port Charlotte that we visited on one of our trips and haven't heard how they are. Keep the info coming, and we'll keep sending the prayers.
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GoTravel and Sharon, so glad to hear from you! Good news that you and your families are alright.
This is all so sad, we can at least take comfort that those we love and our friends here are OK.
BigHugs! Scarlett
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I'm usually on the Europe Board, but am glad to see this post. I live in Miami,and have been glued to the TV for the past 3 days. Of course relieved for us, but heartsick for all those poor people on the west coast who lost their homes, or especially loved ones. I went through Hurricane Andrew, and have been so depressed today, reliving it as I watch those scenes on TV. In Miami several of the TV stations have launched donation drives for everyday items that people need, and there has been a tremendous response. I called the Red Cross today after seeing an urgent request for donations to their Disaster Relief Fund. Anyone else in a "giving mood" can call 1-800-HELP NOW.
I'm sure any little bit will help.
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So glad that more of you have had a chance to check in and that you and your homes are fine. I only wish that everyone in Florida were so lucky. The devestation in certain areas is so sad, but it's always nice to see people rally together and help one another at times like this. Thanks for sharing your stories and experiences.
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Sooo relieved to hear from more of you. Our thoughts have been with you all.=D>
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I checked in on the long thread because I saw that one first.
I live in Orlando, have no power at home yet but hope it will be soon because it is VERY hot.
My work has power so I happy for the A/C and cold drinks.
I live in a condo complex that came out faily well. At least half the shingles on the roofs are on the ground. Trees are down and the pool is trashed but everyone is OK and that is what counts.
It was kind of funny Sat. morning we all came out early about 6:30 to assess the damage and it looked in the dim light like a bunch of zombies walking around. Everyone had this ' oh wow' look on their face and they were all pointing at things.
You have to laugh at the little things. But I am already very tired of the heat and eating peanut butter.
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So glad to hear from you all and know you're ok. LilMsFoodie, you especially, as I have a close friend who lives in Fort Meyers (can't get in touch with her at all) and ironically she's a Designer too! I hope she fared ok even if there's no power or phone or cell phone yet. Have been thinking of you all for days now.

Prayers & donations to all those who need our help!
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So good to hear from you, LilMsFoodie. I knew you lived somewhere north of Ft. Myers and am glad you escaped major damage.
Hope you're getting lots of rest. I suspect you're going to be very busy in the next year!
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