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More time in DC and less in Charleston? They are spending 8 days in DC and 4 in Charleston. Would you rather they skip Charleston?
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Can't tell you if the bus is safe or not but I will say this. When I worked for the Department of Corrections, I was in charge of weekend furloughs for the inmates. Know how they would get home? I put every last one of them on Greyhound.
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8 days in DC is a bit much, unless you husiness there.. in 2 day s you can easly see all the sites... of coure you can spend half I life time in the Smithsonian museum..

I second the BOSTON TIP
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Yes it is true that criminals do frequently travel on the bus when they get released, either at the end of their sentence and sometimes also on day release.

Many Americans have told me that the bus is only for criminals and trailer trash who can't afford cars.

You better watch out though. I bet Dennis Kozlowski, Bernie Ebbers, Scott Sullivan, Mark Swartz, Ken Lay and these types of criminal won't travel by bus. They will be on planes and so all you snobs who put down bus users better all get used to sittring alongside criminals in the air.
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Owen O'Neill
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I agree with the thought that 8 days in DC is a lot. Boston is a good idea. Assuming that you are on a tight budget, here's a plan. Fly into Boston, spend three days, take the Dragon Coach bus shuttle to NYC for $20 (I think Peter Pan bus company also has a Boston - NYC bus shuttle). 8 days in NYC, Dragon Coach shuttle to DC. Five days in DC and then either rent a car to get to Charleston - advisable as restaurants, beaches etc. may be a bit spread out and having a car would be nice.... or take a train there and finish up with 4 days there. I find the idea of ending a trip wiht the laid back and relaxing portion to be a very good idea and you'll also likely be putting the best and warmest weather at the end of the trip.
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TO JOHN: Many Americans have told you that buses are for trailer trash who can't afford cars? Don't believe everything you hear. I used buses when I was in college while I was a freshman, 'cause the campus did not allow us to have cars for the 1st year.
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I have been posting about how great greyhound buses are and getting all kinds of responses accusing me of being a liar. Reread this thread and you will see people saying that taking a Greyhound bus is the most dangerous thing you can do in the US. I have been retorting telling them they are clueless wealthy wankers who just use planes.

Then they have come up with the point that criminals use Greyhounds which is a point that does contain some truth. I state that a lot of people say that these two groups are the only users of these buses and that is why they think they are dangerous modes of transport.

If you actually read the thread you will read that I regularly use Greyhounds and I was championing them as a good means of transport rather than just for the lower echelons of life. FYI - I do not consider my self trailer trash as I own a house. I also do not have a criminal record.

I suggest you go and learn to read. What was that college you went to where they don't allow cars? I will remember not to send my kids there in case they come out as illiterate as you.

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To John: I don't have time to read every single post. However, I read the recent ones, and yours said, "Many Americans have told me that the bus is only for criminals and trailer trash who can't afford cars." I disagree with that statement since I don't associate buses with trailer trash. Also, if you had read my post, you would have noticed that my college did allow cars, but not the 1st year. "What was that college you went to where they don't allow cars?" Sorry, but I went to no such I was driving my car around during sophomore year. FYI: I am very literate....I graduated from college with a B. S. in Education within 3.5 years...who knows, maybe I will be the teacher for your children.
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The Greyhound bus is fine; perfectly safe. But I would do train or plane from NYC to DC.

8 days in DC strikes me as 4 or 5 days too long (while 8 in NYC is very do-able).

Get a rental car in DC and head south, using those extra 4 or 5 days to get to Charleston. Williamsburg is good for two of the days. North Carolina is nice to drive through (eat some good barbeque!). Myrtle Beach, SC for a taste of the Carolina beach-life. Then to Charleston.
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Ok I think the buses sound safe enough. Boston sounds like a good idea too, dont know much about the city though What are the best things to see there? Also are there any recommended national parks in the area I will be travelling?
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A good website for general activities around Boston is - click on hotels & visitors for a start(also, there's I guess the one thing that's a must do would be the Freedom Trail, which from what I understand, is literally a line painted on the ground(?) that goes around the city, leading you to many of the historical sites of the city including Paul Revere's house and the Boston Tea Party ship. There is also Fanueil Hall and Boston Common.

Also if you and your bf are fans of sports - you can catch a baseball game in Fenway Park (if you go in Sept it'll be easier - October is playoff time), one of the most famous fields in baseball. And there is always Cheers, where everyone knows your name (did you get that tv show?)

Cambridge is the next town over which is the home of Harvard University - not necessarily exciting, but very pretty and a cute town - you can go there for lunch and walk around.

There is heaps to do in Boston - I'm sure some native Bostonians can help you out here. and btw - definitely DO NOT drive in Boston - the Big Dig (massive long-term project which has caused traffic headaches for the past 15 years) will drive anyone insane. and definitely DO have seafood (especially lobster and chowder) while you're there as that is what they're known for!
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National parks in the Northeast may not be your best bet in October. The Adirondacks in NY will be past leaf-change, I think, and rather chilly.

Try the Skyline Drive in Virginia if you going to drive from Washington to Charleston. You may catch it at the peak of leaf-change time, which will be quite beautiful, and the weather should be nice in October. Stay at the Peaks of Otter Lodge in Southern Virginia. As you continue down into North Carolina, you'll come to the Smokey Mountains, another good bet that time of year. Stay in Ashville, at the Grove Park Inn (a big, luxury resort in the mountains), and visit the Biltmore Estate if you want to see how the billionaires lived a century ago.
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Stephanie P.
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I'd suggest taking Amtrak from NYC to D.C. There is regular service between these cities. I use to commute from Baltimore and D.C. round trip and sometimes took the Amtrak back to Baltimore if I missed my local train. Both cities have sufficient local transportation. However, from D.C. to Charleston rent a car. This will allow you to explore what's between D.C. and SC. I'd also suggest getting in touch with a AAA (American Automobile Association) website and find location to get a book about each of the 3 major cities you will go to as they list what attractions are in each city. October is a great time of the year to visit the U.S. (Northeast/Southeast) because the weather is cooler (60s), however, don't be surprised if you have 80 degree temps in Charleston.
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