Eating in New York - recommendations

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Eating in New York - recommendations


First visit from UK to NY in a couple of weeks. Can anyone tell me if there is a Denny's on Broadway or nearby?

We are staying at Crowne Plaza and want to get breakfast out of the hotel - can anyone recommend a place (reasonable but good) in the vacinity?

Also, where is the Best Burger in NY?

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I don't know of a Denny's in midtown and none are listed in the phone book. A popular restaurant near the hotel (145 W. 45th) for hamburgers is Hamburger Harry's. Jackson Hole is known for it burgers and there are six in the city but none are near the hotel.
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You can get a good burger at -
Joe Allen (46th b/w 8 & 9), a good spot to go before a show;
Island Burgers (9th Ave. b/w 51 & 52), a real "hole in the wall" but the 2000 Zagats gives it a 21 for food; and believe it or not...
The Hard Rock Cafe (59th b/w Bdwy amd 7th) has excellent burgers. Alot of NY "purists" may scoff, but burgers are one of the few things the HRC does very well.

There are no Denny's, but there's no shortage of coffee shops for breakfast. Alot of people like Applejack, your basic bacon, eggs, coffee & juice place on Broadway, near 56th St.

Not sure if it's still there, but has/had a section called "Best of" where you can find the best of many different things in NY, including burgers.

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Don't sweat breakfast in NY. When you get here, find the local bagel shop and introduce yourself to a real NY Bagel.

The recomendation for Jackson Hole hamburgers is right on the money, but i don't find all 6 locations to be equal. The best one (IMHO) is on 3rd ave by 35th St.
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Normally I don't like to give away my secrets, but since I like visiting the UK, I'll help you out.

The best burger is in Greenwich Village at The Corner Bistro (331 West 4th Street). It's a small pub-type restaurant and gets very crowded so go either before 12 noon or after 2:00 pm. Also try to avoid 5pm-8pm when all the New Jersey yuppies come "slumming".

If you are into chain restaurants, there is a Howard Johnson's on Broadway (around 45th or 46th Street, can't quite remember). I believe they are open 24 hours. I can't vouch for their breakfast, but they have good ice cream. And of course, as mentioned above, there are several excellent diners in the area which serve a good breakfast. Try walking West and hit the vicinity around 8th, 9th or 10th Avenue for some decent New York Diners.

And of course you must try a real New York bagel while you are here. My advice: hop the 1 or 9 train uptown at 50th Street. Get off at 79th Street, walk one block uptown to H&H Bagel (2239 Broadway at 80th Street). It doesn't get any more New York than that.

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How about Esse Bagel? (third ave and ~51st St). It doesn't get any more New York that THAT place! Everytime my friend goes on there and orders low-fat cream cheese, the ownver looks at him and says, "You sure you want that? That stuff tastes terrible."
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I work in that area. I recommend a bagel place on approximately 55 and Broadway. It's right near David Letterman's Late Night theater. The bagels are huge and delicous. I don't remember the name, but it's on the Nort West side of the road.
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Best burger: Old Town Bar, as shown in the opening sequence of Letterman. I also like O'Neals near Lincoln Center.
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Try Pic-A-Bagel!! Theyare awesome. There are z few locations, one is on 3rd Ave and about20th St. Look in the hotel's phonebook. Corner Bistro is ok, very crowded and no menu. Last time I was there, they rushed us out in about 15 minutes. Jackson's Hole has huge burgers and are good.
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Denny's are a suburban phenomenom. You will not find them in the city. One of the best burgers i have had is at a tiny diner, Cozy's, on Broadway, below 8th street and at about Astor Place, near an underground parking garage. They are amazing and huge. I love the Blue cheese burger deluxe. After that, you can explore the East Village. This is not a fancy place, but it is really heavenly.
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Went to the Island Burgers hole in the wall last time i was there -- very good. Also, it's good if not everyone you're with necessarily wants a burger. The menu lists all different kinds of ways you can get a burger or chicken sandwich. Very cool. Great shakes.
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Heid's in Liverpool New York! Great Coneys and Franks.

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