Disney Dilemma

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Disney Dilemma

We (two adults) are going to Orlando in March. We were just there about a year and a half ago and we went to Epcot and MGM. We definitely want to go to Magic Kingdom this time and I'm trying to decide on another park. Went to Sea World and the zoo in San Diego a couple of years ago. My boyfriend went to Universal Studios about 7 years ago. Don't know we should try Islands of Adventure (would it be too much of the same thing as MK?) or Universal Studios (has it changed much in the past 7 years?). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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Islands of Adventure is nothing at all like Magic Kingdom. Lots of rollercoasters, water rides, etc. If you go, stay at the Hard Rock or Portofino Bay and you get to cut the line on every ride with your room key.
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IOA all the way
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First of all, for two adults, I would discourage Magic Kingdom. We went over Christmas and it was very dissapointing. The rides are low-tech and mostly in need of renovation. The older rides (i.e. small world) have lost their cuteness and the Tomorrowland should be called Yesterdayland. The park always seems to be crowded with young crying children in carriges.

IOA is simply amazing. It is everything you could ask for in an Orlando Theme Park. The themes are carried out to the greatest extent, the rides are both thrilling and fun, it is quite navicable, and the people are nice. It is, in my opinion, at the complete oppisite end of the spectrum from MK. MGM is disney's counterpart to Universal, but disney has yet to develop anything near IOA callibar.

It is, by far, my reccomendation and I think it is a necessary part of an orlando trip, even repeatedly. The low-tech sloppy animatronic attractions at MK can be seen (and sometimes even enjoyed) once. After this, the excitement is lost. The rides become old very fast and the lines are rarely worth the wait. At IOA, however, the thrills last forever, the Hulk Coaster, for example can be ridden repeatedly, and the rush will not go away.

Also, for the creative side of the brain. The intricacy and attention to detail in the various themed islands is incredible. Everything from trash barrels, to staff clothing is 100% themed, plus rides like The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman and Jurrassic Park River Adventure showcase state-of-the-art technology that boggles the mind and leaves everyone with a smile on their face.

IOA all the way!
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Joy in Virginia
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I like both parks! If you like coasters, IOA is terrific and you can see all of it in one day. The HULK coaster, Spider Man ride, and Dudley Do-right log flume are my favorites. Also do not miss the Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat ride - it is cute and gives you some surprising quick twists and turns. Universal Studios added a clever Men in Black ride two years ago and it is one of the most popular. I think you will enjoy Magic Kingdom - Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, and Splash Mountain are terrific, and go to the Enchanted Tiki Room "under new management" - one of my favorites, a Walt Disney original design that has been revamped for the 2000s. For details re MK go to www.wdwig.com for Deb Wills unofficial guide. have fun!
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Another big vote for IOA. It's a fantastic park. So much to see and do. I enjoyed much more than the Magic Kingdom. They are nothing alike.
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Thank you all very much for your advice. Anymore would be appreciated. It's nice to see the different opinions.
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The last time I went to IOA was in October. You can ride all the rides in IOA in about 6 hours if the lines are not too long. Universal Studios has not changed much (except the addition of MIB). I think they both currently close at 6 pm. I went to Magic Kingdom in September and I usually go for my favorite rides like the coasters, haunted house and silly stuff like racing friends in the little cars. It's fun and you can spend all day - on Saturdays they close at 9 pm - most other days around 6:30 pm.
So, I believe a combo of Magic Kingdom and IOA would feel the thrill, chills, fun, being a kid quota
Have a great time!!

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